5 12, 2022

Energy-saving service industry is faced with compressor problem and bewilderment

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Because the author makes compressor energy-saving service, classics regular meeting and friend of person of the same trade discuss concerned compressor the current situation of energy-saving service industry and development problem, have representative problem via often can be being asked about a few, also experienced practitioner to be put generally in a few to have representative bewilderment. The problem is: The first, can compressor industry disappear? The 2nd, in so intense industry competitive environment falls, how does the company grow? Bewilderment is: The first, hang out one's shingle new 3 board the decision that is a mistake? Talk about capital namely

5 12, 2022

The problem that mine Electromechanical exists in equipment management and resolve the way to deal with a situation

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Foreword is in mine production, electromechanical equipment is important auxiliary equipment, not only can significant emancipatory labour force, improve the manufacturing efficiency of mine, still can avoid the error that causes for the element because of the person, enhance the security that mine produces, accordingly Electromechanical equipment has important sense to mine production, should do good Electromechanical equipment to supervise the work. But, current mine Electromechanical still is put in a few problems in equipment management, want to improve the integral result that mine Electromechanical equipment manages, the enterprise needs

5 12, 2022

Situation add machine of pneumatics of the batteries that show gain to carry out trustee Dr. Zhang Xuefeng to accept special report of report of senior engineer hydrogen!

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Report of senior engineer hydrogen: Situation add appear rich to held water 2011, have experience of product research and development and deep market acknowledge, is excuse me technology of core of machine of pneumatics of cell of company hydrogen fuel reflected in what respect? Whether does this product have actual application case to you can offer reference? Zhang Xuefeng: Situation add show gain all the time the development of machinery of impeller of take root high end serves, through practice of 8 single-page calendar, had made the banner brand of the industry. Since 2016, the company passes sufficient survey, project approving throws fuel cell to not have

4 12, 2022

The market demand element that design pneumatics machine requires to consider is shallow theory

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Summary: The article analyses the task through grading of a real case, share with everybody designing small-sized when joining machine of pneumatics of piston of move back and forth continuously, when does need consider that above all? When should consider this first again? What is? The design is small-sized joining machine of pneumatics of piston of move back and forth continuously also is to have the law but of abide, science can take roundabout way less according to train of thought, give an issue less, raise successful rate. One, design of foreword treat of is small-sized connect piston of move back and forth continuously empty

4 12, 2022

Doesn't house of papermaking industry specific power consumption fall high? Try to change next oil to pneumatics machine

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Papermaking industry and national economy and social development concern are close, also be traditional specific power consumption and litter at the same time discharge large family, the specific power consumption that how reduces a trade considerably through innovation method and the Chongzhongzhi that discharging is industry future development are heavy. " Chinese papermaking association the opinion that about papermaking industry “ 935 ” develop " put forward clearly: Papermaking industry should rely on technical progress, innovation adequately to develop pattern, wait in resource, environment, structure matter to Chinese papermaking industry

4 12, 2022

The differentiate of difference of compressor north and south

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Take the advantage of Chun Nuanhua to leave, time just in time, a lot of enterprises hurry off to new business chance of each district look for. However, there is however in compressor industry common the appearance that makes a person headache again: Northern company enrols agential fact to belong to in south not easy, same, southern enterprise also steps forward in northward action agent dimension difficult. Besides, different of variance of north and south still is reflected in a lot of places. For instance, northern compressor company is composed cautious slants conservative, be brave in to innovate have a taste of what is just in season person not much, folkway of its salesperson much inheritance is more simple and honest

4 12, 2022

Besides pneumatics machine, what does industrialization of car of hydrogenous fuel cell still differ?

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Before a few days, divulge of company of Chinese essence aircraft already ground give out the air that uses at fuel cell industry to enrage compressor product, cause all circles heat to discuss. Forehead of ministry of vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, science and technology grows 10 thousand steel, in " People's Daily " write civil say, car of new energy resources should expect industrialization key Xiang Ran in time to batteries car is extended. One article lifts 1000 billow, especially whether did hydrogenous fuel cell have industrialization requirement, industry dispute is very big. From this, we might as well will look, in hydrogenous fuel

3 12, 2022

Confine of acknowledge of compressor industry maintenance technician and promotion

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Well-known, any mechanical equipment have its professional maintenance technician, so, to equipment of pneumatics machine industry, want to become a professional maintenance technician to want what to kind of requirement have? Is at present maintenance technician of Chinese empty press existing what kind of blemish? Face these limitation how we should promote our the technology again? [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__folder="wp-content

3 12, 2022

About compressor each type has engine problem discusses

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Editor's note: We are in the process of use compressor, mix normally to achieve efficient manufacturing purpose, most moment, the option that we grant lead plane and spare parts and care and maintenance will be a bit morer, and understand and hold what often ignored the condition that waits for respect of a few detail to security however. Notice, levee of “ a thousand li destroys ” of Yu Yi acupuncture point, look be like is a small issue, if carelessness does not add an attention, not only can create needless waste, very

3 12, 2022

Chinese compressor is strong reduce market of car of new energy resources

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As the country energy-saving decrease a platoon, of policy of low carbon environmental protection come on stage, emerge as the times require of car of new energy resources. Pneumatics machine (brake pump) the crucial part that regards braking system as all, have main effect to the brake security of car of new energy resources. Chinese car uses screw compressor, it is development of pump of stop a car of car of new energy resources only, through market survey and analysis, quantity body is custom-built, ensure each function accords with compressor the requirement that the car uses a product. [Fusion_widgethotrandom


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