Machine of these a few kinds of pneumatics cannot be bought absolutely, it is easy to was bought be deceived!

One. Fake

This everybody knows, fake the product cannot be bought, “ is actually fake ” included three-layer implication:

The first holiday, connect manufacturer is fictitiousing zero namely

To allow fictional birth trade name sounds normal, have actual strength. Often call a what group the company, of company what, perhaps talk nonsense the name of a well-known company that produces pneumatics engine far from.

More comical is still like to be in the bracket of the name a little, put a what Hong Kong, United States, England, boast oneself import the identity. Actually, even if is entrance product, that production business also is foreign language name. Name of company of this kind of Chinese, cannot register at all over there industrial and commercial bureau come down, of this kind of holiday the most apparent.

The 2nd is pinchbeck

Imitated famous brand, arrive again to color from the appearance brand, copy after all. Worst connects brand to also be copied namely, this kind is us the “ in most person concept is sham ” .

This kind of sham risk actually very tall, because be faced with the market to superintend sectional examination not only, can be counterpoised by tort brand dimension more. Belong to inchoate a lower road, choose not much.

Now in the market more it is dozen of edge ball copy of this kind of “ risks ” method. Namely the exterior very picture, but not just the same, brand, go growing almost on at first sight. In the meantime, these companies also are registered legally, even brand is registered legally as much.

Resemble this kind of product, inform against industrial and commercial go checking, its formalities is all ready also, effect is not big, this kind is the trickiest actually. Commonly only former brand business counterpoises to just have bit of effect in dimension of intellectual property level.

A lot of users are deceived great majority is this kind.

The 3rd is inferior

Those who point to is a product coarse, function is low, there is a problem on safety. A minute of goods always returns a minute of money is truth having a place, the price is particularly low be about to notice.

So, be sure to keep in mind covet petty gain, fake do not buy absolutely, bought enter hole ” with respect to “ .

2. Face-lifting machine

Face-lifting machine, not be those who say old machine spray paint is overall face-lifting, the likelihood is equivalence of canister of electric machinery, lead plane, gas only the part with larger value, those who use is face-lifting component.

Want, number of the frame date of the car, engine, need to put on record. Even if is such, also still car of bubble sprinkler, accident sells when new car. More what is more,the rather that the product that pneumatics machine does not need a government sector this kind to put on record.

Sell face-lifting machine commonly, basic unlikely it is a manufactory. It is middleman mostly, for instance agency / service business. Because serve as middleman, it has the inventory, machine that returns money, two mobile phones that still a few quality had been compared to also can be bought necessarily come over, use with what equipment renovates.

Need an attention is: Face-lifting chance is not fair quality inevitable very poor. But because have the part of face-lifting, certainly will is not the former outfit product of former manufacturer, quality obtains the assurance of former manufacturer impossibly again, this is the hidden trouble with face-lifting the biggest opportunity.

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3. Stick card machine

Some more advanced year, industry of our pneumatics machine has manufacturing system of licensing, pneumatics aircraft manufacturer must achieve particular manufacturing condition talent to obtain ” manufacturing licence ” , also the manufacturing air with lawful ability compressor product.

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But, this system cancelled 2018. Stick card pneumatics machine with respect to what appeared to pile next.

Some of what enterprise is what these stick a card? Basically be a few middleman, trafficker, they look for pneumatics mechanism to build an enterprise to take money, stick oneself label next.

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Now, in the industry, manufacturer of not little professional pneumatics aircraft does business of this kind of aircraft that stick a card technically namely. The configuration of the machine, parameter, basic same, but color can be chosen casually along with the user that stick a card, brand, manual, data is additionally full can one-stop do calm.

Such machine that stick a card, do not talk to go up at all the performance with what have good, because of the design of this kind of fair edition, consideration more it is price element.

But these machine that stick a card, arrived in the mouth of trafficker, it is the most advanced product. Beautification, exaggerated conduct propaganda is their main operation, a lot of users often are deceived to still do not know oneself.

This kind sticks card machine, the biggest question is quality assure. The reason depends on, these stick the trafficker of the card, company actual strength normally not big, just a much, hundred thousands of registered company, have bit of quality issue, of what of a sign of disturbance or trouble, close directly close a business.

Sum up: Fake, the face-lifting machine, machine that stick a card, machine of these 3 kinds of pneumatics cannot be bought absolutely, cannot buy absolutely!

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