8 12, 2022

Compressor sells bewilderment and problem to discuss

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Editor's note: Current, as economic progress and industrialized pace accelerate, compressor is in to produce by wider and wider application in practice, in the meantime, also the flying progress as a result of mechanical industry, relevant enterprise is breakthrough of oneself of implementation of try every means more. Wait for respect do one's best from transition of innovation of technical development, science and technology, company undertake hard, the intent is occupied in intense market competition position. However, good product should be done, need to sell more go out, so, enterprise how oneself

31 10, 2022

Be based on ComVac ASIA, shallow theory exhibit meeting sale point

2022-10-31T05:46:55-07:00October 2022|Categories: Air Compressor Technology|Tags: , , |

Annual Shanghai compressor is exhibited (ComVac ASIA) , fall in Shanghai new international exhibition center already next heavy curtain, but the influence that it brings compressor the industry and think, it is to just begin however. Current exhibit meeting, its exhibit amount of business dimensions, audience to innovate again tall; Amount of quality of the quality that postpone business, audience, item on display and character of item on display all the corresponding period of prep above in former years; Still have forum of much field spot, make energy-saving technology from intelligence, arrive from pneumatics machine Leng Gan machine, arrive from single function effect compress empty


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