Compressor of reciprocating type of most nowadays high speed is assemble inside the factory, the aircrew of whole set. They had been assembled beforehand, so that carry,mix establish connection quickly with the client, decreased to install time and charge …… greatly

The commonnest compressor in oil and natural gas factory is reciprocating type compressor, in industrial procedure application, general installation is in the compressor of prize outfit type with greatly small tradition and fission type compressor on the consolidate concrete foundation with aircrew component, conduit and assembly line most road. And compressor of reciprocating type of most nowadays high speed is assemble inside the factory, the aircrew of whole set. They had been assembled beforehand, so that carry,mix establish connection quickly with the client, decreased to install time and charge greatly.

The article will discuss the important part of aircrew of compressor of move back and forth and its action.

Aircrew of compressor of typical reciprocating type

Compressor of high speed reciprocating type, by natural gas engine or electromotor drive, realized lower fundamental fare, shorter installation time and better compact sex. It has become those who apply to upriver market the commonnest device, at the same time occupational also compressor of a lot of middle reaches natural gas the market. Aircrew power from 50hp (37kW) smaller even, and 5000hp (3729kW) bigger even differ. Bigger unit also can be installed by make it prize of type, but they often need the spot as a result of too large volume to assemble finish.

Some technologies standard can use the design of compressor of normative reciprocating type and structure. For example, oil of standard API IIP“ and natural gas hold standard of technology of compressor of form reciprocating type with prize ” and ISO 13631“ oil and natural gas are industrial design and assemble what ” of compressor of craft of move back and forth of prize outfit type often is used at compressor of craft of normative upper reaches to apply. Recently, GMRC (council of aeriform machinery research) on the technical base that cooperates extensively in industrial group, released “ field gas to use ” of guideline of high speed compressor, compressed unit application to provide more comprehensive guidance for upper reaches, aircrew power comes 2000hp (1491kW) .

Service of industry of oil of standard API 618“ , chemical industry, gentle style uses ” of compressor of move back and forth, be used at a lot of middle reaches and downstream compressor to design and be assembled of application. 2013, design and assemble of the compressor aircrew that the “ weather of GMRC is carried and memory is middle reaches power to be more than 2000hp with ” of guideline of compressor of high speed move back and forth offerred more instructor.

Most aircrew installation is on the base of labour word bridge that has soldered, by zephyr of engine burning gas, compressor cold heat exchanger is comprised, can realize a complete prize to install type compressor system so, be assembled to finish in a factory, and but by or many lorry carries field. This base can serve as a platform at the same time, assemble other package with Yu An, the filter taking energy of life that for instance the water in purify gas divides, with Yu Huan solution comes from at compressor, control dish, the bumper with the pulsatile pressure of conduit and other device.

Reciprocating type compressor has a lot of kinds of types and measure. The article is listed only compare among them a few common. Graph 1 it is the small-sized pneumatics machine on a traditional sense. It is a power is 215hp, the compressor of 3 class move back and forth that lights gas engine drive for the two-stroke of 1800rpm by rotate speed, special application works at oil extraction.

QiAir Compressor

Graph 2 it is a few kinds of power are 1895hp, one of the compressor of 2 level reciprocating type that lights gas engine drive by the four-stroke of rotate speed 1000rpm, special insult the work at central part. It is established commonly go up in clastic rock or grit foundation, reach the empty press of 2000hp to power, general metropolis is assembled go up in such foundation. According to soil type and environmental humidity different, use consolidate concrete or pile, still need appropriate support sometimes. Be in the place that a few winters do not freeze on chairman time, aircrew is OK open air moves.

QiAir Compressor

Graph 3 it is a power is 1380hp, the compressor of 3 level reciprocating type that lights gas engine drive for the four-stroke of 1400rpm by rotate speed, special insult the work at central part. Such aircrew need outfit is on the foundation of consolidate concrete, and need an upside to close, the factory canopy that two side open wide, can protect aircrew already so, can keep ventilated again.

