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31 05, 2023

Shallow talk about pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims characteristic and point

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The preface promotes as the abidance of Chinese economy standard, price of correspondence of product of of all kinds the sources of energy rises ceaselessly, the sources of energy uses up corresponding to relevant industry business production to reach managing is crucial. Some closer issue of year of the energy-saving side that decrease a platoon is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, as national strategy the solid bestow of energy-saving program is deepened, the energy cost that company place faces also is to promote with each passing day, because this correspondence establishment is energy-saving improvement is more and more significant. Air is nature bestows our free resource, nevertheless its are being undertaken

31 05, 2023

Be vigilant! Machine of these a few kinds of pneumatics cannot be bought absolutely, beware be duped!

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Machine of these a few kinds of pneumatics cannot be bought absolutely, it is easy to was bought be deceived! One. Fake this everybody knows, fake the product cannot be bought, “ is actually fake ” included three-layer implication: The first holiday, the manufacturing trade name that links manufacturer is fictitiousing zero to make up to let namely sounds normal, have actual strength. Often call a what group the company, of company what, perhaps talk nonsense one is born far from

30 05, 2023

The boss’ height decides the future of the enterprise

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By October 2019, shanghai international compressor of 4 days reachs by a definite date equipment exhibition falls satisfactorily next heavy curtain. This second exhibit can share ginseng of more than 280 enterprise to exhibit, overall enterprise ginseng exhibits dimensions to pass half, accumulative total attracts professional audience 140 thousand Yu Ren …… can say, this is up to now China's biggest compressor and major of product of relevant form a complete set are exhibited meeting. ComVac ASIA is joined postpone a business increasing, influence

30 05, 2023

Affect pneumatics engine quality: Person, machine, makings, law, annulus, measure 6 respects factor. . . .

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Above all what is we will understand 5M1E? A) person (Man) : The handlers understanding to quality, skilled state of degree, body; B) machine (Machine) : The machine equipment, precision that measures an instrument and state of care and maintenance; C) material (Material) : Function of the composition of material, physics and chemical function; D) method (Method) : Here includes to manufacture technology,

30 05, 2023

How to compress air to satisfy laser cut requirement? China has idea

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Before 2010, because price of laser cut equipment is high, laser beam cutting machine of an old width of cloth (deploy 4kW laser) price is close 6 million yuan of RMB, the company that China uses laser beam cutting machine of old width of cloth is not much. Laser cut is a technology with the widest application of laser beam machining, it applies extensively at Ban gold treatment, metal treatment, advertisement to make, kitchen utensils and appliances, car, lamps and lanterns, curium piece, litre fall machinery of handicraft of elevator, metal, spin, food machinery, glasses

30 05, 2023

The compression that is used at brew air solution

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Epidemic situation is about to go, everybody is very expect to be able to dine together together small drink, dining together last time after all may be before New Year, say a miserable tear, although can have not dined together so quickly, we at least can “ cloud drinks ” , you know to make azotic machine, are air compressor and air-blower what you drink the MVP with bishop true backside? [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__fold

30 05, 2023

Analysis of industry of Chinese industry gas and relevant trend are sentenced beforehand

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Preface develops as economy, industrial gas is taken seriously more and more and apply extensively, besides this convenient sex that besides its oneself has and extensive sex, this domain still holds the flexibility that has provided and defence sex concurrently. Above all, industrial gas regards the blood of “ industry as ” , demand is had successional, and downstream and numerous, include steely metallurgy, chemical industry, food, medical treatment to wait, there are significant position and effect in national economy, it is relatively typical defence sex travel

28 05, 2023

Education comes out good supplier

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Grow in intensity in economic globalization trend today, market competition is the singles between single company is fought alone no longer, the integral argue between the enterprise that differs however. The competition between the enterprise is reflected not just in the competition to the client, also reflect the cooperation in outstanding supplier, a high grade supplier had become a key in industry competition. Alleged and outstanding, it is a supplier the product that has us to provide case of high quality, low, seasonable pay and provide the service that surpasses expectation

28 05, 2023

Face the predicament of industry of machine of at present pneumatics, how should break through

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Before not ordinary 2019     was different from 2019, overshoot any a year. 2019, the “ that raises high as American president lets the United States again great ” banner, the commerce punish that is aimed at China also is ceaseless raise the quota, the future that lets us also was full of uncertainty. We can decide 20-30 the China after year will greater, but when entering the last quarter 2019, did old pneumatics

28 05, 2023

Current situation of compressor rotor material reachs applied dug

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As the development of science and technology, the rotor material nowadays of screw compressor and centrifugal compressor had very great progress and change, the author has done test of a few research to this, this article discusses just a little slightly. Material of rotor of 1 centrifugal compressor is centrifugal compressor rotor is multi-purpose stainless steel is made, but the centrifugal empty press on hydrogenous batteries car however somebody uses aluminium alloy to make rotor, and make rotor as generally however as this adjacent car supercharger with stainless steel. Go up as a result of hydrogenous batteries car from


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