8 06, 2023

Whether to differentiate gas tank to be simple pressure vessel?

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Satisfy the simple pressure vessel of following condition at the same time, do not need to deal with use the procedure that register. Recommending the simple pressure vessel inside service life, do not need to press " pressure vessel regular inspection is regular " have regular inspection. But production unit ought to offer product certificate of approval, operation instruction handbook, complete to pursue to the user (Xerox) the production that issues with supervisory inspection agency supervises certification. Achieve the simple pressure vessel that recommends service life to ought to discard as useless, if need those who use to continue, use

2 06, 2023

Current situation of market of compressor of industry of Chinese current machinery and development trend, the industry will still carry smooth growth state

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One, general situation of general and mechanical trade is general and mechanical, it is to point to versatility the mechanical equipment with strong, more extensive use, it is to show pump, fan, compressor, valve, gas is detached commonly equipment, vacuum equipment, separate mechanism, decrease equipment of purifying device of gearshift machine, dryer, gas, deliquescent acetylene to wait. The classification of current mechanism [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__folder="wp-conten

28 05, 2023

Current situation of compressor rotor material reachs applied dug

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As the development of science and technology, the rotor material nowadays of screw compressor and centrifugal compressor had very great progress and change, the author has done test of a few research to this, this article discusses just a little slightly. Material of rotor of 1 centrifugal compressor is centrifugal compressor rotor is multi-purpose stainless steel is made, but the centrifugal empty press on hydrogenous batteries car however somebody uses aluminium alloy to make rotor, and make rotor as generally however as this adjacent car supercharger with stainless steel. Go up as a result of hydrogenous batteries car from

28 05, 2023

Competition of sale of compressor company production is abusive discuss

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Editor's note: Current, as economic progress and industrialized pace accelerate, compressor is in to produce by wider and wider application in practice, in the meantime, also the flying progress as a result of mechanical industry, relevant enterprise is breakthrough of oneself of implementation of try every means more, wait for respect do one's best from transition of innovation of technical development, science and technology, company undertake hard, the intent is occupied in intense market competition position. In the process that the enterprise is dedicated to gaining the market, a crucial question rises to surface,

27 05, 2023

Say compressor trade ” craftsman spirit “

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Compressor industry is a of manufacturing industry main component, we should do well person of this industry need will undertake operating, the person's element is crucial, have the skilled worker of a gleam of of certain skill especially, after all the brunt ……[fusion_widgethotrandom_image__folder="wp-content/uploads/qiai that they are production

27 05, 2023

Compressor industry develop observes

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Happen in the change of Chinese compressor market, some resemble the tempest of summer, impetus deprives a person, for instance the price rises drop, sales volume increase and decrease; And what some change to be like spring however is unbroken drizzle, benefit other people is silent. Without invariable market, do not have invariable factory more, want with when all is entered, for instance the production, develop that sells pattern, what observe only is long, ability discovers a few clue. Previously, sale limits of the agent arrives from 4.5 kilowatt 300 kilowatt above, as long as

24 01, 2023

How to produce compressor beneficial result the biggest?

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As the rapid development of national economy, the compressor that serves as one of current mechanism, the application in industrial domain is wider and wider. Offer compressor of air dynamic air especially, general application is made in machinery, dress of metallurgy of chemical industry and petrifaction, mine, spin, food and pharmacy, traffic is carried wait for an industry. Labour desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement. Without good equipment moving state serves as assure, the development of the enterprise is an empty talk. Compressor can be sent in using a process for a long time


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