QiAir Compressor

Graph 4 it is a power is 2000hp, it is the compressor of 2 level reciprocating type of the four-stroke electromotor drive of 1200rpm by rotate speed, with the pressure boost that processes unit at gas. It needs to load the base in consolidate concrete, and need is surrounded completely what stock wears crane high deserve to close in inside the building, in order to assure can surely the component with very heavy trice. The heat exchanger of wind cold pattern of this kind of equipment is independent normally at compressor group installation is being built outside.

QiAir Compressor

Graph 5 it is a power is 5045hp, the compressor of one level reciprocating type that lights gas engine drive for the 6 stroke of 1000rpm by rotate speed, use at gas to transmit. Its whole and graph 4 likeness, establish go up in consolidate concrete foundation, and need is surrounded completely what stock wears crane high deserve to close in inside the building, in order to assure can surely the component with very heavy trice. Heat exchanger of its wind cold pattern also is installed at compressor independently nearly always outside the building.

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The main component of aircrew of reciprocating type compressor reachs action

Machine of pneumatics of traditional movable type is shown 6 times like the graph, so that consult,main component already had been tagged.

The gas that compresses side of aircrew general low pressure is inspiratory (express with green arrowhead) , carry high-pressured side (express with gules arrowhead) . The compressor group in this exemple is one kind is in draw near the two course that fountainhead open air runs (but hire) unit, later development will introduce his in detail every important part.


The total package of compressor is to install the base that creating by welder word steel to go up. Standard base has two to basically can turn crossbeam, the length of so OK and outspread base in order to prop up engine and compressor. Most base is in all around have additional can turn crossbeam. And in order to of a lot of common beam supports all sorts of parts. Below most circumstance, the aircrew of this kind of dimension can be in the place that engine and compressor place on base spread concrete of a consolidate. Concrete can have amortize effect already, what also can increase integral quality to be brought with abate and mechanical natural frequency at the same time is oscillatory. In actual gas application, base is built in commonly enough like the catchment ability such as clastic rock or grit on good foundation, no matter be to be in laden, carry, below the state that uninstall or runs, it is to prop up whole reduce a system.


It is the heart of whole system, graph the 6 2 class that are a four-stroke compress compressor of move back and forth. Compressor has 1 to go to 6 commonly, typical can design 1-4 form. Take 2 class compressor for, if plan institute is shown, overleaf of the first class, the 2nd class is in the front, and the air cylinder that each class has two parallel to place.

Light gas engine

Graph the compressor of 6 lights gas engine to adopt drive of stretch shaft coupling by a 16 crock reciprocating type namely. Engine burning gas can be offerred a series of traversal speed, be rated rotate speed normally 75% arrive 100% between. If pursue 4, electromotor also can use drive compressor. But the working rotate speed of electromotor is constant, unless installation has transducer.

QiAir Compressor

Purifier of catalytic type exhaust / exhaust muffler
Graph 6 in, installation is in of coping of wind cold heat exchanger is purifier of exhaust of catalysis of a combined-type and an outfit the exhaust muffler on vent-pipe of engine burning gas. When installation, this is occasionally both be departure. But below great majority circumstance, to save space and cost, they are bound together commonly installation.

Enter gas throttle

Apply in actual compression in, the action of the throttle that take energy of life is control gas discharge, it is the working state control of compressor inside safe limits. If pursue 6, it is gotten on in low-pressure air inlet duct by installation, namely the front of whole compressor system. Below some circumstances, it also is gotten on in base by installation, just be in the position with low-pressure rear air inlet duct. The throttle that take energy of life can reduce the aeriform atmospheric pressure that enters compressor, achieve the goal that reduces mass flow. Can reduce the power when compressing gas to use up so normally, but also occasionally short of such effect.

By-pass valve

Another kind of of compressor system common device is by-pass valve, also call recycle a powerful person. It is in to join by installation on compressor vent and the conduit of the mouth that take energy of life. The action of by-pass valve is the bypass that realizes compressor to suck exhaust. Although this one loop reduced efficiency, but exhaust and join of the photograph that take energy of life, the pressure that can make compressor sucks vent is balanced, can reduce the torque of compressor and the power that light gas engine or need effectively. At this moment, by-pass valve is discontinuity job, be in when compressor below extreme condition when the job, to reduce load of the biggest job, by-pass valve can be opened continuously, and conduit must be received at the back of in aeriform condenser, if pursue,6 are shown.

