Annual Shanghai compressor is exhibited (ComVac ASIA) , fall in Shanghai new international exhibition center already next heavy curtain, but the influence that it brings compressor the industry and think, it is to just begin however. Current exhibit meeting, its exhibit amount of business dimensions, audience to innovate again tall; Amount of quality of the quality that postpone business, audience, item on display and character of item on display all the corresponding period of prep above in former years; Still have forum of much field spot, make energy-saving technology from intelligence, arrive from pneumatics machine Leng Gan machine, arrive from single function effect compress air to stand can the delibrate that the many sided such as effect had depth and analysis, for the industry next the direction that development points to palpability is new and raise new question. But, exhibit the note that there also is individual “ disharmonious ” on the meeting jumbly among them, reflection gives the non-standard sex of the industry and the pressing sex that need to upgrade.

This not, arrive again year of end, the colleague of compressor industry besides check outside income of a year, also planning how the coming year is dry, what ability works is more outstanding. The author thinks, no matter the product of our home has much better, technology,much ox, service has much closer, market to have rate have many tall, want to realize rapidder growth, higher market to have rate, win more high grade client, sale is necessary step, postpone meeting sale especially. But today when different former days, below new era, begin exhibit meeting sale and before what to exhibit meeting sale to have to differ? What what need special attention is there?

After the concept of ” of “ new era put forward 2017 oneself, show a different face in each respect such as politics, economy, culture, science and technology, society, law, to the feature of ” of “ new era, in different domain, disparate arrangement of ideas, different personnel different unscramble. Author individual thinks, ” of “ new era has the following feature: Abide by the law with close compasses pace of bigger, internationalization accelerates strength of protection of operation requirement business, intellectual property, development space is larger etc.

So, in “ the setting of new era ” falls, is our enterprise done exhibit meeting sale what to item should notice?

QiAir Compressor

The first: The choice suits exhibit meeting, show product actual strength and brand value

Annual of various places, each type, each dimensions exhibit meeting, countless. The compressor industry that is a target with industry agent, agency, manufacturer is exhibited, if Shanghai compressor is exhibited, pneumatics machine exhibits Hua Na etc; The client industry that is a target with the person that compressor is used is exhibited, if PCB is exhibited, machinery of pottery and porcelain is exhibited, presswork equipment is exhibited etc; Have with industry, building energy-saving those who be a target is energy-saving exhibit, like Shenzhen rich of division of department of Jiebohui, Chinese and Western is met; The new and high technology that is a purpose with showing new technology is exhibited, if be handed in high,can wait; The foreign trade that to going out with promoting the mouth is a target is exhibited, be like wide make the meeting, meeting that score gain, east alliance exposition. Each enterprise should choose those who suit oneself to exhibit according to the market target of oneself and financial capacity meeting. Deflection of brand of common foreign capital is a purpose with showing new technology at be being mixed for the target with the person that compressor is used exhibit meeting, can make their brand and client direct and conterminous touch so, the beauty that promotes a brand praise degree with value. And ethical brand criterion deflection is exhibited at compressor industry with energy-saving exhibit meeting, be helpful for a product entering more sale channel and consolidate further the energy-saving advantage of the product.

The 2nd: Be sure to prepare meticulously with the plan, honest conduct propaganda and publicize lawfully

Exhibit every year can look be like a lot of, what suit oneself actually is not much also! For this, once attend some to exhibit certainly,meet, must shift to an earlier date layout and preparation, for instance, affirmatory ginseng exhibits have friendly relations of area, channel to exhibit ginseng of the end that reveals a position, clearly, choice to exhibit product, design to exhibit the stage figure, activity that exhibit a stage design, exhibit meeting result forecast, the arrangement of personnel, spot recieves imitate, client wait with communication problem.

Since be to exhibit,meet, that is “ beautiful ” , also be the process of ” of “ peacock spread its tail, show honestly only, make the person that look around deep-felt feel your special part, ability is in the collaboration that extends meeting hind and partner build long, stability concerns; Abide by the requirement of advertisement law only, build the battalion business environment of fair competition jointly, just be helpful for the development of the industry. Do not use a few banned ad for instance the person of the same trade is debased while language, word promotes self-image; The performance that does not go holding a few low convention will produce person gas.

The 3rd: Esteem intellectual property, do not imitate with borrowed

This second ComVac ASIA is exhibited on, only brand of a few foreign capital is mixed inside endowment the brand exhibits ” of new pattern of ” of ” of “ new product, “ new technology and “ , or is industry technology progress is little, give new thing without research and development; Or is to not be willing to reveal come out, be afraid of be imitated by the person of the same trade with borrowed. Actually, progress of compressor industry technology and mode innovation are true still not small, compress from two class to 1 class can effect, arrive from common frequency conversion permanent magnetism frequency conversion, arrive to lubricate without grease from fuel injection screw, from reduce noise to arrive promotion is overall efficiency, measure centrifugal to small platoon from large centrifugal, from bulk giant to small and exquisite, arrive from common business mode. But, for quite a long time, what protect strength because of intellectual property is insufficient, a lot of a lot new things, copy of can rapid between one night “ is tasted everywhere ” , irrigated ” of cold water of a “ to the enterprise that dares to innovate, so, do not be willing to take out ” of “ true kongfu to come out to reveal. Below new era, as intellectual property consciousness strengthen increase with what protect strength, resemble be imitated directly euqally before or the method of tort won’ts do. Tort person will get not only legal punish, still meet those who travel together distain.

The 4th: Develop person with ability of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, promote internationalization professional ability

ComVac ASIA is exhibited is in international —— Shanghai is held, shanghai also is external the important window of classics trade, foreign amount is ComVac ASIA exhibits distinction China is other and congener one of signs that exhibit. Produce as the development of national reforming and opening and compressor can move, china perhaps has become the compressor with the greatest whole world to produce country and exit country, so, in exhibit meeting site to be able to have communicate the sale with communication and technical qualified personnel directly with the foreign trader, will win more foreign traders to look at in person the only chance outside mixing, in order to enlarge the development space of the company. Of course, qualified personnel of professional concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals is helpful for developing normal business affairs activity and classics trade contact not only outside, return what can answer abroad of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals to oppose dumping, trade protectionism and add ask for the abnormal economy such as custom duty to disturb an activity, better protective company normal profit.

Of a bureau that 2018 is ” of “ new era year, suffer the effect of environment of politics of inside and outside, economy, be in full in time of a year, emphasizing economic be issued to lower levels government, media, expert, scholar pressing muscularity, economy to add fast put delay, exit to suffer be restricted to wait for market the actual situation, the market also envelops the prices in ” of pessimism of a “ accordingly all the time in. Although macroscopical market level affirms such, but in microcosmic level, from the point of each current data, compressor industry not only was not affected by the market of “ decadent ” , come true instead in order to go against force growth. This also check of as it happens we worry about the “ that Ma Yun says 90% and macroscopical relative, but of 90% macroscopical have nothing to do with with you. ” , so, we need to had made our product, service and sale attentively only, do sufficient homework ahead of schedule to attend a ComVac ASIA to exhibit better can.

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