26 01, 2023

Breakdown of injury of 10 large bearing is graphic reach characteristic of 14 kinds of bearing, distinction and utility

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1, come offPhenomenon: Locomotive face comes off, apparent protruding concavity [...]

22 01, 2023

Empty press trouble removal consults watch

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Pneumatics machine is like in move appear unusual appearance, must prove breakdown cause instantly, remove trouble immediately, the ability after needing repair continues to use. Do not continue blindly to use the loss with uncertain happening of as a result. Empty press trouble removal consults the account that watch breakdown phenomenon may produce eliminates method and countermeasure pneumatics machine to cannot be started 1. Fuse is burned ask electric personnel overhaul to change 2. Breakdown of the electric equipment that start 3. Start the contact that press button undesirable 4. Circuit contact is undesirable 5. Voltage is too low 6. Advocate

1 01, 2023

Centrifugal compressor does hermetic seal principle and typical breakdown analysis

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In recent years, as consciousness of people safety, environmental protection rise, the production that waits for energy industry to the petro-chemical chemical industry that reach coal moves raised taller requirement. According to not complete count, in the manufacturing unit that waits for an industry in oil refining chemical industry, coal chemical industry, pharmacy, because rotate,accident of the safety that mechanical axis seals leak to cause, environmental protection held very large proportion, serious effect produces device to grow periodic, stable, safe production to move. Accordingly, solve axis of instrument of a favourable turn coming back to seal leak problem, especially group of large scale computer

27 12, 2022

How to accomplish enterprise compressor equipment ” 0 breakdown ” ?

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Show level, the enterprise advocates facility again and again 0 breakdown management, the personnel related requirement every and equipment should transform idea, the ” viewpoint change that always should want to give trouble from “ equipment does not let equipment produce breakdown ” for “ , “ breakdown can fall the viewpoint that is 0 ” , so, what is equipment 0 breakdown? The equipment such as compressor is the essential condition of operation of modern industry company and fact

24 10, 2022

Breakdown of compressor of move back and forth diagnoses methodological research

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Summary: In petro-chemical industry, reciprocating type compressor is among them crucial equipment, if produced breakdown, the birth that can give petrifaction the company causes bigger loss, can browbeat even the life of people is safe. Reason this, detect with respect to what need to adopt science precautionary method, so that can discover fault in time and try to solve. The article basically diagnoses a method to undertake study around the breakdown of compressor of move back and forth.


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