Not long ago, division force makes public dispatch to inform against Ao Kesi many model air conditioning is conduct propaganda, as nominal as its can effect worth difference is bigger, can effect comparing and power detect all unqualified, this success caused social all circles to be opposite the attention of mark of product parameter empty. Of course, those who suffer the be puzzled of empty mark is air conditioning industry not merely, pneumatics machine industry is likewise such.

All through the ages of pneumatics machine industry is the market with an unusually intense competition, fall in the big environment that demand adds fast atrophy first half of the year this year especially, some enterprises were cover to play card of “ low ” than ” with “ sex price even. We know, sexual price compares the main index that is products of a lot of person choose and buy, want to have tall configuration with low case. However, arrive when product price fall after certain level, want to raise sexual price to compare, improve product performance only one road, but raise easier said than done of pneumatics plane performance? After all, appear without revolutionary technology in pneumatics machine domain previously, high-powered also mean high cost. Then, the enterprise of certain “ clever ” is moved rose can the effect grade, capacity, brains that waits for product parameter than power, the measure that adopts empty mark comes “ raises ” function “ to reduce ” cost, achieve price of so called tall sex to compare, gain unfair competitive advantage with this, this harmed the interest of the user not only, also harmed the person of the same trade’s interest.

In enterprise cheat, when the user is faint, we hope to orgnaization of tripartite authority will detect supervise, guard a pass for the market. tripartite has two kinds commonly, it is a government organization, if total bureau of national market control reachs its subordinate orgnaization, 2 it is professional quality is supervised detect inspection agency, if Hefei is general,mechanical and electrical products detects courtyard. However, the government organization can be accomplished only selective examination and rather than detects every, and pneumatics machine detects the job is not by the market supervisory him management department is finished, however outside the bag detects to major orgnaization, so real support country monitors the difficulty that removes empty sign very big.

Last year September, national explicit order cancels pneumatics machine to produce licence, support and encourage compressor business to attend tripartite product freewill sex product certification. The compressor trade demand according to total bureau of national market control, compressor manufacturing system of licensing turns for freewill attestation, end by last year, already many 230 enterprise finished licence to turn attestation of safety of quality of GCCA current product works.

Since this year, a lot of compressor produce an enterprise to enter activity of compressor product certification actively, the product that accepts tripartite to be produced to the enterprise undertakes supervisory, but still a few enterprises did not accept tripartite attestation to examine as scheduled examine with the product. Of course, this is not to say not to accept tripartite attestation to examine of one’s own accord it is certain to detect with the product unqualified, but in pneumatics engine production compulsory license cancels later, superintendency mechanism is little after all one, for certain through performance data of empty mark product, tag false can the enterprise that effect index cheats an user offerred advantage.

Anyhow, the thinking that makes a holiday goes not far for certain in the future, still meet roily one pool water, we are advocated true tag a product parameter and can effect, be far from the be puzzled of cheat empty mark. Responsible feeling far-sighted enterprise still should be made from oneself, freewill sex product certification is mixed detect form industry consensus, selective examination by professional tripartite in the market the real property of compressor, let action of product empty bid do not have the ground of make one’s home!

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