3 06, 2023

Is pneumatics function pharmacy business energy-saving what to do?

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On September 12, 2019, when bureau of environment of organisms' habits of stage state city undertakes checking to Nereus pharmacy, the generation in discovering Nereus pharmacy is producing course of stock have a change of luck runs risk a leakage, classics rainwater erodes enter the earth's surface, did not undertake dealing with effectively to area sewage, cause partial surface water to exceed bid. Nereus pharmacy receives bureau of environment of organisms' habits of stage state city to issue " instruct stop production punish to inform a book " , the environment that instructs Nereus pharmacy to investigate discovery with respect to its early days violates behavior to undertake stop production is rectified and reform. Up to December,

15 01, 2023

Chinese hair changes appoint recommending energy-saving QiAir Compressor to stand, must tell an user such more energy-saving

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In the electric energy that air compressor wastes, change truly become those who compress air to have efficiency to be less than 20% , additionally 80% above are changed into heat energy. If compressor of air of will much stage comprises air to compress a group of planes to undertake centralized controlling, this also is confirmed to be a kind of efficient energy-saving way. The sources of energy that national hair changes actually to apply uses up gross and intensity “ double accuse ” to act, be with energy-saving carry high-energy effect to promote economic transition to upgrade, of transition of green of the sources of energy

8 01, 2023

The control kind with screw different compressor and energy-saving effect are comparative

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Current and energy-saving environmental protection already made the main development trend of economic society, air compressor is reduce airy facility to enrage equipment to offer about bad news, and great majority moves continuously, the energy that accordingly its waste is very big, corresponding also have space of very large energy-saving latent capacity. What is the mainstream tendency that prospective air compressor develops? The individual thinks, the road of energy-saving environmental protection will be among them a very important way. One, screw compressor type selecting of all sorts of machine of pneumatics of control means screw

5 01, 2023

Pneumatics machine is simple 7 effective however kinds of energy-saving methods, be benefited boundless

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Compress air to regard production production as one of dynamical sources of the enterprise, need perserves successive movement will assure the stability of air feed atmospheric pressure, this is the postulate that company production runs, and the air that serves as main production facility reduces unit is the core equipment that assumes this one job, need successive reliable movement ceaselessly, move in order to assure what without reason barrier stabilizes. Since be locomotive equipment, with respect to need power supply runs, power consumption is cost raises core greatly. It is at the same time in process of successive air feed, look forward to

4 01, 2023

Pneumatics machine is energy-saving way series

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Equip as enterprise air motive force, pneumatics machine is energy-saving cannot despise, energy-saving decrease a platoon, pneumatics machine is energy-saving 8 gist dot, had done it, each pace is in make money for you! 1. Although,replace piston machine, the industry has entered screw machine period near 20 years, but at present, chinese pneumatics machine uses most returning is piston machine. Machine of screw type pneumatics and traditional piston compressor are compared, have a structure simple, bulk small, dependability is taller, stable, safeguard wait for an advantage simply. Snail

16 12, 2022

Officer of energy-saving service qualified personnel enrols pneumatics engine system shallow talk

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Before long the author is in before " system of engine of shallow analyse pneumatics is energy-saving the talent demand of service industry " in one article, mere and brief analysed pneumatics engine system the capacity demand situation of the post talent such as the technology in energy-saving service industry, business, sale, the capacity demand that still has the post talented person such as financial, manpower, administration is had no allude, perhaps to a few companies, these station are not main, but for the company that wants to cast industry brand to, the talent of these post is attached most importance to especially again should, for this, I

14 12, 2022

Shallow the market after talking about pneumatics machine is energy-saving

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Editor's note: You have “ 20 years experience, be still an experience used 20 years? ” about pneumatics machine, no matter be technical principle, carry out hind,maintain, still be market sale, a lot of topics became platitude, but this has not gotten be settlemented thoroughly on behalf of the problem, the solution of be accustomed to sth also does not imply the margin that did not improve. The article is from course of study industry of 30 years is senior personage anew angle system thinks the market after pneumatics machine can of effect

12 12, 2022

Mechanism of government of talent of energy-saving service industry talks about pneumatics machine

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As development, pneumatics engine system is energy-saving service territory is taken seriously by company place more and more, application and demand market space are larger and larger also. In the meantime, the system is energy-saving a lot of problem also shows service territory with each passing day come out. To this, the article is empty press system is energy-saving the relevant matters concerned of service industry talent, manage mechanism problem to undertake discussing namely. Show the practitioner of industry of line space press, it is with age structure 70 hind, 80 hind with 90 hind the personnel composition that is main productivity, in view of working experience

5 12, 2022

Energy-saving service industry is faced with compressor problem and bewilderment

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Because the author makes compressor energy-saving service, classics regular meeting and friend of person of the same trade discuss concerned compressor the current situation of energy-saving service industry and development problem, have representative problem via often can be being asked about a few, also experienced practitioner to be put generally in a few to have representative bewilderment. The problem is: The first, can compressor industry disappear? The 2nd, in so intense industry competitive environment falls, how does the company grow? Bewilderment is: The first, hang out one's shingle new 3 board the decision that is a mistake? Talk about capital namely


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