Enter air filter

Those who reduce a system is various the front of the mouth that take energy of life needs to install a filter that take energy of life. It can filter a few liquids of the interfuse in oil gas. The filter that take energy of life is mixed by fluid face indicator can clear automatically composition of controller of the liquid in filter. Filter of the first class is mixed in low-pressure conduit by installation the first class enters gas bumper between.

Although a bigger liquid depart unit was installed to be in the front of compressor in order to depart bigger water, but the liquid depart device of whole system must can depart piece any likelihoods the liquid from the separate out in oil gas, in order to drop the pressure inside compressor and temperature. This are attached most importance to especially in applying actually should. Here the water branch in oil gas reachs saturation, mix have the hydrocarbon with molecular greater quality, they can be in pressure (drop when aeriform atmospheric pressure for instance hind, when passing valve) with temperature (expose the long conduit in cold air through for instance or air condenser) by gas change is a liquid in the process that reduce. Segregator can from isocon likewise or the positional depart of other front gives the lube that air cylinder comes from inside compressor.


Because compress an opportunity to generate high-pressured air stream pulsatile, the vibration that can cause pressure boost equipment and exhaustion are destroyed. Accordingly, the place that standing by air cylinder is necessary to use bumper with gently these pressure are pulsatile. And the mouth taking energy of life of compressor and vent are in respectively commonly the coping of air cylinder and bottom, so the each class of compressor needs to install a bumper into gas mouth and vent. When gas comes out to enter air cylinder from inside the filter that take energy of life, bumper is OK the pressure that will come from front device is pulsatile eliminate. When the gas that passes pressure boost passes vent eduction, bumper can remove the pressure that comes from back end device pulsatile. The design balances compressor with a bumper all air cylinder of same level are a kind of commonly used method. For example, in the graph 2, 3, 4 and 6 in, join with photograph of two air cylinder in each class bumper, and in the graph 5 in be join with 3 air cylinder.

And relatively minor compressor team, pursue for instance 1, it does not have the bumper on traditional sense possibly also. But when the aeriform pipeline that observes it carefully, the diameter of the conduit that the diameter of the air inlet duct that can discover it and vent-pipe compares join air cylinder is big, such even if do not use older pressure vessel, also can control pressure pulsatile. The compressor of general and lesser dimension uses this kind of method.

Wind cold heat exchanger

Any compressor aircrew needs cold heat exchanger of a wind. If aircrew builds the environment of outdoors to fall (is not a building inside) , for handy, wind cold heat exchanger always installs the base in aircrew or with advocate on the special base that base is linked together. But if resemble a plan 4, 5 in in that way, aircrew is built inside the building that closes completely, so wind cold heat exchanger can become independent normally at compressor aircrew.

The lube of the refrigerant of the gas that condenser wants refrigeration to have each class eduction, engine and engine and compressor, still have the gas of turbine supercharger eduction sometimes. These condenser make gas ceaseless inside the conduit that bestrews carbon fin circulate, in order to take away the liquid quantity of heat in the loop inside conduit. By engine or the fresh gale fan that electromotor assists drive, can quicken outside air to be in the flow all round carbon fin. If apply need actually, fan still can promote gas inside conduit current. Air condenser has a lot of kinds, aeriform parallel is flowed into pour out of, also gas hangs down to be flowed into continuously pour out of.

Control dish

Of the system control dish of crucial device that is compressor system. It is controlling all and main function that compressor runs, include compressor start, control of time-out, capacity, safe alarm and involve the function such as machine. Control dish can install go up in base (if pursue 1, 6) , also can install outside base (if pursue 2, 4, 5) . When controlling dish of installation to be outside base, the vibration that can reduce the generation when aircrew moves and high temperature are right control dish influence, the space that also can let base go up at the same time is too not crowded, convenient maintenance.

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