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5 12, 2022

Situation add machine of pneumatics of the batteries that show gain to carry out trustee Dr. Zhang Xuefeng to accept special report of report of senior engineer hydrogen!

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Report of senior engineer hydrogen: Situation add appear rich to held water 2011, have experience of product research and development and deep market acknowledge, is excuse me technology of core of machine of pneumatics of cell of company hydrogen fuel reflected in what respect? Whether does this product have actual application case to you can offer reference? Zhang Xuefeng: Situation add show gain all the time the development of machinery of impeller of take root high end serves, through practice of 8 single-page calendar, had made the banner brand of the industry. Since 2016, the company passes sufficient survey, project approving throws fuel cell to not have

4 12, 2022

The market demand element that design pneumatics machine requires to consider is shallow theory

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Summary: The article analyses the task through grading of a real case, share with everybody designing small-sized when joining machine of pneumatics of piston of move back and forth continuously, when does need consider that above all? When should consider this first again? What is? The design is small-sized joining machine of pneumatics of piston of move back and forth continuously also is to have the law but of abide, science can take roundabout way less according to train of thought, give an issue less, raise successful rate. One, design of foreword treat of is small-sized connect piston of move back and forth continuously empty

4 12, 2022

Doesn't house of papermaking industry specific power consumption fall high? Try to change next oil to pneumatics machine

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Papermaking industry and national economy and social development concern are close, also be traditional specific power consumption and litter at the same time discharge large family, the specific power consumption that how reduces a trade considerably through innovation method and the Chongzhongzhi that discharging is industry future development are heavy. " Chinese papermaking association the opinion that about papermaking industry “ 935 ” develop " put forward clearly: Papermaking industry should rely on technical progress, innovation adequately to develop pattern, wait in resource, environment, structure matter to Chinese papermaking industry

4 12, 2022

Besides pneumatics machine, what does industrialization of car of hydrogenous fuel cell still differ?

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Before a few days, divulge of company of Chinese essence aircraft already ground give out the air that uses at fuel cell industry to enrage compressor product, cause all circles heat to discuss. Forehead of ministry of vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, science and technology grows 10 thousand steel, in " People's Daily " write civil say, car of new energy resources should expect industrialization key Xiang Ran in time to batteries car is extended. One article lifts 1000 billow, especially whether did hydrogenous fuel cell have industrialization requirement, industry dispute is very big. From this, we might as well will look, in hydrogenous fuel

4 11, 2022

The client value of the after service in empty press lifecycle brief theory

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Lifecycle of empty press of empty press lifecycle is to show from pneumatics machine investment is used begin, arrive to go up in function or economically unsuited continue to use and quit the time that experiences till use process. Lifecycle is here medium, pneumatics machine because wear away to go up in physics,perhaps discard as useless, or because of ageing, fault rate increases, use expenses rises quickly, economic value is reduced and exit use process. The different level client of lifecycle invests pneumatics aircraft equipment

4 11, 2022

Pneumatics machine removes dust the control technology of equipment

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Preface is among industrial production, the environment pollutes a problem to exist continuously, among them with industrial dust relatively common. Of industrial dust discharge, in cause while air is polluted, still can cause serious harm to human body health, need is adopted prevent effectively accuse

1 11, 2022

Pneumatics machine also needs to have good

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After pneumatics machine is being bought through type selecting, be cannot switch on the mobile phone directly use, regular investment uses the talent after still needing to be debugged through installation. Wait for the limitation of the circumstance as a result of field, after machine of a lot of pneumatics is bought, be looked for at will a place place installation, want to be put it is well to fall only. Actually of pneumatics machine place and be being installed also is more important, a good placement and installation position can improve the function of pneumatics machine and life. [Fusion_widgethotrandom_i

31 10, 2022

Do not allow pneumatics machine again please " the platoon is measured " become a keyword!

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For not professional to great majority pneumatics machine user, the standard that judges stand or fall of pneumatics function effect often is comparative the capacity data of the demarcate on nameplate of machine of the pneumatics that be the same as a paragraph, actually this is a serious error! [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__folder="wp-content/uploads/qiair" Hotrandom_image__widt

31 10, 2022

Heat energy of machine of the pneumatics that do not have oil reclaims analysis

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1, the pressurization that without oily pneumatics machine air of cooling job principle passes filter to enter rotor of low pressure of the first class and refrigeration of the condenser intermediate, repass pipeline system enters the pressurization of rotor of high pressure of the 2nd class and aftercooler refrigeration, make the compression of tall oil air lowers acceptable rate. The cooling water of the outside enters aftercooler, intermediate condenser and oily condenser, cooling high temperature compresses air and high temperature oil. Oil cools through pipeline system low-pressure rotor and high-pressured rotor, high temperature oil enters oil

28 10, 2022

The design of room of pneumatics machine station of pharmacy factory has what attention to nod

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1, forewordBuild or rebuild factory of a pharmacy, the design [...]


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