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(2) service of ecbolic “ manufacturing industry changes new challenge and technical revolution ”

Before, enterprise of Japanese manufacturing industry is adjusted by right of “ model advantage ” , in a few complex products, wait for component like the car the domain with longer chain of numerous, industry, have distinct competitive advantage. But, companion progresses as the technology, especially modular tide concussion, rise abruptly quickly of the new world plant such as together with Sino-South Korean, the traditional advantage of Japanese enterprise gets grim challenge. In “ the time of ” of mass-produced, heavy consumption, only a few developed country has the capacity of mass-produced contemporary industrial product, but after to 20 centuries 90 time cold war ends, this kind of situation is broken thoroughly, as a result of economy globalization and modular tide, it is a weapon with low cost, the manufacturing industry industry of rising market country rises quickly, advantage of competition of Japanese manufacturing industry is lost stage by stage. A few new products appear on the market before long, because intense market competes,must reduce the price quickly. Not only versatility product is such, high-end product reduces current product very quickly also, this is alleged “ general commercialization (Commodity) ” phenomenon, then, the price competes dominant the market.

How does ability avoid price war win high additional cost? In recent years, enterprise of Japanese manufacturing industry begins to be extended to service territory, arrive through adding personalized service namely on commodity, achieve the goal that high additional cost changes thereby, can avert price war already so, also bring into the client in value creation system to come at the same time, realize alleged “ to create value ” jointly thereby. Its incorporate form is before ” of “ production product attachs most importance to a heart to transform offer service of “ value ” to attach most importance to a heart to the client. For example, sell to the client commodity is one part merely, the later period that tastes to client provider even maintains safeguarding is the commodity ” with the new “ such as the service that rent even, obtain higher additional value thereby.

Face the tide of new technology revolution such as net of couplet of artificial intelligence, content, although Japan did not take the lead in putting forward the grandiose conception of “ industry 4.0” in that way like Germany, but, relevant enterprise tries already however and cogent the content couplet net that carried out Io T (to did not come namely) wait for strategic transition, if small pine is early,developed KOMTRAX system 1998 6, be together project machine and engraft of technology of news news report, small pine builds the global each district that brings into this system to carry GPS to locate nowadays machine more than 300 thousand; 2005 roll out AHS system again 7, and 2008 business is used change; Recently, it builds an over or across again the factory of content couplet net of whole industry group and supplier (KOM-MICS) , among them, embarking data gathers device (the working machine tool of K-MICS PAD) has exceeded 1000. Except small pine, department of benefit of the Chinese place that make, general is connected, the front row that the Japanese company such as the Ku field place that make also goes in service of “ manufacturing industry to change ” .

Service of trend “ manufacturing industry changes ” , realize high additional cost to change an end, this has become Japanese manufacturing industry to cast off the most outstanding feature of transition of traditional pattern, executive strategy. The key that the service changes wants change convention manufacturing industry to offer the history of “ hardware ” to the client only namely, “ software ” also needs to become main target. Those who change character, traditional production pattern just creates value by the enterprise, nowadays is to want enterprise and client to create value jointly.

(3) the “ career of the service changes ” and “ value to turn ” predominate tide

The strategy is changed to carry out a process in the service in, should proprietor of an enterprise of Japanese manufacturing industry form two sort: ? Benzene of Duo of  of emperor wall  this  of  of an ancient drinking vessel of vinegar of Ju of drop of  of Yong of Scandium of Huang of young Chi  falls gizzard of a surname of Pan of  of  of wall of joyous  of  of neon random pray goes Qian of Ti of  of Ku of  of the fast before confused the Tang Dynasty divides fade of book of  school  the Tang Dynasty Fa of confused fall from the sky.

“ career changes ” aspect, provide representative case to share ” service with respect to the “ that is automobile industry most, the part is truckload the manufacturer has regarded future as his advocate business Wu will try. The situation of Uber (actor that car of the cropland that be like abundant serves at sharing a car to offerring in May 2016) the company undertakes the strategy invests, of the same age October, it issues firm of abundant cropland banking and Mirai originality to invest a company through the banner again, to the United States another car shared service company Getaround to invest 10 million dollar. Very apparent, face share economic tide, feng Tian begins to try hard to turn new challenge into the enterprise to expand opportunity.

“ value changes ” aspect, small pine is typical delegate, the information such as the state of real time operation that its control a system remotely to offer construction machine for the client through Kangchashi. That is to say, during mill business is offerring corporeal goods to the client, also offer all sorts of service items at the same time by consumer preference, for instance of more meticulous in a subtle way maintain a few proposal that how serve or develop commodity value. Have a firm of small-sized industry boiler for example 3 riverside industry, it is in during selling boiler, maintain with respect to what can sign 3 years with the client contract, provide “ breakdown to the client prescient ” serves. Nowadays, share of its China market has exceeded 40% .

