Compressing air is the energy resources of the 2nd great power that is next to electric power, it is the cause of technology vital energy that has a variety of use, its apply limits to pervade oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, mechanical, light industrial, spin, car is made, industry and the branch such as electron, food, medicine, biochemistry, national defence, scientific research. Compress air storage tank (often be by abbreviation gas tank) it is of all kinds production enterprise stores commonly usedly reduce airy facility.

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1, the effect that reduces air storage tank

Compress air storage tank to have the effect of the following respects: The first, stable atmospheric pressure. The atmospheric pressure when pneumatics machine is working is very flabby decide, have very big fluctuation. Use gas tank can control atmospheric pressure inside likely range, those who eliminate the air current in pipeline is pulsatile. Had gas tank, pneumatics machine output compressed air to have the place of amortize, make can better land maintains gas source to be worth in a set, the system that use gas can get constant pressure. The 2nd, store air. Pneumatics machine interior can not store compress airy place, once compress air to arise to must be used, such working way is unfavorable. Had gas tank, OK it is certain to will compress air to infiltrate gas tank arrives first baric, use atmospheric pressure to fall to certain level next, compressor restart, the OK and contented equipment that use gas uses the demand that tolerance increases suddenly, ensure stabler ground uses gas. The 3rd, energy-saving effect. Of pneumatics machine be started often and stop, the electric flow that can let electric machinery is used up exceedingly big. Had gas tank, what can ensure pneumatics chance is automatic close stop, gas tank leaves in set pressure machine of a dozen pneumatics of full energy of life can stay automatically machine, unapt let pneumatics aircraft moves all the time and waste electric energy. The 4th, refrigeration filters. The compression that enters gas tank air temperature gets reducing, achieve preliminary refrigeration to reduce airy effect. The moisture in compressing air and oily cent can precipitate in the meantime, those who make reduce air quality taller.

2, compress means of blowdown of air storage tank and blowdown common problem

General outside air has humidity, especially day of southern overcast and rainy is more, the meeting in the energy of life that pneumatics machine makes contains many moisture content. After air enters gas tank, the air element with higher temperature comes up against the gas tank wall with inferior temperature to condense into water, water falls to bottom down coal tub wall, made a lot of water are accumulated in pneumatics machine gas tank; Also reduced the eduction inside coal tub to reduce the water content in air at the same time, improved the quality using gas of company production. Because compress bottom of air storage tank to precipitate,the moisture in compressing air and oil are divided, if not eduction, the water branch inside storage tank is increasing, water level rises ceaselessly can pose all sorts of problems, because this compresses air storage tank,ought to time blowdown.

Compress means of blowdown of air storage tank to basically artificial hand moves blowdown and automatic blowdown. Artificial blowdown is to point to a powerful person of blowdown of artificial open gas tank, time undertake blowdown. This method is common the problem is the effect that jockey suffers outside element easily, forget to undertake blowdown to gas tank, the enterprise of some misgovern does not know to want pair of gas tank blowdown even. Automatic blowdown is to show the blowdown a powerful person that uses automatic open undertakes blowdown to gas tank. Automatic blowdown a powerful person divides those who be an electron to mix two kinds of physics. The electron is automatic principle of blowdown a powerful person is valve of control of electromagnetism a powerful person leave and close, can adjust through installing the switch above the time of automatic catchment open and cycle. Electronic water trap has PSQ-002/15 commonly usedly, this kind basically is used at accurate filter and grease segregator to still have gas tank above, but this kind of installation is more troublesome, need connector. Physical type is automatic blowdown a powerful person (also call mechanical automatic blowdown a powerful person) the principle is similar to steam drain valve, common type has BK-315BP. Installation is simpler, need to join join of a lengthen is in charge of only can, life is some longer than electromagnetism a powerful person. Automatic every other opens valve automatically for some time, time undertake blowdown. This method is common the problem is, because valve internal diameter is lesser, after the generation inside gas tank is ferruginous jam easily valve, bring about valve invalidation, cannot blowdown.

3, reduce the problem that unscientific blowdown causes air storage tank

3.1 corrode

General outside air has humidity, especially day of southern overcast and rainy is more, the meeting in the energy of life that pneumatics machine makes contains many moisture content. The water element in compressing air contains the acidity of certain amount or basic element commonly, if will not condense the moisture eduction in gas tank bottom for a long time, can cause gas tank to corrode, lowered the service life of gas tank greatly, the security that endangers storage tank moves.

