Editor’s note: You have “ 20 years experience, be still an experience used 20 years? ” about pneumatics machine, no matter be technical principle, carry out hind,maintain, still be market sale, a lot of topics became platitude, but this has not gotten be settlemented thoroughly on behalf of the problem, the solution of be accustomed to sth also does not imply the margin that did not improve. The article is from course of study industry of 30 years is senior personage anew angle system thinks the market after pneumatics machine can the article of effect, be worth everybody essence of life is careful read. Think deep only, the primary motivation that continuous study just is progress of technical development, career!

The whole people is energy-saving times, everybody pays close attention to pneumatics function effect very much, the one class on the market can effect pneumatics machine is increasing, this is benefit country really the good appearance of benefit civilian. But what more people pay close attention to is new function effect, the market after ignoring pneumatics opportunity however can effect. The market after pneumatics machine is energy-saving it is brand-new domain, still attribute exploration level, what can affirm however is, if machine of a pneumatics can undertake be maintenanced reasonably with maintain, can effect can get necessarily better patulous. As the market more and more mature, the market after pneumatics machine is energy-saving be in before long in the future, the likelihood will be next a place with a draught.

The author is pursueing old pneumatics opportunity overall with hind after the job of market respect, had a few individual opinion and experience, try to be discussed together with everybody. To facilitate a lot of a friend enters first read, the article is narrated with the way that knows easily simply, do not involve more intimate technology knowledge.

Pneumatics machine industry maintains the current situation

Believe almost friends of all pneumatics machine agent often can encounter a such a Gordian knots: User of machine of a few pneumatics arrived to maintain time does not want to maintain on time, consider delay hundreds of, 1000 hours longer perhaps time maintains. Encounter this kind of situation, estimate the truth that everybody and user tell at most, the likelihood is defer maintain the meeting is right pneumatics opportunity brings how old potential harm, this also can persuade among them one part user to maintain on time. If encounter the user that says to be illogical really, can come only finally the problem went out not to blame my ” after a “ . Such answering word art, this also is the version that friend of agent of most pneumatics machine often introduces probably.

This kind argues the way of the user, the individual thinks get half the result with twice the effort, why be basically to did not find the core of the problem to be in —— client to want defer to maintain? Because production is busy,cast an user, cannot stop temporarily machine beyond the objective element that maintain, the user thinks defer maintains, no more than is for be economical. Since the user is to think save money, you talked about one pile defer to maintain however potential to pneumatics machine harm, specific aim is not particularly strong, the effect can sell at a discount greatly for certain; Besides, although defer hundreds of, maintain 1000 hours, pneumatics opportunity is short-term inside also won’t give too big question, the user cannot see defer maintains brought harm, the psychology that thinks save money naturally was occupied windward, bring about persuade an user to maintain on time get half the result with twice the effort.

Since the user is to think save money, we should convince an user along the train of thought of be economical. Everybody maintains do not know to pass electricity alertly when the machine, maintain commonly around electric current can differ 5 ~ 15% (7 ~ 10% it is the mainstream) . This means delay 500 hours to maintain a wasteful charge of electricity, make the charge that maintain quite, and delay time jumps over difference of long electric current can jump over big. Because pneumatics machine maintains through round,this is cycle moves, oily cent surface is already a lot of more adsorptive dirt and accumulate carbon, if delay maintains, the dirt of oily cent surface is as increasing as the meeting that accumulate carbon; Additional, lube maintains through round after cycle moves, ageing speed can be accelerated, the speed of generation accumulating carbon shows geometry times add, delay maintains will increase electric current quickly; It is again, empty filter maintains in round after cycle moves, if change not in time, inspiratory resistance will be greater and greater, same meeting reduces pneumatics function effect.

Everybody should persuade an user to maintain on time from energy-saving hand pneumatics machine, the directest and effective method is to maintain around electric current is comparative, talk with data. The author believes, besides extremely individual beyond individualizing user, the majority thinks the user that delay maintains is persuaded easily still. The user is not pneumatics aircraft expert, the understanding affirmation to pneumatics machine is deep without us, the user thinks be economical is give no cause for more criticism, so we should persuade an user to maintain on time from professional point of view, achieve pair of winning goals with this.

Point: From energy-saving set out persuade an user to maintain on time pneumatics machine, conveniently tells defer to maintain pair of pneumatics machine and the potential harm that manufacturing safety brings, make an user clear, defer maintains not only cannot save money, can spend more money instead.

