Although almost all people like high price, get more profit with this, but the error took in the process that agent of machine of a lot of pneumatics is realizing however, skill good shop sign hits a completely mashed, the person that can accomplish ” of “ high price is very few. Consequently, the article wants to chat together with everybody, how does our agent sell high price? Attention, the high price that article place negotiates, not be to point to pursuit sudden huge profits, point to the effort that passes oneself however, let a product or serve appreciation, make the enterprise holds reasonable gain, is not to spell the price to death.

Select profit

To industry of empty now press a lot of people still spell the price player to death, be like the price is unique competition ability. But actually, this kind of practice is fight the enemy 1000 from caustic 800, tired dead oneself, starved to death person of the same trade, kill dead user.

The technical personnel of manufacturer of some pneumatics aircraft looks everyday be like busy, but more it is the job that controls personnel in dry cost. They are not to wanting how to make the product better, often considering however how to fall cost to lowest, the machine can be used go, is not to had been gone after with, bring about an user to buying petty gain to be being used very expensive.

Same, agent of some pneumatics machine is in full world to look for the machine that has an advantage to sell year after year, and they are so called advantage, it is the machine with cheaper price. This kind of agent, apparently regard as gets wind unboiled water to rise, goods sent one car another car, actual competition ability is very poor. The much that attracts because of them is inferior client, not only overall profit of sale it doesn’t matter, maintain also do not make money likewise. And, once there is slight a sign of disturbance or trouble on the market, the user group of this kind of agent can get very big impact, this kind of agent can feel the day is particularly sad, voice of the frightening cry on the market is the so loudest most also is them.

Contrary, the representative is high grade the agent of pneumatics machine, besides sell overall when profit is opposite taller, safeguard, the profit that maintain also is met a few taller. When encountering economic depression, their user group fights fluctuant ability to also be met a lot of stronger. This also is the agent that why selects machine of high grade pneumatics to sell now add much main reason gradually, had realized this gradually because of a lot of people.

The writer runs the market is close 20 years, discovered a very interesting phenomenon: Besides make pneumatics machine beyond wholesale person, sheet says to become the agent that markets an user continuously, those advocate the person that turns low end chance is compared advocate the person that turns chance of medium, high end wants busy should tired, but many what the money that earn does not have latter. Although this is not absolutely and accurate, cannot one to one correspondence, but will read basic about right from whole. Their business affairs driven difference also from flank confirm this one viewpoint: Most advocate it is a few cheaper that the car that the agent that turns low end chance drives wants; And, advocate the boss that turns low end chance, also meet for the most part a few busier, because their need runs,give larger amount to hold gross profit specified amount. This shows, choice advocate turn machine of low, medium, high end, decided the discretion of later period profit basically.

Well-known, of machine of a pneumatics initiative purchase cost, in pneumatics machine few one share is held only among whole cost, moving cost just is absolutely big head. A high grade empty press, although initiative purchase cost opposite meeting is a few taller, because of its can effect is taller, stability is taller, calculate a general ledger to come, it is a lot of cheaper to be met instead. The user is not an expert, initiative the anxious to get things on the cheap when buying new machine is normal human feelings, as professional agent, with respect to need we lead an user with our professional knowledge, is not to drift with the tide, it is good to cast its place sell low end chance to give an user. Turn chance of pneumatics of medium, high end to guest householder, since is responsible to the user, also be responsible to oneself, it is true as double as the user win.

Taking gold rice bowl is beggar

Taking gold rice bowl is beggar, basically be to show it is good to have a few agents are being taken machine, do not know however how the significant advantage that introduces him machine to the user, bring about should feed from the beg in client hand finally (cost whacker effort is buckled come meager gain) . Introduce the such-and-such lead plane that oneself machine uses to the user for instance, lead plane how fierce. If lead plane is pneumatics engine him plant the lead plane of exclusive research and development is not bad, if be pneumatics engine plant,buy the machine that lead plane assembles external, art of word of this kind of introduction is to be in likely very pave a road for the competitor. Encounter the competitor that uses same lead plane, evolve to spell the price to death, although be done finally, what profit also is pressed is very scanty.

Leader performance is empty to for press really very important, but lead plane also is overall one share only just, leader performance can not represent the performance of engine of aircraft of whole platform pneumatics, the leader with a group of good performance still needs to make stage pneumatics machine other side cooperates well, its performance ability is able to reflect adequately.

Right way is a basis actual condition, summary does not take the sale word skill of negative effect. Confront a client besides introductory lead plane, the key should be told advocate the dominant position that pushs him plant of brand pneumatics engine, for instance design rationality, detail is optimized, assemble flow to wait a moment. Let oneself advocate the real dominant position of the pneumatics chance that turn gets reflecting, the probability that such clinching a deal will be a lot of bigger, still can hold reasonable gain. If because he is opposite,the dominant position with real machine does not understand, do not know the dominant position that introduces him machine effectively to the user, brought about an user to buy character to be inferior to doing his, and likelihood the price is expensive still the machine at oneself, can saying so was to kill an user secondhand, killed oneself directly. If often produce such phenomenon, manufacturer of aircraft of pneumatics of place representative brand is about to think over, oneself grooming is to do cannot get.

