Alleged pneumatics machine signs up for high temperature, the most intuitionistic expression is temperature of pneumatics machine exhaust exorbitant, its are specific the reason asks authority fine read the following:

As a result of compressor fuel injection the quantity is not worth or a large number of impurity are contained to cause inside oil wear away out of order;

Compressor oily condenser is unusual, this breakdown is common at water-cooled pneumatics machine; Whether fan of refrigeration of consideration of need of machine of pneumatics of cold to wind pattern inverts or breakdown, also want to consider environmental temperature at the same time;

Pneumatics aircraft nose wears away, lube in short supply, or the reason of nose itself;

Nose vitta road jams the temperature of pneumatics machine exhaust that cause is high;

Oily filter jams cause oil path to be illogical free, the oily amount that enters lead plane decreases;

Oily cent core jams cause aircrew internal pressure too big;

The temperature of pneumatics machine exhaust that temperature sensor breakdown, lukewarm attaint charging a powerful person causes is high;

Lube hot oxidisability can be poor (the impurity such as generation greasy filth, paint film) ; Sticky lukewarm performance is poor (high temperature lubricity is differred and microtherm fluidity is insufficient)

Summary, spend to because pneumatics machine exhaust is lukewarm,avoid tall and the service life that affects a machine, must do good periodic care and maintenance, those who ensure screw pneumatics chance is normal move.