Compress air and gas to be opposite of a lot of medical treatment establishment move crucial, use at normally breath, composed the operation with medical apparatus and instruments, medical treatment establishment must rely on these establishment to rescue life and cure. The compression of this establishment amiable constitution measures the air that air system produces to promote a patient to its the effect of active prognosis is crucial.

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Compress air / aeriform pollution, no matter be to come from itself of compressor of ambient air, air or pipeline system, it is the responsibility of medical treatment establishment, the health of may minatory patient and safety, bring about medical treatment establishment finally to cause the litigant loss of unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment.

1996, as a result of 3 chloric ethylene (conduit of a kind of commonly used Yu Qingjie is amiable the dissolvent of coal tub) to its bulk oxygen canister causes pollution [1] , cause death of at least 4 patients, 70 people are injured. Hospital working personnel notices a kind of odour before long after oilcan changes [1] , this is a kind of apparent pollution signal that should not ignore, and this is American country Fire Protection Association fitly (NFPA) hygiene establishment standard [the air that 2] regulates / the one part of aeriform standard (Https://www.nfpa. Org/codes-and-standards/all-codes- And-standards/list-of-codes-andstandards/detailcode=99) .

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Understand NFPA 99

Superintendency orgnaization, include medical treatment insurance and service center of medical treatment allowance (CMS) , associated committee (TJC) and have jurisdictional local authorities (AHJ) , establishment of requirement medical treatment ensures its compress air and aeriform system to accord with NFPA 99.

NFPA 99 listed acting hydrocarbon of odour, water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, gaseous hydrocarbon, bittern, oil and particle serve as main contaminant, what express 1 in order to monitor to show with set is medical chroma purity requirement of gas.

According to seasoned and those who pass attestation is medical the person that gas fastens all test and verify and medical medical treatment organizes aeriform major (MGPHO) chairman Kyle Jussel points out: The person that “NFPA 99 asks to serve as test and verify, we use a dot to have initiative test in fountainhead and every (in the light of these contaminant) . Still ask establishment makes clear, every accessible medical gas is exported / the entrance already was evaluated according to the risk of its oneself had test and examination, considered the proposal of equipment manufacturer, later have test and examination every year normally. ”

Attention, NFPA 99 does not include the specific standard of vivid grain content, be like bacterium, mould and yeast. However, to medical treatment establishment, its compress test and verify it is crucial that whether air and gas have potential microbial pollution.

Understanding suffers control contaminant

Before the negative effect that studies pollution deep, realizing pollution is what how happen is very important. Say according to Jussel, we are in “ test and verify is medical source of a when see normally when aeriform system main pollution includes cupreous particle, this is to install personnel to do not have those who undertake be cleaninged adequately causing in first test course normally. We also can see the sign that the combustion conduit that never has demolished before installation jams now and then. According to the regulation of NFPA 99, in test and verify person in requires taste test process very easy discovery. ”

However, pollution is the problem that be being installed and observes in process of test and verify not just. Jussel explanation says, “ once correct installation, test and verify throws the system to be used for the patient, the carbon monoxide that we discover to Gao Nong is spent, carbon dioxide and humidity / problem of dew point existence. All these may be with what safeguard pertinent question or measure difference to cause into temperament. ”

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Know the contaminant that NFPA 99 sets and its potential undesirable effect, be opposite not only abide by NFPA 99 air / aeriform standard standard is crucial, and the quality of the medical treatment gas that uses to ensuring medical treatment establishment is medium is crucial also. If give typical examples expresses 2 to show.

If the watch is shown 2 times, what need reiterates is, the pollution of aeriform purity or deviation may cause hazard of patient occurrence life. NFPA 99 set pair of new setup, maintenance or modification compression only air is amiable systematic interconnected system and the extensive air that are based on air compressor manufacturer to suggest / aeriform test and verify [2] . Do not accord with these standards reduce air and aeriform system, be like previous already of test and verify with old system, can absolve additional test and verify according to NFPA 99. However, NFPA 99 needs air quality monitor really, although monitor all contaminant that during the likelihood does not include or identifying test and verify alone, check, wait for bittern acting hydrocarbon like 3 chloric ethylene. Accordingly, to the compression of medical establishment air and air system interconnected system undertake be monitored continuously and checking, in order to protect patient security, implementation high pressure shrinks air system efficiency in order to save fund, provide evidence in legal general affairs, it is beneficial.

Reduce air and test of aeriform test and verify

Accord with NFPA 99 to ensure, medical treatment establishment must finish conduit to purify, purity of conduit particle, conduit, medical aeriform purity and medical aeriform chroma test and verify checks (see a table 2) .

NFPA 99 requirement just has a test beyond by installation / analysis [2] . When the system either when be being installed by in-house personnel, but by Society of Safety Engineers of in-house United States (ASSE) 6030 eligible employee have a test. ASSE 6030 qualified personnel can use portable analyzer according to NFPA 99 / monitor or finish test and verify to check together with tripartite lab. This makes medical establishment can save fund, fall the risk of patient and orgnaization active and actively lowest.

