where is your factory? Do you have an agent in mycountry?2024-03-08T06:59:26-08:00

QiAir Rotary screw air compressor factory is located in No. 530, Wujin Avenue, Wujin, Changzhou , Jiangsu, China. The company has 20000m² production workshop for air compressors, 160 production employees, it is the largest rotary screw air compressor manufacturer in ChangZhou, annual export amount reached US $3,000,000. Here are 20 people responsible for our international business, 8 engineers responsible for technical services, 6 people responsible for after-sales service.

QiAir compressor factory has offices in USA,Canadian and Russia, QiAir will set up Branches in more counties in the future. Like India, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Peru and Bangladesh.

How is your screw type air compressor service?2022-10-24T02:37:08-07:00

We provide pre-sales and after-sales screw air compressor service for every customer.

Pre-sales consulting service: Helping customers to analyze the technical parameters of gas consumption, air compressor pressure, voltage, motor protection, host machine, accessories, application environment, etc.

After-sales service: 7*24 hours engineer service, machine repair and maintenance instructions, providing original screw air compressor. Help agent analyze local rotary screw air compressor market and provide marketing plan. Continuously develop new air compressor for customers to occupy the market.

How do l choose the suitable rotary screw aircompressor?2022-10-24T02:37:21-07:00

Analysis of the situation, displacement requirements,the working pressure, working conditions of company, air compressed air quality requirements, etc.. Matching models: according to the above data, choosing the corresponding model. Choosing a screw air compressor with a bit more than you need. The most important factor is the volume of air that you will be using and what pressure FAD CFM.

How long is your delivery time and Min.order?2022-10-24T02:37:34-07:00

We welcome that even if you only order 1 set screw air compressor. Normal type rotary screw air compressor 7-15 days delivery, OEM special customized type 21 days delivery.

Can you provide OEM and warranty services?2022-09-30T18:26:06-07:00

Of course, We have our own design department and have offer design service. We often provide rotary screw air compressor OEM services to international customers. Both OEM&ODM can be accepted. We can do it as your requirements, such as color, LOGO, motor, and appearance, etc. 36-month full machine warranty, 48-month air end warranty.


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