2 06, 2023

Compress test and verify of standard of quality of domain of air international medical treatment

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Compress air and gas to be opposite of a lot of medical treatment establishment move crucial, use at normally breath, composed the operation with medical apparatus and instruments, medical treatment establishment must rely on these establishment to rescue life and cure. The compression of this establishment amiable constitution measures the air that air system produces to promote a patient to its the effect of active prognosis is crucial. [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__folder="wp-content/u

12 12, 2022

So old, why is the pneumatics engine quality of your company no good all the time?

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In intense market competition, rely on quality ability to gain the market only, want the valid goal that achieves quality management, must begin to be made by the top management layer of the enterprise, so what does the error with quality common management have? Error one: Rely on after the event one-sidedly to guard a pass   1, quality branch, it is pure quality inspection branch, have quality inspection function only, and without quality management the system maintains a function, do not have improvement in quality and perfect function more. Quality branch is in charge of examining only,


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