8 06, 2023

5 feeling order check | How to listen to phonic judgement bearing is unusual

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Daily spot check works even if should pass “ the equipment of ” of law of check of 5 feeling spot that monitor runs state, undertake in time judging eliminating to breakdown. Be opposite through 5 feeling commonly the scroll sound of the bearing in movement (noise) , the examination project such as temperature, vibration and lubricant condition undertakes judging.   of 5 feeling ” points to “ the 5 feeling of sensory   “ of the person's eye, ear, nose, hand, mouth nod check ”   advocate

26 01, 2023

Breakdown of injury of 10 large bearing is graphic reach characteristic of 14 kinds of bearing, distinction and utility

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1, come offPhenomenon: Locomotive face comes off, apparent protruding concavity [...]


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