Of course, the career is changed change with value also be united in wedlock via regular meeting, for instance Japan is promoting ” of infrastructure of “ whole set outside Xiang Hai hard, it is not a certain commodity or some service, however relative to older service system. For instance the nuclear cable system of whole set, include soft hardware inside new trunk moving system, fluctuation aqueduct system and renewable resources infrastructure are waited a moment. This is a when Japanese manufacturing industry exports new feature, it is the exit of single product no longer, however include commodity and the system of a complete set of that serve inside, and, still offer talent education, brand to safeguard, maintain safeguard wait for all sorts of service projects, in a word, it is “ bales ” is sold. To pursue this strategy smoothly, japan had formed new officer to produce cooperative pattern, in the whole group of some system, besides commodity supplier, still orgnaization of company of industry of firm, unit, client, finance is waited a moment.

(4) with “ manufacturing industry the service changes ” to make new competition ability

Manufacturing industry service changes the new feature that makes Japanese manufacturing industry, its answer this since the main strategy of the new technology tide such as computation of content couplet net, artificial intelligence, cloud, big data, also be the important step that its adopt applied new technology and builds new competition ability at the same time.

Wraparound and character, enterprise of Japanese manufacturing industry carries out the strategic end that the service changes when to include as follows roughly.

The first, avoid to be immersed in price war, serve newly through offerring more or embed the service have merchandise already in, promote additional value thereby, form “ difference to change ” commodity to compete with adversary.

The 2nd, raise the market to enter a doorsill, carry the goods that provide new service or contains more service namely, ” of made offerred “ value system is a competitor hard simple me-too, this is equal to build an one protective wall with new line.

The 3rd, reduce economic cycle wave motion to be affected to what the enterprise manages. Manufacturing industry service changes a course in, what the enterprise offers is one-time not just trading commodity, these commodity are accessary also ” of “ stock property, once the client is bought later, its support service will last till this commodity discards as useless all the time, the company that provides system of this kind of value so formed accrual to stabilize a feature.

The 4th, offer more, more large-scale value serves, already can more deepness ground masters client demand, develop thereby more the new merchandise of demand of press close to and value system, and the effect that also can produce a talent to foster for the enterprise, because arrive deep the employee of all sorts of “ spot ” , can be familiar with all sorts of circumstances quickly, master more skill.

Those who make transition of manufacturing industry of Japan of false scandal map is painful

In fact, transition of Japanese manufacturing industry is not plain sailing, those who be like a century make system of Ceng Ji of home appliance enterprise get into trouble, japanese semiconductor industry also appears competition ability drops, market share glides quickly wait for a problem. And the scandal making a holiday that erupts this centrally, be the transition that map gives Japanese manufacturing industry more is painful.

Domain of Japanese manufacturing industry exploded 2017 gave a series of scandal that make a holiday, especially day produces car vehicle check 20 years to build false, Kobe to make steel distort data, formed huge impact to the quality myth since Japanese manufacturing industry is long-term. Nevertheless, in recent years incident of scandal of Japanese production enterprise also is common already thing. Only since 2015, produced Toshiba accountant to build industry of rubber of false, Dong Yang to distort in succession car of data of concoctive building pile, 3 water chestnut forges aseismatic data, Xu Huacheng car of wood of data burning effect, bell fabricates data burning effect to wait artificially. A series of scandal make with “ quality the Japanese manufacturing industry with the first celebrated ” encountered awkwardness, company image and brand force got inflict heavy losses on.

Beyond question, series makes feigned case in every each case has different individual reason, but setting of its general character is the fact that nots allow to ignore more, that is bubble economy since breaking down, the basis of traditional Japan enterprise has shaken, and long company transition also built up a lot of problems. Accordingly, just of the scandal that make a holiday is the transition of Japanese manufacturing industry is painful.

(One) individual account: ? Does  of the obituary that carry brume add  of sneer of lax Da Huang to seek dirt to make Qiong smooth with a rake?

No matter be day,be produced and car check problem of Sibalu, the data that still is car of 3 water chestnut and bell wood makes a holiday, actually, the exposure of every case has each not same reason, namely all sorts of problems of enterprise oneself. With Kobe the case that make steel is under exemple, concrete analysis the main setting of its risk danger in desperation and main reason.

