The first: ? Is  Piao overspread?

One, what is what in selling a process, sell?

The answer: Oneself

1, world car sells tall of the first person · Girard says: What I sell “ is not my Xue Folan car, what I sell is myself ” ;

2, what before selling any products, traffic above all is yourself;

3, is there an important bridge: between product and client? Old Hui of north of  Piao cough?

4, in selling a process face-to-face, if the client does not accept your this individual, can he still introduce the chance of the product to you?

5, no matter how you follow client introduction,the company that you are in is top-ranking, the product is top-ranking, the service is top-ranking, but, if the shopper sees your person, resemble 5 flow, if listening to you to tell more resembling is dilettante, so, generally speaking, the client won’t be willing to talk on with you at all. Is your outstanding achievement good?

6, you should let yourself look more good like product.

7, dress up to succeed, wearing for the victory. The investment that the salesperson gets on in figure, it is the salesperson’s most significant investment.

2, what is what in selling a process, make work?

The answer: Idea.

1, the comparison that sells oneself to want to sell is easy, still sell a client to think those who buy is easier?

2, the sense that is change client is facile, is the sense that still goes cooperating a client facile? ,

3, so, before the product that markets you to the client, think method clears up their idea first, go cooperating it again.

4, if the idea of the product of the client that buys an idea to be sold with us or service has,conflict, that changes the client’s intention first, sell again next.

5, it is the thing that the client draws out money to buy him to want to buy, is not you draw out money; Our work helps a client buy him to think to suit most.

3, what is what buy in business course?

The answer: Feeling

1, people is bought do not buy some one thing to normally a critical force is in control, that is a feeling.

2, the feeling is one kind is lost sight of, feel the affects people behavior crucial factor that does not wear.

3, it is the synthesis with person of a kind of support of the people, person and interactive environment.

4, if you see a high-grade business suit, price, design, cloth each side is good, you are very satisfactory. Can be the member that sell you are not respected when chatting with you, let you feel very uncomfortable, can be you bought? If be the same as a dress to be on the ground booth on the side of market butcher, can be you bought? Won’t, because your feeling is incorrect.

5, the perception that movement of enterprise, product, person, environment, language, dialect, limbs can affect a client.

6, a good sense can be built for the client in whole sale process, so, you were found open ” of key of client purse “ .

4, what is what sell in business course?

The answer: Advantage. Advantage can bring what joy to follow an increase to the other side namely, can help him decrease or avoid what trouble and anguish.

1, the client won’t be bought because of product itself forever, what the client buys is the profit that can bring to him through this product or service.

2, minor salesperson sells a product (component) , top-ranking salesperson sells a result (advantage) .

3, will tell to the client, the client understands the product can bring what profit to oneself only, what to avoid to bother ability to be able to be bought. So, top-ranking salesperson won’t put the central issue in oneself to be able to obtain how many advantage to go up, on the profit that can be put in the client to be able to be obtained however,

4, the product that carries us when the client or service are obtained really when the interest, the client can go to Qian Fang in our pocket, and, say: with us even? Suddenly bluff?

5, what thinking in heart of the client in selling a process face-to-face?

The answer: The eternity in client heart is changeless 6 ask greatly sentence.

1, who are you?

2, what should you talk about with me?

3, what profit does the thing that you talk about have to me?

4, what how prove you are told is a fact?

5, why should be I bought with you?

6, why should be I bought with you now?

Client of this 6 big questions does not ask certainly, but he is subconscious in can think so. Cite a case for: The client is in those who see you is flashy, his feeling is: I had not seen this person, why is he smiling to go to me? His subconscious thinking, who is this person? You go to him before, when ask for a favor talks, what to think you want to talk with me in his heart? When you talk thinking in his heart, what place to have to me? If do not have advantage to him,he did not want to listen downward, because each the individual’s time is finite, he can choose to do the thing that has profit to him. When he feels your product has profit to him really, he can think again, do you cheat me? What how prove you are told is a fact?

Becoming you to be able to prove advantage is true really when, regular meeting thinks in his heart, this kind of product is really very good, other place is had better, or someone else sells can cheaper, can give him enough information when you letting his understanding be bought with you is most when be to one’s profit, regular meeting thinks in his heart, I but with will be being bought again tomorrow, buy again next month? Am I bought next year be no good all right? So, you must let him know the benefit that buys now to his sufficient reason, the loss that does not buy now. Accordingly, before the client that visits you, oneself should become oneself client, ask these the question, answer these questions next, devise good solution, give out sufficient reason, the client can buy him to think to be opposite oneself are best the most appropriate.

6, how to do with the competitor quite?

1, do not debase adversary.

You go debasing adversary, possible client and adversary have certain source, if using the product of adversary now, his friend is being used, or he thinks the product of adversary is good, you are debased be equal to say he does not have eye, making a mistake, he can feel disgusted instantly.