The empty filter influence to pneumatics function effect

Speak of empty filter is right pneumatics function effect is influential, some people meet the likelihood very accident. In fact, according to the author old experience proves, empty filter character not only influential to pneumatics function effect, and affect very big still. Empty filter basically affects from two respects can effect:

1, filter precision. If use,filter the empty filter with low precision, can bring about a large number of dirt inspiratory, dirt presses aircraft component besides influence lube character and sky beyond, be divided in oil by inspiratory much dirt adsorption the surface, can raise oily one’s duty to press quickly (especially when user use environment is very poor) , bring about oil to divide medium, later period to press difference very big. A lot of people know, oily cent presses difference a kilogram, power consumption increases 7% , use filter the filter of high grade air with tall precision, can reduce what oil of medium, later period divides to press difference greatly, achieve the goal that raises pneumatics function effect.

2, inspiratory obstruction. Inspiratory resistance is greater, pneumatics function effect is smaller, believe authority is very clear, but a lot of people discover pneumatics machine does not encourage only, empty perhaps filter was sucked to explode, just know empty filter jammed. Actually this moment is not the most terrible, the most terrible is empty filter jam completely or suck before exploding very long period of time, everybody fails to discover empty filter absorbs vapour lock force in time already very big, did not clear in time or change empty filter, wasted a lot of report for nothing.

Accordingly, suggest everybody is used at ordinary times filter precision is tall, inspiratory the filter of high grade air with little resistance, also should remind an user to be blown frequently at the same time, change empty filter frequently. Why is that filter of high grade air? Onefold pursuit filters precision is tall, the empty filter that onefold perhaps pursuit jams not easily, not be filter of high grade air. Have at the same time only filter precision is tall, inspiratory resistance is little the empty filter of two index, just calculate going up is filter of true high grade air. A few this years manufacturer of majority pneumatics aircraft is in advocate dozen energy-saving, choose the pneumatics aircraft manufacturer that matchs empty filter of foreign capital old brand to be in gradually grow in quantity, the reason is here. Filter of true high grade air can let pneumatics machine rectify functional effect to get better reflect, is not them money much person is foolish, regrettablly the intent that many agents did not comprehend pneumatics aircraft manufacturer.

Point: Pneumatics machine is safeguarded, maintain, choosing the filter of high grade air that price of truly tall sex compares is energy-saving behavior of the most remarkable small investment, big redound.

Oil divides the influence of pair of pneumatics function effect

Oily cent is affected to pneumatics function effect basically is oily cent press difference, the meeting pressing difference of oily cent respect affects pneumatics function effect:

One, initiative press difference. Normally for, the oil of different manufacturer, different method is divided, initiative press difference to won’t differ commonly too big, differ commonly 0.1 ~ 0.2 kilograms. Accordingly, the oil of different manufacturer, different method is divided, be opposite severally can the difference that effect affects also won’t special big. Of course, if use initiative press difference to jump over small oily fraction, can effect is met a little a few taller.

2, oil divides medium, later period to press difference. If oil divides medium, later period to press,differ inferior, can heighten pneumatics function effect greatly; Conversely, if oil divides medium, later period to press difference bigger, can reduce pneumatics function effect greatly. The later period in oily cent presses difference bigger, cause by all directions face commonly: 1. Precision of empty filtration filter is too low, be crossed by inspiratory dirt much; 2. Lube quality is too poor, generation accumulating carbon is overmuch; 3. Air moisture perhaps runs temperature too low, bring about systematic moisture overmuch; 4. Oil assigns oneself design, production account. A few oil divides manufacturer to cater to pneumatics machine agent, pure pursuit oil content is low, it is easy to bring about oil to divide medium, later period internal pressure is high.

Point: Pneumatics machine is safeguarded, maintain, choose complex formula oil to divide (fold + smooth tangle) , besides initiative press difference lesser beyond, medium, later period controls poor lesser ability is a key. From energy-saving angle for, a few larger type uses complex formula oil to divide, energy-saving effect is very good, but some companies are pure divide service life of 8000 hours of train in excess specified length to reveal complex formula oil, and the later stage in be not being done is small press difference, this and energy-saving original intention are violated.

The oily filter influence to pneumatics function effect

Oily filter basically has tripartite side to impact of pneumatics function effect: 1. Oily filter dust containing capacity. A lot of people feel oily to filter is intercept type filters by accident principle, think filter it is good that precision jumps over Gao Yue, actually oily filter is adsorptive type filters principle, filter precision need not exorbitant. Lube is the liquid that has viscosity, filter precision is too tall bad instead, filter precision is achieved medium can. Of oily filter filter the effect basically depends on size of dust containing capacity, is not to depend on completely of oily filter filter precision. The oily filter with large dust containing capacity, obstruction of medium, later period is relatively lesser, yue Xiaoneng effect jumps over obstruction tall. 2. Oily filter obstruction. If filter paper character is bad oily filter, appear a gender not strong, after use period of time, resistance will be greater and greater, also be can influential to pneumatics function effect. 3. Oily filter fights ageing ability. Fight the oily strain with not strong ageing, medium, later period not only do not filter, filter paper carbonization still can form new contaminative source later, increase oily cent to press difference, reduce pneumatics function effect. Choose filter of high grade oil besides filter the effect is good beyond, also conduce to heighten pneumatics function effect.