Found the Kobe 1905 to make steel place, heretofore already had 100 old management history. As hundred years enterprise, china is in all the time flaunt spirit of its business ethics. 2000, it edited afresh of the company ” business ethics program ” , continue to reiterate it is OK to should be offerred to client “ ” of Wu of kimono of reliant technology, product. However, 2017 it however be involved in concocts false scandal, and what make a holiday for a long time is disrelish. After scandal is exploded, him China ever still explained because produce a workshop,“ is to drive the time limit for a project, plan that finish and goal of production, just give ” of this a bad plan. But, should comb this company only in recent years management state, can discover put in problem of a lot of deep administrative levels among them.

It is company business income glides ceaselessly. In recent years business income of China glides ceaselessly, drop from the two thousand one hundred and seventy-seven billion two hundred million yen 2008 to the one thousand six hundred and ninety-five billion eight hundred million yen 2016, fall more than 20% . And, as a result of global resource slump in price, china is the closest two years of consecutive deficit, deficit dimensions exceeds 20 billion yen even.

2 it is accident ” of “ of core business section. Build false scandal this to basically be centered in the business such as product of aluminium and aluminous component, copper, these just are Chinese so called “ helps straw ” , it is gain pillar place. The last few years, because the property such as car, plane is extensive,carried out light quantify measure, aluminous material demand appears a power that increases considerably. So, china special do not wish to see core business section is damaged, so the company adopted the policy that tries to mask to the problem.

The 3 company processing that are enterprise interior appeared serious problem. Long-term since, china adopted diversity strategy to enlarge scope of business, except steely branch, extensive still sortie solders, the other treatment domain such as technology of aluminous copper, mechanical, project and electric power. However, because the associated sex between new business and traditional business is poorer, caused enterprise interior information to communicate with communication not free, formed out-of-the-way barrier, bring about a few problems to upload hard.

4 it is research and development devoted inadequacy brings about suffocate suffocate of industry technology progress. With was 2016 exemple, the proportion that investment of research and development holds sale is only 1.6% , far not as good as Japanese manufacturing industry the average level of 4.3% .

Except afore-mentioned reasons, competitive pressure is increased also is one of factors that prompt Chinese make a reckless move. On one hand, the new material such as carbon fiber engulfs the traditional market such as aluminous material ceaselessly; On the other hand, of the competitor recombined to form enormous pressure to its, like ancient 2013 river Si Kai and live industry of friendly light metal is amalgamative new group builds UACJ group 8, this formed tremendous menace to Chinese business is extended and developing.

The “ that China makes a holiday destroys force ” extremely strong, because regard upper reaches as the enterprise, its correlation client amounts to many 6000, scandal formed chain-reacting, direct menace produces the quality safety of course of study to more. This incident also makes the quality myth of ” form deadly biff to “ Japan, because China ever was regarded as the technical pioneer of Japanese steely domain all the time.

(2) : of general character problem?  of ⑸ of  of  of skip of Bao of garden of bureau of  orange felt osmund?

Besides individual account, cause scandal of Japanese manufacturing industry to ceaselessly actually still —— of more deep-seated general character problem once supported Japanese type manufacturing industry in the past the economic industry environment with ceaseless improvement, powerful and prosperous trend and social foundation produced essential sex to transform, on this foundation, japanese type managed mode to produce tremendous change.

1. Entrepreneur spirit no longer flourishing

The period of Japanese economy fast growth that 50 time begin 20 centuries, rise suddenly of entrepreneur spirit bitter fleabane is filled, for a short while emerge in large numbers goes out to be aided like Songxiaxingzhi, Feng Tianxi large quantities of one outstanding entrepreneur such as this one man, Cheng Tianzhao’s husband, Tian Zongyi man. However, after bubble economy breaks down, such similar getting army poineering character is already special and rarely seen. From the point of integral trend, japanese manufacturing industry also from aggression model change direction defend model, industry of home appliance of Japan of this no less than appears for a time the picture that collective sex retreats in defeat.

2. Modular below tide concussion, traditional production means is forced transition

90 time begin 20 centuries, what ever led forefathers group is Japanese made means ——— by American Masschusetts Institute of Technology (the “ essence increase that MIT) calls Japan to make source of mode competition ability produces means ” , because experience whole world is modular the violent concussion of tide and the trend ebbs. Comply with modular the German people corporation of the trend rolled out platform to change new strategy, american apple company also builds compose to rise more compressed the global industry chain that turn, pattern of this kind of new business forms weigh to Japanese manufacturing industry. Have “ to adjust model the Japanese manufacturing industry of ” advantage was immersed in mode to expand difficult position for a time. If mobile phone industry appears,island of alleged “ Gu turns ” issue, it is to be completely annihilated almost; Ever took the semiconductor industry of global half of country, also ebb considerably because of competition ability and show the sign of go from bad to worse; Even if is automobile industry, feng Tian, day is produced, the tycoon such as this cropland also is forced to carry out strategic transition in succession, abandon closing in the past stage by stage model perpendicular unifinication system, begin to carry out platform to change the strategy, the TNGA platform that rolls out nearly like Feng Tianxin, its are modular transition was late 20 years full than masses car.

