Happen in the change of Chinese compressor market, some resemble the tempest of summer, impetus deprives a person, for instance the price rises drop, sales volume increase and decrease; And what some change to be like spring however is unbroken drizzle, benefit other people is silent. Without invariable market, do not have invariable factory more, want with when all is entered, for instance the production, develop that sells pattern, what observe only is long, ability discovers a few clue.

Previously, sale limits of the agent arrives from 4.5 kilowatt 300 kilowatt above, as long as it is air compressor, can sell, what kind of user also can become potential client. But sink ceaselessly as market development and channel, general-purpose compressor growth is more and more difficult, the importance of fractionize market is highlighted come out, the characteristic all the more of fractionize market is apparent. For instance 4.5 kilowatt arrive 22 kilowatt, 37 kilowatt arrive 75 kilowatt, 90 kilowatt arrive the screw machine market of 250 kilowatt, and 250 kilowatt arrive the centrifugal market between 500 kilowatt, the field is sold in what distinguish somewhat so, because tolerance limits is different, those who decided user administrative levels is different. After all 4.5 kilowatt are smaller even with 300 kilowatt above bigger even, it is the user group of completely disparate arrangement of ideas.

Be aimed at the user that belongs to disparate arrangement of ideas completely, if continue to use same kind of means, method goes selling, probable meeting brings about attend to one thing and lose another, even a fruitless approach. The user of disparate after all arrangement of ideas, its enterprise dimensions, purchase requirement of flow, decision-making process, aptitude, payment to be able to differ somewhat …… for instance, the program offerring money that inn of wicket of Electromechanical market, hardware offers and large project place want the difference between the solution cannot treat as the same. Accordingly, no matter be the agent of small-sized machine, medium-sized aircraft or large compressor, need more and more professional group and sale mode. Such change is in 85 hind, 90 hind wait for what new generation agent behaves on the body most apparent.

The essence of product requirement refines the change with agential group, forcing compressor produces made specializationing. Fractionize market is “ major ” to the biggest demand of compressor product itself: Products plan has specific aim, moving characteristic to have the specific aim, profit that reduces air quality to specific aim …… produces manufacturer to specialization is to be able to center energy to undertake scientific research tackles key problem purchase with batch, worker production also can be accomplished already professional delicate. If company actual strength returns corrupt big demand perfection not quite, so the manufacturing company that compares major, the specific aim of the product, stability, include exterior design and profit to wait, will inferior to prepare a bit. Of course, not be to say whole set mode is bad, just be in compressor industry is machine-made coessential in spending competition, this kind of specializationed develop direction is worth everybody to think and be drawn lessons from.

As Chinese manufacturing industry ceaseless transition upgrades, compressor industry is transforming to intensive development stage by stage from inchoate extensive type development, the trend that specialization is produced and sells and symptom had appeared on the market. To this, we hope the company that has corresponding ability and idea is entered bravely, bold attempt, time the way that gives competition of a poor dissimilation and commercial pattern come.

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