Gather up the recent development state of affairs of mechanical technology

As a result of historical reason, before China was missed a few Industrial Revolution, mechanical technology basically is able to take seriously from the ability after founding a state, develop after reforming and opening especially become swift and violent, technical personnel salary once was the person above average in all trades and professions, post of a lot of enginery once brilliant over- , impression is the deepest is about 15 years ago, the salary of master of a mould is equivalent to a factory director at that time, the numerical control of process designing of a meeting is versed in, also comparative the salary of a factory director, monthly pay passes 10 thousand can be found everywhere, though ministry division of labor is planted now already will saturated, but still have indispensable place in enginery post.

This profession does not have current mechanical technology downfallen, it is post of its high pay only gradually by original treatment, make kind of post evolve in order to design research and development kind post is given priority to, this is the country is advocated produce the result that creates transition to China by China, also be the higher level that mechanical industry develops, this is the recent reduction that Chinese machinery develops.

Mechanical technology is a profession of ” of “ iron rice bowl-a secure job

Mechanical technology development comes contemporary, had used mechanical technology personnel in mechanical industry not just, already developed now to application at all trades and professions, 360 have the figure of mechanical technology personnel all right all right almost all right, mechanical major also is called ” of “ a balm for treating headaches is special, chose mechanical major, perhaps should feel rejoice, because apply for a job too easy, should asking only is not particularly tall, was equivalent to basically having ” of “ iron rice bowl-a secure job.

The mechanical industry besides the tradition if machinery plant, forging the factory with car, mill, grind, dig, auger, boring, forging, cast, crowded piece, outside the treatment such as hot-rolling, production post, mechanical technology personnel still can go to company of whole manufacturing industry to work, be like electron of car, home appliance, consumption, communication electron, toy and industry of all sorts of consumable, commodity, like masses car, apple, China for, wait beautifully so arrogant the company that force, they also have mechanical technology share, also engineer of product research and development, craft engineer, industry engineer, mould engineer waits main technique post a moment.

The company of high pay is here

Current company grows mode to already was innovation drive by dimensions drive change, labour force is concentrated model the spring of the enterprise has gone, can do truly now big, do strong business, it is to have own research and development necessarily innovation ability, have the price of tall brand excessive, company that has advanced level of management.

Be worth what carry is, about field of business management level, in civil product domain, automobile industry is very advanced, can weighs the surveyor’s pole of manufacturing industry, representing the top level that controls modelling company, especially quality control respect is very strict, in other company of a lot of industries still is discussing when how much fraction defective, do poorly done work over again leads, car line of business has executed 0 blemish, 0 do poorly done work over again, calculate a part the 100% size that reach blueprint and weight requirement, also may not is eligible, look forward to of a lot of cars must ask the data process such as the dimension of the spare parts, weight is stable, light is dimension and weight data demand of 100% contented public errand is far insufficient still, at the same time requirement CPK must is more than or be equal to 1.67, what meaning be?

For instance a certain dimension asks 10 (+ 0.06, 0) , if fructification measures 100 groups of data, maximum 10.04, the least value 10.01, this kind of phenomenon is inside limits of tolerancepublic errand requirement, but dimension is worth among deviate 10.03 too big, call a process to be not stabilized, this kind of circumstance also cries unqualified, the course is so so slashing examine method, just assure the quality of final finished product, resemble this kind of company, pay also is the person above average in all trades and professions, personnel of worth while and mechanical technology goes paying close attention to.

The position that already the future also has way of “ money ” is here

The station that mechanical technology domain includes is very much, want to win high pay, want to serve as somewhat, with respect to the profession that must choose to already the future also has ” of “ Qian Tu. Not be me too utility, whatever one speaks is money, but the fact is such, if you are engaged in the job does not have road of “ money ” , the a bit actualest namely, you do even mother-in-law not weigh in hand.

