15 12, 2022

System of utilization of waste heat of aircrew of screw type pneumatics is designed

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Condition of environment of Chinese the sources of energy is main the problem is specific power consumption pressure of tall, environment is great, world energy resources uses efficiency on average for 50.32% , and China is less than 40% , how extracting high-energy effect is the problem that we are badly in need of solving. The trade that reduces air place application includes to be spun mechanical, car, electron, electric power, metallurgy, mining industry, building, building materials, oil, chemical industry, petrifaction, gently, each domains of the of all kinds industry such as environmental protection, war industry and civil production and life. [Fusion_w

31 10, 2022

About prize the move back and forth that fit pattern compresses unit part function brief theory

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Compressor of reciprocating type of most nowadays high speed is assemble inside the factory, the aircrew of whole set. They had been assembled beforehand, so that carry,mix establish connection quickly with the client, the commonnest compressor in decreasing to install time and oil of charge ……   and natural gas plant greatly is reciprocating type compressor, in industrial procedure application, general installation is in the compressor of prize outfit type with greatly small tradition and fission type compressor aircrew component, conduit and assembly line road


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