Editor’s note: Current, as economic progress and industrialized pace accelerate, compressor is in to produce by wider and wider application in practice, in the meantime, also the flying progress as a result of mechanical industry, relevant enterprise is breakthrough of oneself of implementation of try every means more, wait for respect do one’s best from transition of innovation of technical development, science and technology, company undertake hard, the intent is occupied in intense market competition position.

In the process that the enterprise is dedicated to gaining the market, a crucial question rises to surface, that is, regard compressor as the practitioner of the industry, be how look upon for quite a long time a few abnormal phenomena in consist in industry and abusive?

So, this period forum, we are long-standing the phenomenon such as the unfair competition at compressor industry and mark of empty of the parameter in producing management course and exaggerated conduct propaganda is jumping-off place, the similar case that encounters in respective real work in the light of industry practitioner and view, the viewpoint that initiates the personage inside course of study is collected and communicate, in an attempt to discusses mutual beneficial purpose in all. This period forum, we come to the intense discussion that what spread out to this listen to netizens.

Participate in extensively, sincerity communication, a lot of difficulty and problem are met be readily solved, this is the force of the network!

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ID: Zhengxc18081

In last few years, develop as economy, each industry is added gradually to the demand of compressor much, compressor market very fire, the product demands exceeds supply. But at the same time, a lot of practitioner also discovered a few production or the abnormal phenomenon of sale respect is mixed abusive, shoddy, platoon measures quality with small fill big, electric machinery with be being filled greatly small, make confuse right and wrong of the product that do not have card, conduct propaganda, deceit broad user ……

Long-term in light of, this is to go against industry progress and enterprise of benign competition, to this, ask everybody to talk about the view to this kind of phenomenon.

ID: Mycairo

Can with the specific drop that explain? I do the …… of compressor namely

ID: Zhengxc18081

I often see: The electric machinery of screw compressor is compared apparently what tag on nameplate is big, via feel not ashamed to learn from one’s subordinates, be informed to be “ exceeds power ” . What new technology is also knowing? How doesn’t the teacher that blames me really teach these “ borderline subject ” in those days.

When the selling manager that I still hear some brand is introducing his compressor advantage to the user, say: They match the electric machinery of 55kW to give 7 kilograms of 10 cubic energy of life, our machine is a gas of 9 kilograms of 10 cubic metre, just also mix 55kW electric machinery, the machine that we compare them namely child the …… that omit report

I am really curious, measured two electric machinery, like dividing electric machinery nameplate as a result outside, other different, be strange! ! !

ID: Bill Deng

Be, upstairs, I also had been encountered, still feel puzzled, is this the high-powered electric machinery in fokelore? ! Ah.

ID: Qmys

Cong Mou is planted for degree, compressor industry and home appliance industry are euqally troubled, some people are nose is bought to come back after selling a few years of compressor oneself are assembled. Can remind an user only here, when buying must the bargainor offers compressor to produce licence (note: Already cancelled at present) reach examine the report waits a few significant prooves a moment, otherwise anxious to get things on the cheap is in an unfavorable situation can be him user only.

ID: Hjhcompressor

Is electric machinery coefficient close come out two years? It is to kill a person really! But want to be careful,buy compressor! Especially cable, want enlarge!

ID: Bill Deng

My individual feels, safe ability is the first, my constant hears accident of fire of a few compressor, want normative market, with respect to safe like the milk powder market before admittance.

ID: King123

Each elder, the machine of some brand pneumatics that we buy newly, the U.S. dollor is duty-free into close, discovering electric machinery is old unexpectedly! Everybody should take care.

ID: Bill Deng

Ah? ! Upstairs, can this kind of thing also happen? ! Won’t you be to buy foreign rubbish?

ID: Zhengxc18081

Ha, you this still calculates lucky, I ever saw the compressor of a Japan for the user, at first sight is OK still, but scrutiny sees —— join leader is old!

ID: Zhangym1966

Excuse me King123, which unit are you? Is those who say true? Our unit has the plan that buys screw machine, listen to you so say, feared in my heart!

ID: Bill Deng

Fasten confused! Still have ten drawback of the dot at least, what problem does national deficient site have? Tell everybody brand-new the concept of import, xx exports Hong Kong from Shenzhen, import Xx to come back from Hong Kong again. Xx became former outfit namely, will go, a few drawback of the dot in one’s hand oh, ah.

