Long-term since air compresses what unit emerges to compress air not only use generally on the machine tool equipment of machining industry, and also using extensively in industry of metallic surface treatment, for instance gush arenaceous equipment compares clear case namely. The metal after cleared heat treatment, weldment, cast, forging wait for exterior oxidation skin (rustily) , incomplete salt and solder broken bits; Clear machine add tiny burr, wrap around sharp edge, exterior hangover; The change is versed in Ra is worth an exterior surface roughness; In the workpiece surface spray, pretreatment treatment before eletroplating, can gain active face, enhance the adherent power of film of spray, report; The precision that is used at other to machine a method to be finished hard is tall with appearance the light of complex part acts the role of treatment; Old the finishing between the working procedure in the machining industry such as a face-lifting, need gush arenaceous equipment to finish. The energy resources of main motive force of gush arenaceous equipment compresses air namely.

QiAir Compressor

The working principle of gush arenaceous equipment is to use compress air to form negative pressure generation to bring in flow of the high speed inside spray gun shoot action, will divide arenaceous implement the abrasive inside passes arenaceous canal inspiratory arrive inside spray gun, follow next compress empty air current to arrive by eject of nozzle high speed workpiece surface, achieve the goal of gush arenaceous treatment. When working status, compress air and arenaceous makings, the edge mixes edge eject, make compress air to get making full use of. The adjustment with the OK and proper discharge of airy discharge and arenaceous makings, can get ideal mixture ratio, make the sources of energy and arenaceous makings are using up less state of affairs to fall, get good metallic appearance machines processing.

Gush arenaceous facility is main the component swings by segregator of lead plane, tornado, spray gun system, remove dust compressor of system, electrical system, air (user provide for oneself) , control box composition.

Compress the adjustment of air pressure:

By the job need adjustment control valve controls those who enter spray gun to reduce air pressure, actuating pressure can choose inside limits of 3 ~ 7bar.

QiAir Compressor

From on the watch can see, gush arenaceous equipment is in manufacturing process, compress airy to make dosage bigger, high-pressured force and enough tolerance are to make sure gush arenaceous equipment uses premise normally. Need pressure is in 0.4 ~ 0.7MPa, discharge makes an appointment with 1m3/ of Min/ gun dry compress air.

Gush arenaceous equipment provides gymnastics to make move: Before gush is arenaceous first open power source and floodlight, had adjusted the position that places a rifle, angle – get on workpiece outfit to rotary table – shut port – had adjusted gush arenaceous parameter (rotary table speed, gun places rate) – arenaceous job of the gush that start – ejective arenaceous makings drops classics of lead plane bottom to answer arenaceous conduit – tornado segregator, automatic aspiration – open port – put the work that stay in season to rotary table below aspirant travel one round again after debus workpiece the job circulates. Set a hand to use gush arenaceous pattern, OK also the hand uses spray arenaceous. Compress air to enter spray gun, the eject quantity that abrasive will press setting is brought to fire spray gun from one’s store of valuables of segregator lay aside inside, in compress eject of the high speed below air action to arrive to be machined apparently.

What does gush arenaceous machine ask to have to reducing airy quality?

1. The pneumatic system of gush arenaceous machine should be accorded with GB/T7932 and ” technology of pressure vessel security is censorial regulations ” regulation;

2. Gush arenaceous machine should make clear mouth of actuating pressure, applicable nozzle and air consumption;

3. Gush arenaceous machine should make clear applicable abrasive sort and abrasive granularity limits;

4. Gush arenaceous machine should is in environmental temperature – 10 ℃ arrive 45 ℃ , relative humidity leaves regular job at the ambient conditions of 90% not quite;

5. The noise sound pressure level of gush arenaceous machine should not exceed 85 decibel;

6. The air feed quantity of pneumatics machine should be more than gush arenaceous machine 1.25 times of the biggest air consumption;

7. The compression that gush arenaceous machine uses air must dry, without oil.

8. Gush arenaceous machine should set safe guard.

Accordingly, ask to compress air to have constant pressure and sufficient flow above all, do not have constant pressure to be opened with respect to unwarrantable electromagnetism valve, control orgnaization is met cannot work normally; Without sufficient flow, abrasive of gush arenaceous machine cannot arrive along with aeriform eject treatment metal surface, form concussion to hit intensity hard. The cleanness with compress air to have certain next is spent and dry spend a requirement. Cleanness spends the oil content in asking to enrage a source, mass that contains dirt impurity and granularity size to want control to be inside very little scope. Dry degree how many what point to to moisture content is contained in compressing air. Water content of gush arenaceous machine is lower better, the compression as a result of compressor eduction air, although satisfy the requirement of constant pressure and discharge, but moisture and dirt are contained in compressing air, become gaseous mixture through after air compressor is compressed, mixing with lube, in gush the with eject abrasive in arenaceous machine mixes gush arenaceous to add workpiece metal face, can cause the surface roughness that adds workpiece face to cannot be satisfied machine a quality to ask.

The rigidity that imposes workpiece is tall, the compression with need higher pressure air, to a few special material or the work that pass heat treatment, to achieve formulary surface roughness, outside compressing air except what need higher pressure, still need the abrasive with tall hardness. Wait for the work that material makes to alloy of aluminium alloy, titanium, magnesium alloy, should reduce air pressure key is low, because pressure is high,can damage the surface of workpiece. Should decide through the experiment gush is arenaceous the craft parameter that clear, include to compress sort of air motive force, abrasive, granuality, particle shape, nozzle and treatment the distance between.

Gush arenaceous technology can satisfy a lot of finishing requirements, if clear, light of Mao Hua, fade, aggrandizement, go burr, polish, different finishing asks to need what should differ to compress air. The sort of abrasive is very much, some abrasive are mechanical performance is quite good, hardness tall, tenacity is good, although compress airy to press China to 0.7MPa above, still have fight concussion ability goodly, if steel is arenaceous. Of plastic abrasive fight concussion ability to be inferior to steel far arenaceous, stem from the main use of pair of plastic abrasive and economy consideration, reducing airy pressure can be 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa only, even a few lower even.

Normally, to assure to add workpiece surface quality, need compressor of air of arenaceous to gush machine to adjust from the following respects:

1. Raise high-pressured power. Every increase exhaust pressure 0.01MPa, discharge can reduce 0.04m3/ Min. If will discharge baric force 0.7MPa, discharge 10m3/ the exhaust pressure that the air of Min reduces unit lifts 0.8MPa, capacity can be reduced to 9.6m3/ Min.

2. The use time of air compressor and working requirement. Entrance filter is too dirty, can reduce air to reduce the capacity of aircrew greatly, accordingly, any at gush using arenaceous the air compressor that clear must have done daily maintenance to work.

3. The influence of height above sea level. The capacity of air compressor and exhaust pressure are to point to normally measure below sea level condition, height above sea level every are elevatory 300m, capacity is about to reduce 0.042m3/ Min. The place of 1500m is in height above sea level, the capacity of the air compressor of 10m3/min capacity has 9.8m only3/ Min.

4. The norms of conduit. If choose undeserved meeting,cause severe pressure to fall.

Anyhow, reduce airy pressure the effect of arenaceous to gush machine and economy impact are very big, need to be treated seriously, in lack reliable basis is mixed hold a circumstance to fall, had better decide main craft parameter through the experiment.