Promote as the abidance of Chinese economy standard, price of correspondence of product of of all kinds the sources of energy rises ceaselessly, the sources of energy uses up corresponding to relevant industry business production to reach managing is crucial. Some closer issue of year of the energy-saving side that decrease a platoon is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, as national strategy the solid bestow of energy-saving program is deepened, the energy cost that company place faces also is to promote with each passing day, because this correspondence establishment is energy-saving improvement is more and more significant.

Air is nature bestows our free resource, what after nevertheless its are being made compress, value comparatives is costly. Corresponding electric machinery lifts through drive compressor relevant airy pressure, it is energy resources of air motive force with changing electric energy, in the course that changes in this however not corresponding electric energy of hundred change. The electric machinery power input that pneumatics machine has about 10% only merely can is what can use reduce air motive force by reasonable transition can, be equivalent to costing 10kW electric energy to gain 1kW air motive force can. Will tell to the enterprise, should effective analysis reclaims use pneumatics machine the design program of more than heat and its economic benefits, find out effective program in order to facilitate, sufficient play goes out reclaim the corresponding function of more than heat.

One, what is more than heat reclaims?

More than heat reclaims the has temperature of prep above environment gaseous state that using is the eduction in answering knock off course of study to produce a course (be like high temperature flue gas) , liquid state (be like lube of high temperature of machine of cooling water, pneumatics) , solid state (like all sorts of high temperature rolled steel) corporeal place carries some, the process that tries to use. According to statistic, china has 50% industrial specific power consumption of the left and right sides to was not used, waste directly with multiform more than heat however, can reclaim among them rate be as high as 60% above. Chinese beyond hot resource reclaims on average utilization rate has 30% to control only, backward international is advanced level 10 ~ 20 percent.

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Of more than hot resource reclaim use method to have a lot of, its are basic the method is the fluid beyond heat a kind of higher temperature through conducting heat device transmits the fluid with another kind of inferior temperature, the water supply that like boiler smoke evacuation medium more than heat can use or compensatory water heat, make water enters boiler via be in after warm-up, or it is to will enter the combustion air of boiler to try warm-up, reduced fuel so use up, improved boiler efficiency, operate to moving at the same time more safe.

2, what is pneumatics machine does more than heat reclaim?

Pneumatics machine is met in the job will empty atmospheric pressure shrinks, and can make in compression process be free gas achieves potential energy and heat energy, and these energy are the air of electric energy translate into that wastes pneumatics opportunity additional energy, these energy not only won’t advantageous to producing generation element, still can be opposite occasionally pneumatics machine generation is reduced reduce a few bad effects such as machine of pneumatics of efficiency, attaint. Pneumatics machine returns the temperature that can make empty press oily to rise in move, by aerodynamics home and empty press production manufacturer gives out aircrew is rated minutely producing tolerance M3/min is measure with the temperature of 80 ℃ allow surely. Of screw pneumatics machine those who produce tolerance M3/min to be able to run temperature as aircrew is elevatory and reduce. The mechanical efficiency of pneumatics machine won’t stabilize the mark in 80 ℃ to decide next yield tolerance works. Its inverse ratio degree is: Temperature every rise 1 ℃ , produce tolerance to drop 0.5% , temperature is elevatory 10 ℃ , produce tolerance to drop 5% . Prevailing wind is cold medicinal powder hot pneumatics machine moves between 88-96 ℃ , its fall be in 4-8% . Summer more very, more than heat reclaims equipment can make ℃ of 8-15 of pneumatics machine thermal drop, for its economic benefits more remarkable.

This shows, can make when pneumatics engine oil reachs higher temperature of pneumatics machine compress air efficiency to become low, and press of high above in the sky can cause pneumatics engine oil to quicken ageing to deteriorate when oily temperature is higher, and can make high temperature of pneumatics aircraft nose, lower the moving life of pneumatics machine. Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims among them is to make pneumatics engine oil is mixed compress air temperature to reduce, will improve the moving efficiency of pneumatics machine with this, and additionally is will empty press oil and the redundant quantity of heat in compressing air reclaims rise, reclaim these quantity of heat recycle, achieve the requirement of energy-saving environmental protection.

3, pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims equipment

Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims equipment, the quantity of heat that in moving to pneumatics machine namely, produces undertakes reclaiming recycle, will achieve the goal that managing the sources of energy, environmental protection produces with this.

Research makes clear, air compressor from the induction air in the environment, after the course is compressed high-pressured air eduction, this one process not only raised airy pressure potential energy, produced many compression to heat up at the same time. According to statistic of arrange of American the sources of energy, use at increasing the electric energy that air potential energy wastes truly, occupy about 20 % only in total power consumption, the quantity of heat of electric energy translate into of about 80 % . What need points out is, because compressor is in-house the loop is lukewarm to oil have a demand, the calorific value that increases different temperature is different, efficiency of heat exchanger heat exchange is different, according to the project practical experience, the axial power of the compressor of amount to of quantity of heat that can be used is 65 % about, oil gas double answer effects rate to be able to amount to 88 % above. If answer this part quantity of heat expropriation to heat at cold water, can save a large sum of energy expenses for the factory.

4, pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims characteristic

1, before energy-saving program, store waste of the following energy:

The first: The heat energy of the high energy that pneumatics machine place produces is wasted for nothing, cannot reasonable use;

The 2nd: The engine oil carbonization that pneumatics machine causes because of high temperature, balata vitta ageing, a series of breakdown such as oil of leakage of axial oil seal, the upkeep of brought high cost, and return influence production.

2, after energy-saving program, can come true from the following respect energy-saving:

The first: Without moving cost: Need not burn oil, need not bad news report, use pneumatics machine heat energy completely, sirocco machine comes loose to run rarely in the meantime, implementation saves electric purpose.

The 2nd: Low cost is devoted: Installation beyond heat reclaims get effective on equipment wheeler, need not throw equipment of other hot water again, investment pay back period is very brief.

The 3rd: Without weather influence, want pneumatics accident to go only, can supply the hot water that does not have cost freely.

The 4th: Improve pneumatics machine to run a state, installation beyond heat reclaims after equipment, can greatly the oil that reduces pneumatics chance is lukewarm, raise factor of created gase, prolong empty press service life, reduce moving cost. (temperature is higher, pneumatics machine efficiency is lower)

The 5th: Accord with environmental protection requirement, useless heat 0 discharge, equipment is stable, full automatic move, energy-saving, environmental protection.

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5, pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims use a dominant position

Undertake to pneumatics machine medium more than heat reclaims operational a course, can the biggest the sources of energy of the bring down correspondence that change is used up, reduce its adequately to run cost, the more than heat of pneumatics machine reclaims can regard as use new the sources of energy afresh. So, of corresponding pneumatics machine wasting the sources of energy is corresponding water pump only the electric energy in the course is run related its is used up, actually its are negligible, and if take no account of its are inchoate corresponding managing,the pneumatics when cost invests stands running cost is lower, corresponding pneumatics station reclaims use more than heat energy to drop temperature of correspondence of pneumatics machine oneself quite adequately, reasonable delay those who grow pneumatics machine to run time and cycle. In the meantime, it is when the outdoors temperature of summer is higher, machine of a lot of pneumatics especially machine of wind cold pneumatics meets what the alarm place of existence high temperature causes to stay machine case constantly, this immediate impact is worn production is managed related corresponding enterprise. A lot of below this circumstance enterprise can choose outer ministry to buy ice cube afresh, it is in order to place inside pneumatics computer room, rise to drop in temperature certainly the effect.

Nevertheless this means can promote his to run cost, if can achieve more than heat to reclaim effectively,reach apply, reclaim through more than heat the quantity of heat that facilities will come absorb many effectively, the oily lukewarm control with sufficient corresponding safeguard comes in 65° between 85° , change pneumatics plane adequately then run a condition, at the same time corresponding more than heat reclaims the tie that equipment won’t be changed by any environments. Press beyond heat reclaims even if be based on for nothing do not change the working condition with corresponding pneumatics existent machine, will apply its effectively the more than heat of pneumatics machine, carry cooling water more than heat to reclaim through corresponding water pump equipment, machine of will corresponding pneumatics heats up oily, hot water, steam to undertake cooling, reclaim this corresponding more than heat through more than heat equipment is changed effectively into hot water, so that live and at giving the correspondence of need produces craft to offer,use, this does not need correspondence to run cost to cost. Meanwhile, optimize pneumatics engine oil adequately to drop in temperature corresponding effect in order to achieve the energy-saving beneficial result of lead plane.

6, pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims use a point

Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims in using a system to design, beard attention undertakes guarding a pass to the following:

(1) reclaiming to more than heat when using a system to design, should combine correspondence of its pneumatics machine adequately to run state, consider the impact that changes related its integratedly, set the water tank of heat preservation loop of rationalize. Conduit of all and corresponding heating power executes certain heat preservation, can reduce caloric be lost effectively so.

(2) the more than heat of place application reclaims system of equipment heat exchange, its wall must written guarantee not easily glossily dirty, life is long.

(3) about heat exchange system, want the reasonable bilge that drops device to clean the job, full automatic system of dirty of high-pressured dry burn off, can solve the furring of 70% effectively. Obligate pickling interface, but efficient and quick low cost is cleared furring, resolve difficulty of industry furring dense.

(4) must avoid part of heat exchange of winter machine interior to freeze be frozen bad, equipment can take prevent frostbite setting oneself.

(5) can undertake to the water treatment device of fountainhead real time wastage is monitored, the rest of indication water treatment uses time, remind an user in time to change add agent of dirty of block of silicon phosphor brilliant, make sure more than heat reclaims the heat of equipment answers effects to lead.


As ceaseless development of economy, pneumatics machine is applied extensively by each industries. Transform a project to having huge to the more than heat of pneumatics machine energy-saving latent capacity and better economic benefits, because each are at present big the corresponding competition ability of the enterprise has been relevant production cost is reasonable reduce a respect, because this is empty,press utilization of waste heat can say the project that is a worth while and wide application.

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