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Are pneumatics machine and compressor identical? I want to know whether you have such misunderstanding: Pneumatics machine is compressor. In fact, pneumatics machine and compressor are two kinds of different mechanical products actually.

Craft compressor is compressible all sorts of gas medium, wait like hydric, nitrogen, chlorine, oxygen, use at empty branch line of business to produce nitrogen and oxygen. Pneumatics machine basically is to compress air, outside dividing chemical industry, other a lot of industries are used compress air;

The business that pursues pneumatics opportunity is very much, but the business that pursues craft compressor is not much. Craft compressor business can be produced normally have different the unit that reduces craft.


Notional distinction

·Pneumatics machine

Pneumatics machine is air compressor. Basically use at reducing airy machinery product, can use in a lot of places. For example, one of functions with air the most commonly used compressor are to compress air in order to use as motivation, this is used extensively in power industry. In addition, it still can be used at refrigeration and detached gas, carry gas to wait, very main effect is having in the life and job.


Compressor is current term. Compressor has a variety of kinds, enrage compressor and sky to enrage compressor like refrigeration compressor, hydrogen. Air compressor is only among them a compressor. Its compression medium is air, compressor can be used compress a lot of things, is air not just. Accordingly, the distinction that the distinction of air compressor and compressor resembles Chinese and mankind is same. The Chinese belongs to the mankind. Air compressor includes to be in the universal of compressor, it is one of compressor.

Most person thinks pump is air compressor. However, a long time ago, what pump points to is piston pneumatics machine. Empty now press has a lot of kinds, wait like machine of the screw machine, machine that do not have oil, pneumatics of energy-saving frequency conversion. The principle of pump and empty press is different.


Working principle is distinguished

·The working principle of pneumatics machine:

It is with screw air compressor exemple, the job of screw compressor can divide circularly for 3 processes: Into gas (1) , compress (2, 3) with exhaust (4) . When rotor rotates, every finish identical working loop in succession to tine of mutual clench the teeth.

1. intake process: When rotor rotates, the alveolar space of in relief rotor and shade rotor is in when changing the end that take energy of life to mural mouth the biggest. Right now, the alveolar space of rotor joins with the mouth that take energy of life. As a result of alveolar medium gas is in exhaust process by complete eduction, finish when exhaust so when, alveolar be in vacuum condition. When rotor turns to the mouth that take energy of life, exterior gas by inspiratory what enter in relief rotor and shade rotor along axial is alveolar. Be full of when gas whole and alveolar when, the end panel of rotor entrance side turns to those who be far from housing to present gas opening, alveolar medium gas by sealed.

2. reduces a process: When attraction of rotor of in relief, shade ends, in relief, shade the crown of two rotor and housing close, right now gas won’t go out from alveolar midstream. And joint surface faces towards gradually exhaust end moves. The alveolar space between face of clench the teeth and vent is reduced gradually, alveolar medium gas is compressed, pressure increases.

3. exhaust process: When the vent that receives housing repeatedly when the end panel of clench the teeth of rotor, compress gas to begin eduction, arrive till crown and shift of alveolar face of clench the teeth exhaust end panel. Right now, of the surface of clench the teeth of in relief rotor and shade rotor and housing vent alveolar the clearance between is 0, namely exhaust process is finished. In the meantime, face of rotor clench the teeth and housing reach maximum into the alveolar length between gas mouth, intake process restores.

QiAir Compressor in China

·The working principle of craft compressor:

We are with compressor of common and centrifugal type exemple. Turbine (or electric machinery) impeller of drive compressor main shaft rotates. Below centrifugal force effect, gas is cast the diffuser at the back of working annulus. of working annulus among form a small area. The gas in front from the job annulus the vapour entrance among enters impeller partly. Become when working annulus rotates continuously, gas is OK and successive eduction, maintain the continuous flow of the gas in air compressor thereby. Aeriform pressure increases as a result of centrifugation, it is OK also high speed leaves working annulus. Gas is reduced gradually through the speed of diffuser, energy of static state of kinetic energy translate into, increase pressure further. If a pressure that working impeller obtains is insufficient, can join through series connection multistage impeller will satisfy outlet pressure. Various the series connection between comes true through bent housing and circumfluence device. This is the working principle of centrifugal type compressor.

QiAir Compressor in China


Machine of very should clear now pneumatics and compressor are a different machine! They are having respective ” duty ” , pneumatics machine belongs to a category that is compressor again.

QiAir Compressor in China