31 05, 2023

Shallow talk about pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims characteristic and point

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The preface promotes as the abidance of Chinese economy standard, price of correspondence of product of of all kinds the sources of energy rises ceaselessly, the sources of energy uses up corresponding to relevant industry business production to reach managing is crucial. Some closer issue of year of the energy-saving side that decrease a platoon is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, as national strategy the solid bestow of energy-saving program is deepened, the energy cost that company place faces also is to promote with each passing day, because this correspondence establishment is energy-saving improvement is more and more significant. Air is nature bestows our free resource, nevertheless its are being undertaken

31 10, 2022

Be based on ComVac ASIA, shallow theory exhibit meeting sale point

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Annual Shanghai compressor is exhibited (ComVac ASIA) , fall in Shanghai new international exhibition center already next heavy curtain, but the influence that it brings compressor the industry and think, it is to just begin however. Current exhibit meeting, its exhibit amount of business dimensions, audience to innovate again tall; Amount of quality of the quality that postpone business, audience, item on display and character of item on display all the corresponding period of prep above in former years; Still have forum of much field spot, make energy-saving technology from intelligence, arrive from pneumatics machine Leng Gan machine, arrive from single function effect compress empty


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