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31 05, 2023

Shallow talk about pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims characteristic and point

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The preface promotes as the abidance of Chinese economy standard, price of correspondence of product of of all kinds the sources of energy rises ceaselessly, the sources of energy uses up corresponding to relevant industry business production to reach managing is crucial. Some closer issue of year of the energy-saving side that decrease a platoon is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, as national strategy the solid bestow of energy-saving program is deepened, the energy cost that company place faces also is to promote with each passing day, because this correspondence establishment is energy-saving improvement is more and more significant. Air is nature bestows our free resource, nevertheless its are being undertaken

15 12, 2022

Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims market application and foreground analysis

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The article by " compressor " the magazine is achieved formerly, without allowing, must not reprint! The setting rapid development as industry and economy, people to the sources of energy ask for also grow day and day. Accompany the mankind's unending exploitation, the reserves of fossil fuel diminishs increasingly, world energy crisis grows day and day. Subsequently, of the sources of energy reasonable use, the repeated usage of the efficient benefit in order to of the sources of energy and the sources of energy, reclaim use the wide attention that got people. China is population big country, the sources of energy uses photograph contrast

15 12, 2022

System of utilization of waste heat of aircrew of screw type pneumatics is designed

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Condition of environment of Chinese the sources of energy is main the problem is specific power consumption pressure of tall, environment is great, world energy resources uses efficiency on average for 50.32% , and China is less than 40% , how extracting high-energy effect is the problem that we are badly in need of solving. The trade that reduces air place application includes to be spun mechanical, car, electron, electric power, metallurgy, mining industry, building, building materials, oil, chemical industry, petrifaction, gently, each domains of the of all kinds industry such as environmental protection, war industry and civil production and life. [Fusion_w


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