Must not debase your competitor casually, especially when the market share of adversary or sale are pretty good, because how is the other side done badly really, how can you become your competitor again? You debase a competitor highbrowly, can let a client feel you cannot trust only. One respecting opponent says others is bad, the client can think you are guilty or character has a problem.

2, 3 big weak points do the 3 big advantages that take his and adversary to be compared objectively.

Common saying says, goods compares 3, a kind of any kinds or types of goods have the actor drawback of oneself, when making product introduction, you want the 3 big weak sports of the 3 big strong points of adduce own side and the other side to compare, although be the same as the product of class to be compared objectively by yours, on any account appeared instantly.

3, emphasize selling a site distinctly.

Sell a dot to have the distinct advantage that we have and the competitor does not have only namely distinctly, everybody has no less than distinct personality is same, what a kind of any products also can have him is distinctive sell a site, be highlighted when introducing a product and emphasize these selling the value of the dot distinctly, can increase many odds to sell a success.

7, although the service is to clinching a deal after the end, but it is concerning however next time clinch a deal and turn introductory success, so, how does ability let your after service be done so that make a client satisfactory?

The answer: Your service can let a client touch.

Serve = care. Care even if serve. Someone can say the possibility the salesperson’s care is a holiday, purposeful. If he is willing to care you purposefully all one’s life, are you willing?

1, 3 kinds of services that allow a client to touch:

Active help client extends his career: Do not have a person to be promoted gladly, also reject others to help him extend his career without the person at the same time.

Care client and its family cordially: Do not have a person to be promoted gladly, at the same time very few also somebody rejects others to care he and his family.

Make the service that has nothing to do with the product: If you serve the product photograph correlation with you, the client can think that is should, if you serve to have nothing to do with your product, then he can think you are to care him really, let him more easily touch, and touching a client is the most effective.

2, 3 administrative levels of the service:

The service inside the portion: You and your company should do, accomplished, the client thinks you and your company is OK still.

The service of the brim (can do can not do serve) : You also were done, the client thinks you and your company is very good.

With the service that the sale has nothing to do: You were accomplished, the client thinks you and your company not only it is the partner in bazaar, at the same time the client still becomes you friend. Relation competitor grabs such favor do not go, is this the result that you want?

3, the fundamental faith of the service:

I am a person that provides a service, I offer the quality of the service, with me life character, individual makes direct ratio. If you do not care client, service client, your competitor well very much,do sth for sb gladly.

The 2nd: ? Xing of drought black target?

According to statistic the bagman of the 80 % of sale company of 80 % has phone be on sale with the time of 80 % everyday, but only the person ability of 20 % achieves phone ace.

Flow chart: Make an appointment → of → market research looks for client → to serve target of old client → to want to make clear, the help → client to the client is opposite the phone that I do not have the sensory → that I hope to bring a client to give sensory → of the client me for nothing my phone has what crosscurrent → we should have solve with redundancy scheme I tell → how to serve, the odd → that the client can buy me turns the introduction.

One, calling preparation.

1. The preparation of the mood (summit summit condition)

2. The preparation of figure (smile to the mirror)

3. Audio preparation: (clear / pleasant / standard)

4. The preparation of the tool: (three pencil are black, blue, red; 14 jotter / white paper / pencil; Fax, sign paper, calculator) . Successful sale, meet what begin from the detail of every little bit, go treating our working style on client detail, simple thing repeats do, it is the key that sells successfully.

2, 5 calling detail and point:

1. Listen with ear, hear detail; Tell with mouth, communicate with repeat; Write down with the hand, mark a focal point (time of record incoming telegram and date content) .

2. Center time to call, congener time makes congener telephone call, important telephone call agrees time is hit, communication phone does not exceed 8 minutes.

3. Stand up call, standing is a kind of conviction. Cooperate limbs movement to participate in, subconscious study.

4. Do good listen respectfully: Preoccupied current phone (understanding feedback proposal and complain) .

5. Do not break the client’s word, genuine enthusiasm responds to the other side actively.

3, the 3 big principles of telephone marketing: Loud, excited, unremitting.

4, the core concept of be on sale:

Fall in love with oneself, fall in love with a company, fall in love with a product

1. Each incoming telegram is rich incoming telegram.

2. The phone is the spokesman of public relations figure of our company.

3. Want to hit good telephone call to want to have intense self-confident heart above all.

4. Hit good telephone call to want to praise first client, the phone communicates the one side mirror that is his.

5. Telephone marketing is a kind of confidence deliver, the move of the mood, whether can affect each other.

6. Telephone marketing is a kind of psychological game, sound clarity, kind, opinion, according to moderate of frequency of the other side.

7. Do not have a person to be able to reject me, so called refusing is he understands not quite only, or it is me calling time or manner are OK better.

8. The other side that hears a telephone call is my friend, because I help him grow, help his company profit, so I phone him.

9. Advertising character, telephone call of business of be decided by is received listen to communication character, all receiving the value that hears a telephone call and calling value are 10 than one.