The lube influence to pneumatics function effect

Lube basically is two respects to the influence of pneumatics function effect: 1. Lube viscosity. Normally for, lube viscosity is bigger resistance is greater, can effect is smaller, but this also is not absolutely, basically choose lube viscosity according to machine circumstance. Space of lead plane rotor is little, the empty press with sealed good performance, the choice uses the lubricating oil of low viscosity, such moving resistance will be a few less, can effect will be a few taller, for instance 32 lube; Gap of lead plane rotor is big, sealed function differs the empty press of a few, choose viscosity a little on the high side the lube of a few, can improve sealed performance, for instance 46 lube. 2. Lube accumulates carbon. If say dirt is the contaminative source with pneumatics the greatest opportunity, so, accumulating carbon is pneumatics machine source of the 2nd big pollution. Choose excellent lubricant to be able to reduce the generation that accumulates carbon greatly, accumulate carbon to jump over little oily fraction to press difference smaller, pneumatics function effect is taller.

The temperature influence to pneumatics function effect

From theoretic tell, temperature is more feebleminded effect is taller, but in be being used actually, be however rather, when temperature is too low, moisture is discharged not complete, moisture is overmuch not only can affect lube quality, still can increase oily cent to press difference, reduce pneumatics function effect. Integrated consideration, moving temperature suggests the setting is in 85 ~ 90 degrees, remind an user oil divides a bucket to want diligent turn on the water.

Real case is shared

first, machine of pneumatics of a 22kW is in Zhan rice mill to use, maintain around electric current differs 6A, the reason is dirt of Zhan rice mill much, use empty filter character is bad, and the user returns delay to maintain, through maintaining around electric current contrasts, after the client makes clear, dare not adjourn again maintained.

second, a 2 class reduce pneumatics chance, so-called oil changes 8000 hours minute, oily cent also is used really, but the machine of 90kW ran the electric current of 110kW machine, because safeguard, maintain undeserved, this 2 class reduce pneumatics chance, compress than one class likely can effect is small still.

The 3rd, 70A electric current is before pneumatics machine maintains, 60A electric current is after maintaining, differ full 10A electric current. Original, user use environment is very poor, those who use is medium, the some brand oil of easy on the high side divides later period internal pressure. If use high quality empty strain, empty filter is blown frequently, change frequently, use internal pressure of medium, later period to not allow relatively easy high oily component, use high grade lubricating oil, other side also notices, maintain the next time control of difference of around electric current is controlled in 6A can be accomplished. One is safeguarded, maintain cycle comes down, power consumption saves thousands of degrees should not be too difficult.

This shows, reasonable maintenance, maintain, the space that promotes pneumatics function effect is very big, can very relaxed let can effect raises 3 ~ 5% , more even. Market economy, making money is normal, making money is behave like a hooligan, guide an user correctly to safeguard, maintain pneumatics machine does not affect everybody to make money, can make everybody much make money instead, make a client little spend money, this ability is true double win.

Brief summary

Pneumatics machine agent besides the sale, its main function is after service, after service includes to maintain, safeguard etc, mostly agential friend takes maintenance seriously very much, this is affirmative. But safeguard a respect a lot of people go an error, think can change bad news material can be safeguarded namely, maintain, actually true maintenance, maintain, it is to want pair of sky to press engine system to understand very much above all, the relation between the system understands very much, to bad news material choose understand very much etc. Here only premise falls, just make good pneumatics machine truly likely safeguard, maintain.

And in reality, the market after pneumatics machine maintains, zhang San signs up for 2000, li Si signs up for 1500, wang Er signs up for 1200, zhao Wu signs up for 1000, price war compares fierce, the result was to kill a person of the same trade, killed an user, killed oneself, it may be said bites off own head. The surface sees after service market competition is very intense, most person is calling the business to be done hard, in compete actually and imagining so intense, because of most person float at the surface, be immersed in the error of transverse competition, ignored depth competition. Few somebody is heavy next hearts go studying, study, raise oneself to safeguard, maintain the knowledge of the respect, with oneself taller major client of horizontal guiding, help, as double as the client win. And this is a route that takes the most easily actually, a lot of people however turn a blind eye to.

If you are done safeguard, maintain, the maintenance that does than others, maintain electric current is small 3 ~ 5% , you feel most to the user is met for petty gain 20 ~ 50% maintain monovalent, look for others to do safeguard, maintain? Do not understand when the user when, choosing petty gain is normal human feelings then; After understanding when the user, most user is affirmative won’t try to save a little but lose a lot, and go choosing petty gain 20 ~ of 50% maintain monovalent, this is inevitable.

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