It is far insufficient that light has feelings, we are Everyman, we still arrive without luxury the degree that relies on to talk about feelings, you will after all enemy the fuel in living nevertheless, too Suo. . . . . . .

Doing enginery when specific post chooses, must look for those who have an outlook, also have way of “ money ” at the same time, and among enginery post, what have an outlook most is design development hillock! The design develops hillock! The design develops hillock! Also have way of “ money ” most.

The design develops the work, its post name also has disparate industry certain difference, automation of the if traditional project is mechanical, agricultural mechanical, food machinery, chemical industry machinery, machine tool, equipment that be not mark waits an industry a moment to call “ mechanical design ” , and electron of code of exactly the amount of light manufacturing industry, communication electron, home appliance, toy and industry of all sorts of consumable, commodity, call “ product to develop ” of ” or “ product research and development commonly, although call a law to differ, but we can find out its “ to design ” , “ to develop ” of research and development of ” , “ to wait for a keyword however, these are the high pay post in enginery post.

These post belong to the ministry of research and development in the company, development department commonly, also partial company calls a project the ministry, those branches are the high pay branch inside the company. We go to this direction only, just the opportunity becomes the public figure of ” of “ high end in mechanical technology personnel, your future and road of “ money ” won’t be differred.

Accomplish above when, the month has been entered 10 thousand not be a problem of course, additional, technical personnel must see duty field with the eye of development, do not by “ technology ” two words are manacled, want to make oneself integrated ability with all one’s strength at the same time, let oneself become comprehensive model talent, your professional career ability is climbed higher, go further.

Book this chance, list the note of personnel of a few technology again:

1, do not behave too arrogantly, do not wish to listen to the opinion of others.

A mistake that technical personnel often makes, behave too chastely namely, think oneself just are best, think others is idiocy, distain to communicate with other, also be everybody refuses to obey in the person of the same trade who, this is the big fear of technical personnel, you this kind of smelly disposition, be led without giving thought to or work in the same place, everybody won’t like, the leader can inspect you to prick head ” for “ , not only do not wish to impart true competence gives you, divide to you even after that fast.

In right duty field, what the leader likes is the person of obedient arrangement, is not to follow a leader to carry the person that carry, although you are reasonable, also do not put forward crosscurrent directly before the face of everybody, seek a guidance under the counter afterwards however, will express oneself view with the means that ask for advice, so do a leader to just can step falls. If you also have this kind is too great-hearted, do not be happy to accept the defect of other opinion, so ask a horse to go up low your arrogant head!

2, do not become technical past master only, should become integrated model talent

Do not want an idea to be put on the technology completely, such doing, your intellectual face will become too narrow, promote duty, raises general and your just miss the opportunity, while effort enhances professional technical ability, must make oneself into comprehensive model integrated talent, technology and integrated ability are not the relation of fish and bear’s paw, both do not conflict. In on-the-job field, what the boss prefers is knight-errant novel ” day dragon 8 ” medium Na Murong, is not boreal tall peak.

3, too persistent become a technologist

Technical personnel, avoid by all means is too persistent at the technology, but not be to object you digging a technology greatly, be in however promote professional skill while, must seize favorable opportunity to technical administrator transition.

Fall from industry environment because of what be in China, technical administrator is far have vaster development space than pure technology personnel (at least most company is at present such) , our avoid by all means by “ technology ” two words are manacled, think mechanical major is certain and lifetime make a technology only, in that way off base, no matter be in a company which function branch, which post, its develop a channel basically is consistent, and the highroad connects Rome.

Be like,its develop way: Manager of sectional director, branch, chief inspector, vise general manager, general manager, walk along summit of summit of profession of your ability ascend so. At the appointed time, be placed before you already was monthly pay passes no longer 10 thousand, however 50 thousand, 100 thousand, what get even is equity, period authority.

Encourage together with mechanical person of the same trade, hope everybody moves toward professional summit summit at an early date!

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