27 12, 2022

How to accomplish enterprise compressor equipment ” 0 breakdown ” ?

2022-12-27T06:00:00-08:00December 2022|Categories: Air Compressor Technology|Tags: , , |

Show level, the enterprise advocates facility again and again 0 breakdown management, the personnel related requirement every and equipment should transform idea, the ” viewpoint change that always should want to give trouble from “ equipment does not let equipment produce breakdown ” for “ , “ breakdown can fall the viewpoint that is 0 ” , so, what is equipment 0 breakdown? The equipment such as compressor is the essential condition of operation of modern industry company and fact

31 10, 2022

Compress the air application in gush arenaceous equipment

2022-10-31T05:46:54-07:00October 2022|Categories: Air Compressor Technology|Tags: , , |

Long-term since air compresses what unit emerges to compress air not only use generally on the machine tool equipment of machining industry, and also using extensively in industry of metallic surface treatment, for instance gush arenaceous equipment compares clear case namely. The metal after cleared heat treatment, weldment, cast, forging wait for exterior oxidation skin (rustily) , incomplete salt and solder broken bits; Clear machine add tiny burr, wrap around sharp edge, exterior hangover; The change is versed in Ra is worth an exterior surface roughness; In workpiece surface spray, report


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