Shaft coupling is to use connection two axes in different orgnaization (drive shaft and driven axis) rotate what make jointly in order to deliver the mechanical part of torque. In the dynamical drive of high speed burden, some shaft coupling still have buffer, decrease brace up with the function that improves shafting trends performance. Rotor of join lead plane and motor can be used on pneumatics machine.

Emphasize everybody to introduce diaphragm shaft coupling today, actually diaphragm shaft coupling is a kind of shaft coupling of bouncy component flexibility, the article introduces it alone, showed the value of this kind of shaft coupling.

01, the compositive structure of diaphragm shaft coupling

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Diaphragm shaft coupling belongs to metallic flexibility shaft coupling, it is the gearing that with metallic flexibility diaphragm delivers torsion as flexibility component. Its are main characteristic: Deliver torque capacity big, rely on diaphragm to be out of shape absorb unit incorrect in, do not have namely without opposite motion between each spare parts wear away, without noise, decrease brace up life is long, need not lubricate. Can adopt a change intermediate section external diameter or wall are large will adjust turn round stiffness and critical rotate speed, improve aircrew to twist thereby brace up characteristic.

Diaphragm shaft coupling is comprised by a diaphragm and two axle sleeve at least. Diaphragm is used to sell clench to solid won’t become loose commonly on axle sleeve or cause the recoil between diaphragm and axle sleeve. A few produce business to offer two diaphragm, also have those who offer 3 diaphragm, there is among or two rigid component, both sides is repeatedly again on axle sleeve. The different point of odd diaphragm shaft coupling and double diaphragm shaft coupling is those who handle all sorts of deviation ability is different, need diaphragm in view of its can complex bend, so odd diaphragm shaft coupling not quite suit prejudicial. And double diaphragm shaft coupling is OK at the same time music to different way, will compensate with this prejudicial.

02, the major attribute of diaphragm shaft coupling

(1) compensate two axes incorrect medium capability is strong, compare angular displacement with tine type shaft coupling but one times bigger, power is returned when radial deflection small, flexibility is big, the axial with certain be patient of, radial and horn to displacement.

(2) have apparent damping effect, without noise, without wear away.

(3) get used to high temperature (- the job in 80+300) and harsh environment, can be in the safety below concussion, oscillatory condition moves.

(4) transmission efficiency is tall, can amount to 99.86% . Special apply to drive of high-power of medium, high speed.

(5) structure simple, weight small, outfit tears open light, bulk convenient. Need not move the machine can be installed tear open (point to take) of type of the axis intermediate, do not need to lubricate.

(6) can accurate deliver rotate speed, movement is not had turn poor, can use at the drive of accurate machinery.

Known diaphragm shaft coupling is at present producible make the biggest shaft coupling transfer power 50, 000kw, top rotate speed 80, the 000rpm, 12 meters longest. And at present diaphragm shaft coupling can have much sort transform. Pursue as follows:

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03, the utility of diaphragm shaft coupling

Diaphragm shaft coupling is used extensively at the shafting drive of all sorts of machine, like water pump (especially pump of high-power, chemical industry) , machinery of machinery of fan, compressor, hydraulic pressure, oil machinery, printing machine instrument, spin, chemical industry machinery, mine machinery, metallurgy machinery, aviation (helicopter) , motivation of naval ships high speed, and system of transmission of machinery of generation set high speed, high-power, applying at high speed transmission shaft after classics dynamic balancing is more general already.

04, the reason of abnormal knocking of diaphragm shaft coupling

(1) the interval among two half shaft coupling is too wide, cause diaphragm to get greater axial power, and make wring make hole or wring make bolt wear away, cause surprise

(2) the axial deflection of two half shaft coupling passes big or deflexion part is too large, also can cause vibration of the generation when equipment moves and abnormal knocking;

(3) vibration of the generation when be carried actively and equipment also can be being caused to move when the speed of passive end has difference and abnormal knocking;

(4) the rotate speed of electromotor piles up dish of occurrence breakdown, cause the rotate speed speed of electric machinery, and make abnormal knocking of diaphragm type shaft coupling.

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