3. Basic research level falls, learning builds hair of false incident frequency

In recent years, level of Japanese basic research gives now slippery trend, manage is versed in division student shows the sign that decrease, all sorts of professional are in short supply increasingly. And, university and enterprise also are fond of background science to consider no longer it seems that, and value short-term effect more, appeared even “ is small protect square ” to make false event, these bring about Japanese background science to consider to turn a tide infirmly. Place of allusion of fine of great outlying place worries gainer of Nobel of no less than, japanese will get “ possibly again henceforth nobel prize ” .

4. The enterprise manages mode happening to weigh about-face, management guiding principle reachs the system that use worker worker to wait produce tremendous change

Above all, in recent years Japanese enterprise emphasizes partner benefit more, add likeness more with Euramerican industry pattern. In the past, the management layer of Japanese enterprise takes seriously more manage for a long time, emphasize quality management ceaselessly for this meeting. But nowadays, the quality of type of the sort of special all-pervading, every little bit controlled an activity to look for its footprint already hard in the past. The business is in charge of what pay close attention to more high is all sorts of financial forms for reporting statistics, ground of leave no stone unturned goes after profit to rise. Root of slope of former chairman of company of small pine of this no less than great place points out, “ quality problem refers level of board of directors very hard already to discuss again, put authority morely to handle ” to basic level however.

Next, the enterprise produces great change with labor system of organization, from go up at all disintegrate motivation of quality pilot foundation. 1995, japanese big syndicate can put forward type of “ new Japan to manage ” via round couplet. After this, ever by the 3 great management minds of “ Japan of OECD highly praise implement ”—— lifelong employ is made, year work series is made and the labour union inside the enterprise begins bleak without light. The team of informal employee is giant with each passing day, 40% what already approached population of total obtain employment nowadays. As send employee, they produce sharp attributive move very hard to the enterprise again, halfhearted to the fine long hair such as quality of industry technology progress, product but character. Even if is those formal employee, management outstanding achievement glides or also manage mode transition because of the enterprise and be faced with bigger get the airing risk, its participate in company quality to manage mobile enthusiasm to drop greatly. In addition, the original knack personnel of generation of ” of conglomeration of “ be callinged already also retired in great quantities. Accordingly, from the point of the element ” of “ person, coast of standard of Japanese company quality also is inevitable.

Again, globalization manages deepen the feature that brought Japanese controller to move toward hasten contemporaneity bound, and, the part exceeds big company operator to still show arrogance apparently. With Kobe the place that make steel is exemple, be in early the scandal that this company was exposed to the sun to go out to carry an interest to special shareholder 1999, was exposed to the sun again 2003 the factory arranges contaminative issue, was exposed to the sun 2006 problem of soil of pollution of plant drain off water, but this company has successively held the posts of a high level and do not have learn a lesson, crisis of aggrandizement company venture manages, conceal ceaselessly however mask, did not mix social responsibility supervisory park is due height. Not come singly but in pairs, almost at the same time with China the day of scandal of exposure car check produces a car, president of Xi Chuan’s wide person did not show attitude of ” of “ offer an apology even on first press conference. ” Japanese economy news ” return exposure even, “ day is produced car check ” still is undertaken by unqualified personnel after exposure by.

Anyhow, because,Japanese manufacturing industry is done not have of its macroeconomic situation long-term low confuse and lose competition ability, contrary, the enterprise innovation since profit from is long-term appeared with strategic transition a few new features. It is its gain ability is done not have not only above all abate, promote stage by stage instead, had overtaken even flower, the enterprise of the European country such as heart, begin to pursue American business. Of course, in gain ability respect, japanese manufacturing industry also is put in big company and difference of medium and small businesses to expand wait for a problem, especially the medium and small businesses in get into trouble also will affect big company finally. Next, the globalization of Japanese manufacturing industry runs banner world, overseas production shows shape and its located in global industry catenary position and consequence to be worth to pay close attention to very much than hefting the development of 1/4. Globalization is managed changed Japan not only external economy concerns, also will affect global industry situation. Again, transition of Japanese manufacturing industry has gained a few successes, especially the new trend that service of its “ manufacturing industry changes ” is worth to take seriously. Finally, a series of scandal making a holiday that how know Japanese manufacturing industry to appear are crucial also, it is not the mark that Japanese manufacturing industry ebbs in the round, however the painful map of its transition. Henceforth, the major changes that environment of Japanese economy industry and society produce also will produce main effect to Japanese manufacturing industry.

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