10. Introduce a product, shape product value: Come out with very data, character, time, taletelling, perceptual expression, prove the value of the product.

5, 8 kinds of methods that affinity establishs in the phone:

1. Praise law.

2. Language character is synchronous.

3. Repeat a client to tell.

4. The pet phrase word of use client.

5. Belief is mood synchronism, synchronous: Does syncretic framework send: ? ?ldquo; of instrument of  of castrate of spay of  of  of Tang of bursa of  of Yi  Bo but ” turns for “ at the same time ” .

6. Dialect language fast synchronism: According to the vision model, hearing, system of idea of feeling use the other side is communicated.

7. Physiology condition is synchronous (breath, expression, pose, movement—Lens face reacts)

8. Humorous.

6, make an appointment phone:

1, have profit to the client.

2, specific time place.

3, what ginseng is added.

4, do not talk about detail.

7, the word art that will design us with 6 problems:

1. Who am I?

2. What should I talk about with the client?

3. The thing that I talk about has what profit to the client

4. What is be being taken to come to those who talk prove me true, correct?

5. Why should the client buy sheet?

6. Why should the client buy sheet now?

8, term of industry of technical secondary school of be on sale says to be used to diction:

Be used to diction: What does your name call?

Professional expression: Excuse me, can I know your name?

Be used to diction: Your problem is really serious.

Professional diction: I am compared this last the case is good.

Be used to diction: The problem is that product sells.

Professional expression: Because demand is very high, we do not have goods temporarily.

Be used to diction: After you do not have necessary concern to be repaired this bad.

Professional expression: After you are repaired this although be at ease,use.

Be used to diction: You are wrong, either in that way!

Professional expression: I am sorry I did not say to be clear about, but the way that I think to it runs is a little different.

Be used to diction: Attention, you must have been done today!

Professional expression: If you can be finished today, I can be very obliged.

Be used to diction: You did not figure out, had listened this.

Professional expression: What perhaps I say is not quite clear, allow me to explain again please.

Be used to diction: I do not want to let your follow the same old disastrous road again.

Professional expression: I have hope this, this problem won’t be recurrent.

The 3rd: Service sale

Serve 3 phase: Before carry out, in carry out, after carry out.

Before-sales service > the 4 class that after service serves: Serve basically, longing serves, content exceeds a value, the service that cannot replace.

The purpose of the service: Let stranger become a friend; Become from one-time consumption durative consumption and more consumption.

The definition of the service: At any time everybody’s demand is mixed beside the attention longing, achieve everybody’s demand and longing quickly.

One, what is the client?

1. The client is the life place of our enterprise

2. The client is the source that creates wealth

3. The foundation that the industry survives

4. The safeguard that back and belly stays in all right

2, the importance of the service:

1. The service makes company value increases

2. Excellent service has economic sense

3. The aggravate that the market competes (small profit period, what high quality service decides a client is oriented)

3, the belief of the service

The service is a sale, sell even if serve; The service is a method, the sale is a purpose:

A. If you do not care client, service client well very much, your competitor does sth for sb gladly

B. I am a person that provides a service, I offer service quality, with me life character, individual makes direct ratio

C. My today’s results is my result in the past, if I want to increase the income tomorrow, be about to increase today’s pay

D. The time that defends old guest room is the 1/6 that develops new client, because the client needs to just understand, because the service is deciding

E. Without the client that cannot serve, have the person that won’t serve only. ” result heart is on “

F. All industries are service and human relation

4, 3 kinds of methods that allow a client to touch with be convinced Wu:

1. Active help client extends his business: Also can reject others to help him extend his business career without the person at the same time.

2. Make the service that has nothing to do with the product: Turn groovy sex client into faithful client, become a friend, lifelong friend (sensation service) .

3. Cordial ground cares the family of client and client: (because can reject a care without the person) the cause that turns the client into us at the same time is companionate.

5, the sale serves law with simple short message:

1. Be apt to uses a tool (phone of mobile phone, business affairs, company builds … of platform of computer short message) .

2. Group hair, classification is sent, main short message is made up personally send, transmit short message should adapt.

3. Because of,want when the person, hair that has specific aim, special day carries Yindeyin to be sent before today.

4. Attentively: Individuation, vivid change, poor dissimilation, make a client one-time remember you.

5. Write perceptually, rational hair, new friend sends message inside 24 hours.

6. Reserve short message:

A. Growing drive 20;

B. The blessing prays 20;

C. After customer service makes work 10 (more valuable to the company meaning) .

6, the 5 big gain of the service:

1. The satisfaction that adds a client is spent.

2. Add a client turn round to lead.

3. Understand the requirement that the client goes morely, present demand.

4. Human relation is qualitative change by volume transition.

5. Have more business chance.

7, the 7 big move that resist a dot to remove:

1. Whether be a policymaker.

2. Listen attentively to patiently resist a drop.

3. Agree with a client first resist a drop.

4. Discern true and false resists a drop.

5. The lock decides a client to resist a drop.

6. Those who get a client bear if.