The near future, industry happened two cases to affect the major issue of complete compressor industry one after another: One of, annual international compressor is exhibited (ComVac ASIA) hold smoothly in Shanghai, character of amount of the dimensions that postpone business, audience, item on display and forum activity innovate again tall, for the industry development offerred new thinking; Secondly, after the country cancels compressor to produce licence, more than 300 enterprise is assembled in start a product in all freewill attestation new system, cause industry heat to discuss. To this, have approve of proponent, have doubt opponent, have one’s words earnest debater, 100 condition all show industry of …… of the person that also fleer jeers, but the person that company high level steers a boat especially cannot be not treated seriously however!

Develop as the times, for brief politics put power, return the right to be mixed at the enterprise society, reduce company operation cost, enhance market vigor, compressor industry former some produces system of licensing to be cancelled. But, the country won’t examine and approve the reform of the system because of administration absolutely and drop somewhat to the compressor quality requirement of relation the national economy and the people’s livelihood, let things drift to producing safety, put forward clearly instead wide into severe the demand that give: “ is in charge of a branch to want to fulfil responsibility of company quality main body, cogent the after the event in enhancing a responsibility is superintended. ” wants “ double random, make public; Enclothe completely selective examination ” . This produces the autonomic sex of the enterprise to asked to have higher level to compressor, enterprise must sincere letter is managed. Without giving thought to,this also asks the industry must know manufacturing licence correctly to cancel immanent meaning —— from personnel of course of study is not “ country ” , change however a form be in charge of more severely!

“ encourages an enterprise to begin freewill attestation, standard of unified attestation, reasonable decrease and attestation detects project. ” this is while the State Council is announcing formally to cancel compressor to produce licence, the superintendency that put forward is new one of act. And this also starts compressor product this just about freewill attestation system brings about a lot of unidentified in person the place of censure: “ country without giving thought to, you are in charge of even? ” actually, not be “ you are in charge of ” even, however “ our ego superintends ” ! Above all, freewill attestation is the governmental action that be offerred by the country and initiates, it is to producing a license after compulsive attestation cancels, measure to continue to ensure compressor product to pledge, can superintend one of measure effectively of effect. Next, compulsive attestation is trade bottom line, can distinguish only qualification and unqualified, and freewill attestation advocates sincere letter controls oneself, it is the system that chooses product of outstanding, green. It can choose performance data of empty mark product not only, can the behavior of user of effect index deceit, purchase for market user offer authoritative, unified identifying to indicate, cogent the legitimate rights and interests that safeguards normal compressor to produce a business and interest, push pneumatics machine industry normative and orderly healthy progress, and can guide industry technology innovation, drive an enterprise to establish brand consciousness, drive product quality to promote.

Meanwhile, freewill attestation will make the compressor product that China executes the attestation mark with current international, can walk along door going abroad to offer great advantage for Chinese product. Will look from this, with be benefited tremendously to be compared, the tiny cost that attestation place requires to pay nots worth to be carried.

” of “ freewill attestation is in again attestation, premise is freewill, ginseng do not participate in power to make decisions to be in him enterprise in the hand. The compressor round mark of GB of prep above of requirement of no less than and mark of look forward to, total somebody likes not dread cost, do not be afraid that pressure goes carry out goes, because they have ideal, have pursuit, also have self-confidence!

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