ID: Tongt105

Before me paragraph time saw opportunity of a screw, 50, 37 kilowatt (the manufacturer home of this compressor did not say) , listen to sound feeling to resemble piston machine from outside, sound is ~~~ of ~~ , have the person with old courage really it seems that, also dare buy such machine.

ID: Compress

Actually foreign brand does not set the sentence of the factory in China, do forever not big! Hey …… may be now Chinese market is too mixed, people dare not enter invested!

ID: Bill Deng

As the user, look buy to former plant only, ask for bill, gift is the greatest degree avoids these problems.

ID: Nocturnal shooting star

The conduct propaganda of some manufacturer and production are a bit black, because,be probably such, long, also mind it seems that did not blame. Everybody has an opportunity to contact the example of each factory to be able to see, same electric machinery, pressure, capacity compares tall, tall a bit unusual. How to do? The market competes, after all I am much a bit taller the user is not checked again give this zero, saying is helpless.

ID: Zhengxc18081

I share a case that copes with false conduct propaganda: The vortex compressor of some brand, the opportunity that always says oneself how how good. One user was persuaded heart, let me help look, send limousine car to head for. See prototype, it is OK still that the exterior looks. Ask the engineer of manufacturer a few circumstances, heard nature is self-dramatizing. The “ that asks him conduct propaganda omits report than screw machine, than piston machine more what is the basis of the ” that omit report, he is not taken give any appraisal files. I measured electric current, felt capacity, know fairly well. Tell an user then, sign a contract with the manufactory, down with one’s dust, mention expressly in the contract only: If the indicative specifications index on example of manufactory of product short of, want to compensate for 200 thousand yuan to the user. Ha! The paramount of manufactory of ask for instructions of immediateness of the other side, reply finally: Do not have goods. We are willing to quote with tower above the price of 20% buys this prototype that see, they also do not sell stoutly, be not want us to keep calling card. . . . . . Ha!

Compressor blows air, but not be braggart absolutely!

ID: Njbsv

It is quite lamentable, but also must be done! Proper still is blow boast, who buys your machine otherwise! Ask everybody makes a sale who had not been blown? ! The market is non-standard, the user cares at the moment interest, competitive pressure …… also is must not be soon! Of course the unusual cheater that here does not include those blowing people oh!

ID: Techlub

What thing has catholicity and specialty, if special function represents catholicity, that is done not have special and character ah.

ID: Do-nothing lay Buddhist

Talk about people unpremeditated crime only, do not say him weakness! These people are not gentleman, compressor industry common practice is bad, still a few criticize the competitor’s person technically, it is bearing owes beautiful.

ID: Qmys

Upstairs man said to biased too a bit so, because current market is too troubled,be, piscine a list of things is jumbly, everybody just is exposed here. The purpose reminds broad user, also hope more each manufacturer can the standard rises. Of course, forest became old what kind of bird can have, wanting a standard is not easy thing really.

ID: Compress

Him defect is the slight weak point of the sale, be if oneself speak out that,let a person get a change to step in? Defect is to let a person point out come, oneself do not speak out! Body had better is in the sale of course the good point that reveals oneself is good, if blindly speak ill of others, of course I think the client to also won’t accept your sale way.

ID: Compress the world

If be only blindly the good point that says oneself, not be to let others feel you are completely in self-dramatizing hemp!

ID: Lnj_888

Depressed ~ ~ I also am one of users, nevertheless I feel beyond the production quality besides itself, still should discuss service quality. What our industry uses morer is piston compressor 110kW, we want the rave that manufacturer in an endless stream produces when buying previously: 24 hours of services reach the designated position! To our indent, after installation ends pay payment for goods one year, manufacturer immediately fall out does not know a person, what fittings with value of prep above market 2 times above offers money, and do not provide technical support, this is drop one’s benefactor as soon as his help is not required simply. And sale phase just was opened after this manufactory ordered compressor of 5 their CNG above all because of us namely at the outset, thereby establish the position that CNG compressor creates industry bibcock company now. Market of compressor of these two years of CNG is atrophic, the user that they abandoned large area immediately comes workmanship gas compressor. The likelihood has some of friend to should know is which manufacturer, I should remind a few preparation to buy the user of compressor here, such circumstance still wants much attention!

ID: Anco-niu

A lot of moment, compressor industry is the person of the same trade kills dead person of the same trade. Commutative is elbowed out, commutative attack, lower the price finally fell, in profit drive below, be forced to entrap with fake client!

ID: Wxwoyo

Face at present a variety of strange phenomena on the market, our wait and see what happens, believe as always sincere letter product can be accepted finally by the market!

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