By October 2019, shanghai international compressor of 4 days reachs by a definite date equipment exhibition falls satisfactorily next heavy curtain. This second exhibit can share ginseng of more than 280 enterprise to exhibit, overall enterprise ginseng exhibits dimensions to pass half, accumulative total attracts professional audience 140 thousand Yu Ren …… can say, this is up to now China’s biggest compressor and major of product of relevant form a complete set are exhibited meeting.

ComVac ASIA is joined postpone a business increasing, the impact is bigger and bigger, prime cause depends on compressor business needing every year to have an enough major, on of dimensions exhibit meeting, undertake all-around ego is revealed, have centralized test to the research and development of the company, technology, product and group thereby. Borrow this, the agency of countrywide each district, designing institute and important client also can assemble in, communicate face-to-face, discuss, the doubt that makes the technology requires agent of sue for peace be able to 0 distances, more concentration is solved effectively.

This second exhibit meeting, besides the comprehensive summary, result that shows everybody to go one year to wait for field place to obtain in exploration of product research and development, market, how to also develop next for compressor industry, bring new reflection.

Companion expands what extend scope ceaselessly as compressor, join those who postpone a business to exhibit level also when the river rises the boat goes up too, exhibiting the everybody on the meeting’s most intuitionistic feeling is, the product of some enterprises has a characteristic very much, the product technology progress of some enterprises is very rapid, and the product style of some enterprises and big before different the factor that …… affects an enterprise to change has a lot of, for instance market demand went, staff of technical research and development ran, the supplier changed to wait a moment. In the final analysis, these “ are different ” results from finally the person that steer a boat is right of company core direction accuse and adjust. This is in a group of people of same interest of company of civilian battalion compressor, expression particularly apparent.

With great concentration of for years of some industries employer studies, go considering ceaselessly, fractionize and research technology, so his product is exhibited in compressor on the meeting, do not be defeated on whole compressor market even at the person; And some industries employer is belonged to cross a bound to enter compressor industry, the high-end salesperson that perhaps is not technical one’s previous experience upgrades and come, so these enterprises are in the respect such as the function of the product, dependability, need the promotion that go further. The expression on the meeting is exhibited to look in compressor from these a few years, no matter the enterprise is design of the appearance coloring of the product, structure, still be technical patent application, application, its progress rate is very rapid.

Archaism cloud: Word if person, be born by the heart. Actually, the “ word ” that the product is an enterprise and “ photograph ” , this kind reveals the character of outer company image and product, contour, it is orientaton of value of the person that the enterprise steers a boat is mixed namely work the strong proof —— of the style has what kind of boss, have what kind of enterprise, group and product. What did the boss contribute to company core direction, the enterprise will win what kind of interest and public praise in the market. Compete, its core is the boss’ consciousness and art!

Accordingly, in compressor industry competitive intensity increases ceaselessly, means is more diversiform today, regard an enterprise as the boss of the person that the group takes the lead, should widen without fail eye shot, stand in higher position, develop with iteration of more long-term market of look look upon and enterprise, through promoting an individual horizon, ability and pattern ceaselessly, trustworthy helm dish, gushing and insurgent kinetic energy, aid turn a company this large ship is in a situation full of danger of the market forward right way is ongoing, sail to compressor industry the next can offer the harbour of berth.

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