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2 06, 2023

Current situation of market of compressor of industry of Chinese current machinery and development trend, the industry will still carry smooth growth state

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One, general situation of general and mechanical trade is general and mechanical, it is to point to versatility the mechanical equipment with strong, more extensive use, it is to show pump, fan, compressor, valve, gas is detached commonly equipment, vacuum equipment, separate mechanism, decrease equipment of purifying device of gearshift machine, dryer, gas, deliquescent acetylene to wait. The classification of current mechanism [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__folder="wp-conten

31 05, 2023

Be vigilant! Machine of these a few kinds of pneumatics cannot be bought absolutely, beware be duped!

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Machine of these a few kinds of pneumatics cannot be bought absolutely, it is easy to was bought be deceived! One. Fake this everybody knows, fake the product cannot be bought, “ is actually fake ” included three-layer implication: The first holiday, the manufacturing trade name that links manufacturer is fictitiousing zero to make up to let namely sounds normal, have actual strength. Often call a what group the company, of company what, perhaps talk nonsense one is born far from

30 05, 2023

The boss’ height decides the future of the enterprise

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By October 2019, shanghai international compressor of 4 days reachs by a definite date equipment exhibition falls satisfactorily next heavy curtain. This second exhibit can share ginseng of more than 280 enterprise to exhibit, overall enterprise ginseng exhibits dimensions to pass half, accumulative total attracts professional audience 140 thousand Yu Ren …… can say, this is up to now China's biggest compressor and major of product of relevant form a complete set are exhibited meeting. ComVac ASIA is joined postpone a business increasing, influence

30 05, 2023

Affect pneumatics engine quality: Person, machine, makings, law, annulus, measure 6 respects factor. . . .

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Above all what is we will understand 5M1E? A) person (Man) : The handlers understanding to quality, skilled state of degree, body; B) machine (Machine) : The machine equipment, precision that measures an instrument and state of care and maintenance; C) material (Material) : Function of the composition of material, physics and chemical function; D) method (Method) : Here includes to manufacture technology,


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