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8 06, 2023

5 feeling order check | How to listen to phonic judgement bearing is unusual

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Daily spot check works even if should pass “ the equipment of ” of law of check of 5 feeling spot that monitor runs state, undertake in time judging eliminating to breakdown. Be opposite through 5 feeling commonly the scroll sound of the bearing in movement (noise) , the examination project such as temperature, vibration and lubricant condition undertakes judging.   of 5 feeling ” points to “ the 5 feeling of sensory   “ of the person's eye, ear, nose, hand, mouth nod check ”   advocate

8 06, 2023

After ending of the dog days, why does your empty press still sign up for high temperature?

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Alleged pneumatics machine signs up for high temperature, the most intuitionistic expression is temperature of pneumatics machine exhaust exorbitant, its are specific the reason asks authority fine read the following: As a result of compressor fuel injection the quantity is not worth or a large number of impurity are contained to cause inside oil wear away out of order; Compressor oily condenser is unusual, this breakdown is common at water-cooled pneumatics machine; Whether fan of refrigeration of consideration of need of machine of pneumatics of cold to wind pattern inverts or breakdown, also want to consider environmental temperature at the same time; Pneumatics aircraft nose wears away, lube is supplied not

8 06, 2023

Whether to differentiate gas tank to be simple pressure vessel?

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Satisfy the simple pressure vessel of following condition at the same time, do not need to deal with use the procedure that register. Recommending the simple pressure vessel inside service life, do not need to press " pressure vessel regular inspection is regular " have regular inspection. But production unit ought to offer product certificate of approval, operation instruction handbook, complete to pursue to the user (Xerox) the production that issues with supervisory inspection agency supervises certification. Achieve the simple pressure vessel that recommends service life to ought to discard as useless, if need those who use to continue, use

8 06, 2023

Clean compress the air application in besmear cloth industry

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To besmear cloth technology, a lot of people may be newer, but actually wide application is packing this kind of craft presswork, medical treatment film, semiconductor, prevent a lot of trade such as bogus, goods sticking gum, it is the public profession of one hundred percent. [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__folder="wp-content/uploads/qiair" Hotrandom_image__w

5 06, 2023

The place of detail sees true order, little technology solves big problem – shallow talk ” channel effect ” reach its to improve

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In the introduction of adsorptive type drier, often can mention ” of “ channel effect this noun, that after all what is ” of “ channel effect? We distributing the air current inside dry tower not all, flow quickly among, the phenomenon that the brim sheds slow calls ” of “ channel effect. Form a reason 1: Before compressing air to enter dry tower, can distributing through an air current implement, in gas

4 06, 2023

Be dangerous! Do not use object of pneumatics machine cleanness, machine, workbench, dress to wait

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Must remember, use compress air to come the act that clean object, machine, workbench, dress and other thing are danger, strong air current or the petty grain in compressing air can cause person harm. Yard place compresses what air tool uses to compress air pressure to be in about 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa, the 3 ~ of the car tire pressure that it is equivalent to filling air completely 4 times. So, although be very useful the sources of energy,compress air, but if cannot be used correctly,perhaps use an end

4 06, 2023

Strategy of sale of pneumatics aircraft equipment is simple talk

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The characteristic that pneumatics aircraft equipment sells is unit product value big, the client clinchs a deal periodic and longer, clinch a deal the variable in the process is more, the client is decision-making and opposite reason, in the meantime, taller to the salesperson's requirement. So, where is the sale that how makes equipment of good pneumatics aircraft? The article is analysed to selling the faces possibly problem in the process to make one by one, the hope can reach action of a bit help since the sale job to the salesperson. The first, the product that must understand us is every what kind of company

3 06, 2023

Is laser cut special pneumatics machine why abrupt fire?

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Since this year, want authority only a little advertent, with respect to meeting discovery at least ten enterprises rolled out laser cut special pneumatics machine. Why does Qi Qi roll out everybody so a product? Fasten urgent, we chat slowly! Laser cut is to use high power density to stimulate illuminate of beam of light by cut material, make material is heated very quickly to come vaporization temperature, evaporate form hole, as the shift of beam of light to material, hole forms width continuously very narrow (if 0.1mm is controlled) cut seam, finish right

3 06, 2023

Is pneumatics function pharmacy business energy-saving what to do?

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On September 12, 2019, when bureau of environment of organisms' habits of stage state city undertakes checking to Nereus pharmacy, the generation in discovering Nereus pharmacy is producing course of stock have a change of luck runs risk a leakage, classics rainwater erodes enter the earth's surface, did not undertake dealing with effectively to area sewage, cause partial surface water to exceed bid. Nereus pharmacy receives bureau of environment of organisms' habits of stage state city to issue " instruct stop production punish to inform a book " , the environment that instructs Nereus pharmacy to investigate discovery with respect to its early days violates behavior to undertake stop production is rectified and reform. Up to December,

2 06, 2023

Current situation of market of compressor of industry of Chinese current machinery and development trend, the industry will still carry smooth growth state

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One, general situation of general and mechanical trade is general and mechanical, it is to point to versatility the mechanical equipment with strong, more extensive use, it is to show pump, fan, compressor, valve, gas is detached commonly equipment, vacuum equipment, separate mechanism, decrease equipment of purifying device of gearshift machine, dryer, gas, deliquescent acetylene to wait. The classification of current mechanism [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__folder="wp-conten


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