3.2 cubage are reduced and influence air quality

Do not clear for a long time seeper makes water level rises, the volume that can cause gas tank is minorrer and minorrer, influence production uses angry stability, still can give the end that use gas to carry a large number of lunt, will naturally affect reduce airy quality. The pneumatic a powerful person of certain nicety has higher demand to the water content in air, water content rises can bring about pneumatic a powerful person to work to damage even out of order.

3.3 create pneumatics engine system the attaint of other equipment

Do not clear for a long time seeper, water level rises certain height, can bring about water to enter the facility such as the oily segregator of pneumatics system, desiccator, compressor, overmuch moisture is contained to will cause the emulsification of lube in oil, and compressor lead plane is lubricant and undesirable, bring about pneumatics system to cannot run normally. Because some enterprise is seldom give air storage tank blowdown, water enters compressor interior, bring about lubricant and undesirable, cause compressor damage finally, and every other 3 two months are about to undertake repairing to compressor.

4, compress method of blowdown of science of air storage tank

Of the humidity that compresses the use unit of air storage tank to ought to combine ambient air and temperature, enterprise with tolerance the interval of reasonable and affirmatory exhaust, and before cent is drier, mix after drier two kinds of operating mode. The gas tank after drier, already divided water because of drier dry, basic need not blowdown, and before drier and the gas tank that there is drier in pneumatics engine system must fixed blowdown. With common 20m3/min, the empty press of 0.7MPa, the 2m3 before drier compresses air storage tank to be exemple, undertake elaborating to the blowdown cycle of means of two kinds of blowdown.

4.1 artificial hands move blowdown

When using artificial hand to change blowdown way, in year season appropriate every other is discharged 12 hours corrupt, put water till. When encountering machine of weather of overcast and rainy, high temperature weather, pneumatics to run time interval to be less than 30 minutes, proposal every other is discharged 8 hours corrupt, put water till, inspect condition of the water level inside coal tub, much platoon is advisable.

4.2 automatic blowdown

When using automatic blowdown means, should every half month times whether examination blowdown a powerful person works normally, discovery should be maintained instantly when normal blowdown or cannot change. The life of a powerful person of general and automatic blowdown is 3-5 about year, arrive when life should change in time. Appropriate adds one bypass on pipeline of automatic blowdown a powerful person, bypass of the open when be being checked every time, affirm whether the water content inside coal tub is overmuch.

Before installing blowdown valve, should keep clear of above all the cupreous bits inside gas tank, ferruginous wait for foreign matter. The proposal discharges the system below total pressure empty 3 ~ 5 minutes, install automatic blowdown valve again. When installation, the bottom in gas tank (nadir) mount blowdown a powerful person can, should make sure direction of the arrowhead on catchment direction and body of a powerful person is consistent at the same time.

Install the special requirement of electronic blowdown a powerful person: 1, power supply voltage should with conform to of voltage of electronic blowdown a powerful person. 2, filmy switch of the TEST on the timer of electronic blowdown a powerful person is the hand uses test button, every are pressed move, catchment a powerful person is discharged. This pushbutton is used at checking catchment operating mode at any time in routine. 3, two knob of timer are to adjust respectively arrange time (discharge how long every time) of the time interval that discharges with two (lie between how long to be discharged) . 4, the small bolt on box of wiring of electronic blowdown a powerful person besides having join effect, have the function of impaction gaskets more, prevent water to enter timer and coil inside, because this is sure to screw. 5, the gas tank to high-pressured system, want to choose a powerful person of catchment of high pressure electron.

5, proposal

The author links old pneumatics machine examine experience, be like next proposals to reducing the use unit of air storage tank: 1, the use unit that uses artificial blowdown means, suggest to ask according to the article, build gas tank fixed blowdown system, and be carried out strictly according to blowdown system, what because blowdown is undeserved,can avoid to cause storage tank so is serious corrode and the attaint of the machine. 2, the use unit that uses automatic blowdown means, suggest to ask according to the article, build system of check of fixed make one’s rounds, have check of make one’s rounds to electromagnetism a powerful person and physical a powerful person regularly. Avoid to answer valve attaint, bring about cannot blowdown, what cause storage tank then is serious corrode and the attaint of the machine. 3, the use unit that uses automatic blowdown means, when the proposal is purchased, put forward to increase sewage draining exit to provide the requirement of diameter to production unit, majority compresses what the production unit of air storage tank uses now is the DN15mm blowdown canal to DN25mm, when using automatic blowdown, the blowdown after mount blowdown equipment provides way remnant DN8 comes DN15, have in sewage ferruginous when, cause nozzle extremely easily to jam. Because this suggests to purchase blowdown nozzle to come for DN40 of DN50 compress air storage tank, because blowdown canal way is too small,avoid, bring about cannot normal blowdown.

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