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10 10, 2022

What should we pay attention to when the screw air compressor is hot in summer? What should we do?

2022-10-10T13:52:45-07:00October 2022|Categories: Air Compressor Trends|

With the arrival of summer and the rise of air temperature and humidity, your air pressure system will withstand more water loads in air treatment. The air humidity in summer is greater. Under the maximum operating conditions (50°) of the summer air compressor, the water in the air is 650% higher than the highest temperature (15°) usually seen in winter. When the temperature rises, the working environment of the air compressor is more severe. Improper handling will cause serious high-temperature jumpers and even lubricating oil to coke. Therefore, you must be fully prepared for your air compressor to fight against the most serious challenges all year round!


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