Avoid the enemy’s main forces and strike the weak point

Manufacturer of aircraft of these a few years of major pneumatics advocate make a product energy-saving, the agent pulls PK of new machine site can the thing of effect also common occurance. Because can effect compares competitor low 0.1-0.2kW, final gloomy pulls a machine to walk along the person’s thing to also had heard of. So simple and tough competition measure, have stated reason, also catered to the psychology that the user talks with data. But, for this pair of users, be optimal choice? Not certain, such more probable than going all out it is avoid the enemy’s main forces and strike the weak point, masked bilateral player’s real actual strength.

Probably a lot of people had not realized, actually new function effect can not represent an equipment to move truly can effect, most important to the user still is by the machine design, configuration, detail is optimized wait for an element, and of the decision move finally can effect. For instance the empty press of 75kW, precision of filter of the oily one-tenth size, oily size that divide a bucket, empty filtration and the inspiratory obstruction of medium, later period, even the actor bad of engine oil is waited a moment, metropolis influence arrives pneumatics machine is the following move actually can effect, these are not new machine PK can be reflected come out.

Additional, machine can effect is tall do not compare gas certainly on behalf of machine stability the competitor is strong, in can effect differs below not far premise, whether is the stability that the agent can have a look at him machine met a few taller, because the stability of the machine also is competitive key. Those bosom friend tells in competition, although talk not about a hundred battle does not danger, at least a stratagem which ensures success will be a few greater, the profit that sell may betterer.

Value decides profit

Pneumatics machine is safeguarded, maintain respect, because empty filter, oily filter, oily cent, engine oil differs,the author has seen a lot of people the unit price of 10-30% , and a it is cheaper to chose kind that. The state of mind that they hold a province in the arms to arrive is gain goes doing purchase, some agents took cheap money to cater to demand of this kind of market. To the user, not be to say expensive certain good, petty gain is good with respect to scarcely, pursue purely cheap however, actually the province is less than how many money. And the pneumatics machine agent that serves this kind of user, do safeguard, the profit that maintain also is compared commonly low. Agent and its rack one’s brains enter bargain, why to spend this idea in the professional level that raises his, by oneself professional knowledge, side user safeguard, maintain do more betterly, make a client true be benefited, is the profit that yields oneself opposite betterer?

Cite a case: Somebody to save 10-30% purchase cost, chose cheap inferior air filter, if encounter an user to use environmental difference, one maintains the thing that cycle wastes thousands of degrees of report is light light Song Song, and the probability that increased a machine to give an issue. If the agent can lead an user correctly, let an user understand the value of filter of high grade air, the choice actors or actress qualitative empty filter just is to be his be economical truly, believe major user can accept a few higher unit price. Such, agential profit also is met a little a few taller, came true with the user double win.

If 3500 yuan of unit price are in others,do maintain, oneself are grabbed 2500 yuan come over to do, not be to helping user save money certainly. Others maintains 3500 yuan in what do, if the professional knowledge because of oneself is stronger, 4500 yuan are taken do, but the maintenance that do, maintain the machine moves can effect is taller, stability is stronger, this ability is right side user, just be to be user be economical, save worry truly. In the meantime, profit also is met than others better, this ability is true as double as the user win.

Explain: This paragraph of unit price that negotiates differs 10-30% just uses give an example, in reality, inferior filter, empty filter, as oily as high grade oil cent, engine oil, unit price differs one times reaching above is very normal. Additional, the place in article writes 3500 yuan, 2500 yuan, 4500 yuan just use give an example.

Brief summary

No matter be empty press,the sale still is safeguarded, maintain, almost everybody hopes to reach high price, but a lot of people do not know to pass the professional knowledge that improves his to help an user, will hold reasonable gain with this. Disclose is word of lazy ” of a “ , do not like to learn, think the professional level that raises oneself, encounter a problem not to like to think method is answered.

How to sell high price? How to hold reasonable gain? Do not have invariable method actually, exclusive and unchangeable law is much study, much research, think way more when anything crops up, through be being shown adequately, the value that increases product and service will hold his reasonable gain, help an user while him achievement, this ability is true double win. Friend of agent of machine of a lot of pneumatics is in no less than the content that circle of small letter friend sends is same, apparently sensory business is done harder and harder, it is all trades and professions actually more and more professional, more and more excelsior; It is to be in it seems that shuffle, actual it is to washing a person, wash do not consider the person with enterprising, lazy thinking.


Write the article about how selling high price today, have a few special feelings really. Since connect me this once spell low proponent to hope the product can sell high price, visible, sell high price to hold reasonable gain, it is the thing that all and normal person likes almost. But liking is one and the same, if wish,can be additional one and the same. Like family girl like you, do not like you certainly on behalf of family girl, unless Yue of two affection photograph. Selling high price also is same, everybody likes, but choose machine of high grade pneumatics to act as agent only, knowledge of major of much study, much research and machine, think way more when anything crops up, want the price to value, let an user understand content is worth somewhat, be happy to accept your high price, just be the thing that we regard an agent as to ought to be done truly, this also is the original intention that the author writes this article!

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