Portable analyzer and tripartite lab detect the method has an advantage each.

For example, portable analyzer can offer quicker kill and real time sex. However, because technology, instrument and data analysis are more sophisticated, lab test has taller precision and quality normally. Accordingly, test lab can pass a description sometimes / identify atomic, hydrocarbon, oil to wait, provide the clue of concerned pollution source.

If use a lab to undertake an analysis, use admissive test lab only (like Trace Analytics, LLC) accord with medical establishment most golden eggs, because can ensure so,equipment of analyst, test, method, quality assures and check data to accord with or exceed international accepted standard (if test a lab,use ISO 17025) .

Jussel says, “ undertakes an analysis through sending air sample to tripartite lab, we can let our client set one’s mind at, the air quality that because we know them,offers a patient had had additional test. ”

Jussel catchs an explanation to say, “ is being started not only / the test had to system of medical treatment air when test and verify, and the air quality monitor that still asks by NFPA 99 is supervised continuously. The analysis of tripartite lab that its still can offer every year with us as a result undertakes comparative. ”

Besides offer for medical treatment establishment outside assuring objectively, from long-term in light of, it is cheaper that tripartite lab detects. If be safeguarded by him medical establishment, portable analyzer may because of very costly, need calibration and be safeguarded often and by oversight. To this, medical treatment establishment should according to establishment specific risk is evaluated decide its test and verify is mixed test requirement continuously.

Use proper air processing

The air that uses proper air processing to set to satisfying NFPA 99 / aeriform quality requirement is crucial.

To prevent water pollution, place desiccative and installation desiccator in medical treatment equipment normally, from compress air / water of the eliminate in gas, the biggest dew point that because desiccator of NFPA 99 requirement exports air,finishs in 50-55 Psi2 condition is less than 32°F. Although freeze-dry machine is effective in a lot of application, but they cannot offer the air under 35°F dew point normally, fall in the low flow condition with common hospital especially, because of centrifugal segregator cannot effectively purify condensate. Dryer system is redundant normally, system of duplex operation of NFPA 99 requirement, water pollution produces in order to prevent when malfunction. Desiccative desiccator can release particle in reducing air system, because desiccative is in,outdated of empty air current moves ceaselessly / attrition can produce desiccative dust.

How do this says palpability compresses air system and air processing itself produce contaminant, must be monitored ceaselessly so and control these contaminant.

What can use a series of filter purify to come from itself of compressor of ambient air or air is atomic. Those who need an attention is, use dot filter compresses air to ensuring / gas does not have grain when use crucial. Condensation oil is another kind of contaminant that is experimented to analyse by NFPA 99 test and verify, should use oil-lubricated when the system, it may come from air compressor or ambient air. For purify condensation oil, can use agglomeration filter. To gaseous contaminant, be like volatile hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide, can use activated carbon filter respectively / tower and catalytic converter.

Air is handled not only can purify pollution, still can make compress air system to work effectively, the service life that enrages compressor through delaying vast sky and make the system works more quickly to save fund. Use air processing and executive air compressor to safeguard, union compresses air / gas checks, make medical treatment establishment can ensure this is planted the quality of effectiveness and cure.

Check frequency and trend analysis

NFPA 99 requirement is right new, improve or has repaired compression air system undertakes test and verify experiments, undertake according to the proposal of manufacturer sequel experiments, undertake every year normally. However, frequency of this kind of test can’t ensure possibly compress air / annual quality of gas. A few establishment may choose every quarter to have a test, because seasonal change can be changed compress air / aeriform quality. For example, the water that Gao Nong spends compares winter in the summer commonner [3] . Other establishment can maintain around to have a test in compressor, in order to ensure maintenance won’t cause pollution.

Important is to should understand, the test provides data to reduce air system when sampling only. Optimize a test to compress air in order to ensure for best / aeriform quality, can use trend analysis. The air quality that trend analysis can use the monitor that asks from NFPA 99 to obtain monitors data, combine tripartite lab to check data, provide the detailed case that the empty temperament that changes along with time measures. The —— season change that reducing air system is trends, system wears away and other element can affect air / aeriform quality. As the elapse of time, collect enough data to say palpability is seasonal change with what safeguard a gender, allow medical establishment to establish the standard of base line quality of contaminant. Establishment is OK best decides air compressor safeguard / clean plan, the likelihood saves the time of establishment and money. Besides build base line besides, medical establishment still can set the action and alarm level, this can let an orgnaization be in issue monitoring warning or contaminative problem is forecasted before minatory patient is safe.

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Ensure through test and monitoring the patient is safe

NFPA 99 ” standard of medical treatment establishment ” it is the compression that ensures to be used in medical treatment establishment amiable constitution measures air and safe important level. The deviation of air purity and pollution may endanger the patient’s security, protect a patient to accord with NFPA 99, medical treatment establishment should use air processing, hand-in-hand travel convention compresses air / gas checks and monitor.

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