Pneumatics machine is one of indispensable equipment in manufacturing industry, they are used extensively at all sorts of industry application, if the car is made, machinery is made, the domain such as building and agriculture. Pneumatics chance draws back through will empty atmospheric pressure high pressure, can produce mighty power, make industrial equipment movement rises. In the article, the working principle that we will discuss pneumatics machine, different type and they apply mediumly in manufacturing industry. Working principle

QiAir Compressor in China

The working principle of pneumatics machine is very simple. Be compressed when air when high pressure, it can is by memory in a container, this container is called normally air stores coal tub. Air stores coal tub is used at supplying gas to production equipment normally, make they can be run normally thereby. The main job principle of air compressor is OK end is 4 measure: 1. Inspiratory: Air by the air cylinder of induction air compressor in. 2. Compress: The piston in air cylinder begins to move up, reduce air maximum pressure. 3. Exhaust: Achieve when atmospheric pressure when establishing a value beforehand, air can be vented his anger by the platoon crock. 4. Store: Compression air is stored to be in gas tank, use for making equipment. The empty press of different type is in manufacturing industry, the empty press that has a few kinds of different kinds can offer an alternative. Among them 3 kinds of the commonnest types are respectively: Piston compressor, screw type compressor and centrifugal type compressor. 1. Piston compressor: This kind of compressor uses a piston to compress air. The empty press that they compare other type normally is cheaper, but noise is bigger, efficiency is inferior. 2. Screw type compressor: This kind of compressor uses two screw to compress air. They are more energy-saving than piston compressor, more efficient, but the price is higher also. 3. Centrifugal type compressor: This kind of compressor uses centrifugal force to compress air. They are used in large production facility normally, the price and efficiency are taller. The applied pneumatics machine in manufacturing industry has wide application in manufacturing industry. Among them a the commonnest application is make in the car in, pneumatics machine is used at providing air pressure for spray paint machine, make its can spray paint equably car surface. In addition, the air drill that pneumatics machine still can use in car production process, punch, bore and heat. Pneumatics machine still is used extensively at building and agricultural domain. In the building, pneumatics machine can be used at burnish, spray and clean building. In agriculture, pneumatics machine can be used Yu Qingjie is agricultural machinery and irrigate equipment. Anyhow, pneumatics machine is acting very important role in manufacturing industry. Although they apply a domain to differ somewhat in what differ, but their main job principle and different type are likeness. No matter be a car,make, building or agriculture, pneumatics machine is the indispensable equipment in production process.