6, pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims energy-saving system. More than heat reclaims the system is a kind efficient useless heat is used, the energy-saving system that 0 cost run. Replace the cooling system with pneumatics original machine with custom-built heat exchange equipment, the displacement of heat energy of pneumatics engine oil high temperature is used at production or life hot water into hot water, not only low carbon, environmental protection, reduce the specific power consumption of the factory at the same time.

6 respects covered above to build the major content that efficient pneumatics stands, the author cooperated room of a lot of new stations two this years to do collect to control system and system of more than heat, implement energy-saving many sided measure at the same time in program initial stage, check and accept consign together. The pneumatics station design that this also showed to new now construction plans is more and more scientific, more and more energy-saving.

To major industry business, pneumatics station has been built, the establishment such as the empty press inside pneumatics station, drier, conduit is bad to alter, government of profit of pneumatics station seed has continuously, so intelligent control system reclaims with more than heat the system is major pneumatics the station is energy-saving transformed first selection.