8 06, 2023

Clean compress the air application in besmear cloth industry

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To besmear cloth technology, a lot of people may be newer, but actually wide application is packing this kind of craft presswork, medical treatment film, semiconductor, prevent a lot of trade such as bogus, goods sticking gum, it is the public profession of one hundred percent. [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__folder="wp-content/uploads/qiair" Hotrandom_image__w

2 06, 2023

Current situation of market of compressor of industry of Chinese current machinery and development trend, the industry will still carry smooth growth state

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One, general situation of general and mechanical trade is general and mechanical, it is to point to versatility the mechanical equipment with strong, more extensive use, it is to show pump, fan, compressor, valve, gas is detached commonly equipment, vacuum equipment, separate mechanism, decrease equipment of purifying device of gearshift machine, dryer, gas, deliquescent acetylene to wait. The classification of current mechanism [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__folder="wp-conten

1 06, 2023

Pursue mechanical trade which position has Qian Tu?

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Gather up the recent development state of affairs of mechanical technology because historical reason, before China was missed a few Industrial Revolution, mechanical technology basically is able to take seriously from the ability after founding a state, develop after reforming and opening especially become swift and violent, technical personnel salary once was the person above average in all trades and professions, post of a lot of enginery once brilliant over- , impression is the deepest is about 15 years ago, the salary of master of a mould is equivalent to a factory director at that time, the numerical control of process designing of a meeting is versed in, also comparative one

27 05, 2023

Compressor industry develop observes

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Happen in the change of Chinese compressor market, some resemble the tempest of summer, impetus deprives a person, for instance the price rises drop, sales volume increase and decrease; And what some change to be like spring however is unbroken drizzle, benefit other people is silent. Without invariable market, do not have invariable factory more, want with when all is entered, for instance the production, develop that sells pattern, what observe only is long, ability discovers a few clue. Previously, sale limits of the agent arrives from 4.5 kilowatt 300 kilowatt above, as long as

25 12, 2022

Pneumatics machine industry discusses: Catch dead, put random, is your company what ” do not wear tone ” ?

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According to world bank statistic, the mean life of American enterprise is 40 years about, and the mean life of Chinese enterprise has 4.5 years only, civilian battalion enterprise is shorter, have 2.5 years only. Why is Chinese enterprise always done not quite? Why is Chinese enterprise always done not long? Why Chinese enterprise often is to be caught dead, put random? Why the efficiency of instantly China enterprise is so low, cost is very high however ……[fusio

13 12, 2022

The be puzzled of mark of theory of pneumatics machine industry

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Not long ago, division force makes public dispatch to inform against Ao Kesi many model air conditioning is conduct propaganda, as nominal as its can effect worth difference is bigger, can effect comparing and power detect all unqualified, this success caused social all circles to be opposite the attention of mark of product parameter empty. Of course, those who suffer the be puzzled of empty mark is air conditioning industry not merely, pneumatics machine industry is likewise such. All through the ages of pneumatics machine industry is the market with an unusually intense competition, fall in the big environment that demand adds fast atrophy first half of the year this year especially, some enterprises even with &l

5 12, 2022

Energy-saving service industry is faced with compressor problem and bewilderment

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Because the author makes compressor energy-saving service, classics regular meeting and friend of person of the same trade discuss concerned compressor the current situation of energy-saving service industry and development problem, have representative problem via often can be being asked about a few, also experienced practitioner to be put generally in a few to have representative bewilderment. The problem is: The first, can compressor industry disappear? The 2nd, in so intense industry competitive environment falls, how does the company grow? Bewilderment is: The first, hang out one's shingle new 3 board the decision that is a mistake? Talk about capital namely


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