1, come off

Phenomenon: Locomotive face comes off, apparent protruding concavity is shown after coming off


1) bear is used greatly too undeserved

2) installation is undesirable

3) axis or bearing box precision are undesirable

4) windage is too small

5) the eyewinker is invaded

6) happen rusty

7) the hardness that unusual high temperature causes drops


1) restudy use condition

2) choose bearing afresh

3) reconsider windage

4) examination axis and precision of bearing box treatment

5) design all round research bearing

6) the method when the examination is installed

7) examination lubricant and method of lubrication

2, burn

Phenomenon: Bearing is calorific become angry, then burn cannot rotate


1) windage is too small (include to be out of shape partial windage passes small)

2) lubricant inadequacy or lubricant are undeserved

3) negative charge is too big (had pressed beforehand big)

4) roller is deflective


1) set is appropriate windage (increase windage)

2) examination lubricant sort ensures infuse is measured

3) inspect use condition

4) avoid fixed position error

5) design all round examination bearing (include bearing be heated)

6) improve bearing to assemble a method

3, crackle blemish

Phenomenon: Partial breach and have flaw


1) concussion negative charge is too big

2) had been filled with too big

3) have bigger come off

4) attrition crackle

5) installation side precision is undesirable (corner circle is too big)

6) use undesirable (the hammer that use copper, card enters large foreign body)


1) inspect use condition

2) set is filled with too appropriately reach examination material to pledge

3) improve installation to reach use method

4) avoid attrition flaw (examination lubricant)

5) design all round examination bearing

4, cage damaged

Phenomenon: Rivet becomes loose or rupture, cage burst


1) pitching moment negative charge is too big

2) high speed rotates or rotate speed changes frequent

3) lubricant and undesirable

4) card enters a foreign body

5) vibration is big

6) installation is undesirable (tilt the installation below condition)

7) unusual temperature rise (colophony cage)


1) inspect use condition

2) check lubricant qualification

3) the choice of restudy cage

4) notice bearing is used

5) research axis and bearing box tigidity

5, abrade gets stuck

Phenomenon: The surface is rough, companion has tiny dissolve spread; The abrade of ferrule archives edge and roller end panel calls card the injury:

1) lubricant and undesirable

2) the eyewinker is invaded

3) bearing tilts the roller that cause is deflective

4) the rib area that axial bear creates greatly breaks oil

5) the surface is rough big

6) scroll body is slip big


1) study lubricant, method of lubrication again

2) inspect use condition

3) set is appropriate press beforehand

4) aggrandizement sealing can

5) normal use bearing

6, rusty corrode

Phenomenon: Local or the face is whole rusty, show shape of scroll body pitch to rust


1) custodial position is bad

2) pack undeserved

3) antirust is insufficient

4) moisture, acerbity solution invade

5) take bearing with the hand directly


1) in preventing to keep, rust

2) aggrandizement sealing can

3) regular examination lube

4) notice bearing is used

7, abrasion

Phenomenon: Cooperate a face to produce red rust color to wear away powdery bead


1) interference is insufficient

2) bearing is jolty part is small

3) lubricant inadequacy (or be in without lubricant condition)

4) blame stability bear

5) the vibration in carrying


1) the examination is filled with too reach position of lubricant besmear cloth

2) circle of the inside and outside when carrying is packed apart, cannot bring to bear on to be pressed beforehand when departure

3) choose lubricant afresh

4) choose bearing afresh

8, wear away

Phenomenon: The surface wears away, cause dimension change, much companion has gall, grind mark


1) lubricant is mixed in into the eyewinker

2) lubricant and undesirable

3) roller is deflective


1) examination lubricant and method of lubrication

2) aggrandizement sealing can

3) avoid fixed position error

9, electric corrode

Phenomenon: Scroll face has crater shape indentation, further progress submits wave board form

Reason: Scroll face electrify

Measure: By-pass valve of the electric current that make; Take insulation step, avoid electric current to pass bearing interior

10, impress is touched

Phenomenon: The exterior indentation that card enters solid foreign body or concussion causes and installation yes abrade


1) solid eyewinker is invaded

2) get stuck to come off piece

3) installation is undesirable those who cause bump, fall off

4) in tilt the installation below condition


1) improve installation, use method

2) prevent eyewinker interfuse

3) if be caused because of sheet metal, must check other position