Compressor industry is a of manufacturing industry main component, we should do well person of this industry need will undertake operating, the person’s element is crucial, have the skilled worker of a gleam of of certain skill especially, after all the brunt …… that they are production

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Compressor is the equipment with industrial indispensable business, enterprise no matter size, arrive greatly spaceflight aviation, small to private machining, cannot leave the form of compressor. Component of compressor industry business is two kinds, one kind is the enterprise of production compressor, one kind is the enterprise of use compressor,

The company is created in compressor, its manufacturing process is exercise of running water type, it is spare parts takes a plant first, reappearance arrives assemble a workshop to install each parts, every link is operated by technical skilled worker. After the assembly that passes automation line type, compressor is again complete hand in debug labour hand in, the basis designs parameter, the dial data that examines compressor is normal, after qualification, compressor hoisting put in storage. When leaving factory, according to the model that user place uses, undertake debugging again. Pack deliver goods, to user field assembly, undertake guidance again, groom, use then.

The technological process of compressor user is basic also and similar, new employee needs to groom, operate to screw compressor especially, although this kind of type is simple, but the knowledge that wants study is very complex still. General staff grooms the tectonic principle that explains compressor by manufacturer home bearer, use, breakdown is analysed and handle, daily maintenance and maintain. Still one kind grooms is enterprise interior grooms, for example author company, compressor station room has more than 10, besides dynamical system, a few main body divide a factory to also have his compressor station house. So, our power system should undertake the technology grooms every year for many times, have exam form, also have schoolteaching form, still have what handle a form actually. Besides groom besides, compressor movement labour still has to groom the pass on experience that means is division apprentice, this is type of work of a kind of technology groom means, so that new personality can be in all-around study in real work, and do not come delay production.

Above two kinds of enterprises, no matter which are planted, the person is core. Want business development is good, the person’s job must be accomplished in front. Current, what the industry needs most is compressor person should have ” of “ craftsman spirit.

Mention craftsman spirit, a lot of articles can mention Germany, because Germany is manufacturing industry powerful nation, german manufacturing industry with “ essence ” celebrated at the world, in fact also truly such. Our company is the first aluminous treatment big company of Chinese, build a plant from 1952 up to now, equipment is updated ceaselessly, every time has new facility to introduce, the device that introduces main engine every time is Germany is made mostly, accordingly, in us the company often can see the figure of German technology personnel. What are these technical personnel mostly advanced technology engineer, however average worker, but their technical standard is not as as wrong as senior skilled worker as the degree that respect property. Of course, what these technical personnel enjoy is in here also is special treatment.

Germany takes craftsman spirit seriously breed, be in accordingly manufacturing industry, germany is made is a brand is indicative.


Craftsman spirit is fostered. Craftsman spirit of Germany is the confluence of a kind of ethos, whole country is in advocate. Be in Germany, serving as skilled worker is a kind of glory, they advocate expert in one thing and good at many, a good craftsman can get the esteem of others. Be in China actually, from found a state initial stage begins strong to technical capability also person and spirit to undertake commending, for instance the first female tractor the hand is generation model worker of Chinese, her achievement is incentive full generation person, in the time later, all sorts of model worker emerge in endlessly, exceed than learning to drive a side, try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, through establishing a model, praise advanced, form labor of a kind of esteem, have deep love for the social atmosphere of labor. Learn a skill, drive in front of time with scientific method, old equipment undertakes innovatory transforming, managing dig go, repair and utilize old or discarded things, advanced character gets respect, craftsman spirit gets carrying on. But, this kind of good general mood is mixed without the inheritance that gets whole society carry on, compare the award of mental domain, the drive of corporeal domain is a little insufficient, cannot drive more person investment.

Fortunately everybody begins to take seriously now rise, for instance we can see the conduct propaganda of craftsman spirit in all sorts of news, especially labor organization. There is column of special “ craftsman ” in the website of our city federation of trade unions, this column is city federation of trade unions and combination of city TV station are held, the craftsman that has contribution to whole town is through the form of newsreel on TV undertake exhibiting sowing, broadcast in the receive and keep in the website, can have conduct propaganda, incentive effect to craftsman spirit.

Of spirit of compressor industry craftsman breed what also need social big environment to guide, the company is created in compressor, be encouraged to contributive personnel wants to give and commend. The field is being used in compressor also is same, if although,compressor stands ordinary, but very important, if compressor stands room occurrence problem, the production that is sure to affect whole industry moves. So, although division of labor is different, but to compressor person, with craftsman spirit him requirement, make the job excelsior, crucial to the enterprise, their pay what also need enterprise and industry to approbate. Realise craftsman spirit is in only the importance of compressor industry, just may wait for each respect to foster craftsman spirit through real operation from flow of manpower, financial capacity, organization.


Current, chinese campus has gained ground, of education basically is senior management and talent of technical research and development, and the education that Germany values handsome appearance of general profession skill more. Educational component of Germany is common campus and professional skill education, the educational system of this and China is a little similar, but actually connotation is different.

What high component student of China enters is an university, professional skill school is the choice of small fraction or rural child, accordingly, professional skill education is begun it is not easy to rise, especially recruit students is difficult. Watch Germany instead, the society of technical school and average college is approbated degree equal, and can continue to learn in the job, so skilled worker, not only treatment is favorable, and the profession that is social envy, be willing to do it more from personnel of course of study the effort of unremitting, this also is the objective that we pursue.

The craftsman spirit of compressor industry, below big environment need breeds enterprise, market to be approbated to its degree, below circlet condition employee needs to groom ceaselessly. It is from industry mood and professional spirit strengthen ceaselessly, 2 be, the ceaseless promotion of professional skill.

Manufacturer is produced in compressor, everyday early meeting system is groom well habit, on early meeting every team and group can place the problem that encounter, everybody is discussed jointly solve jointly, make the group of quality management especially, of this OK and referenced Japan look board management, improve spot problem ceaselessly, rise ceaselessly.


Education also is a systematic project, need long effort, one is the education of pair of key targets, one is the education of pair of key team and group. We go up in the education of key target, want to see the practical capacity of skill on one hand, grind only spirit, the key sees the bearing morality culture that develops a target even, ability is not had heart it is to cannot take on of important task, the develops a person with ability standard that this proposes like us is heart platoon in the first place a truth.

Anyhow, craftsman spirit is the soul that our compressor industry grows, it is the foundation that has done all works, develop big country of a batch of “ hard craftsman ” , raise the skill level of whole industry, make high-quality goods, will be an enterprise sustainable progress is achieved provide new power.

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