6 01, 2023

Pneumatics machine knowledge, the dried food is not hydrous.

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Compress air to waste the sources of energy as the 2nd great power that electric energy is next to only inside the factory, it is the basic safeguard that factory production moves. The member that the mechanical equipment that because this serves as,reduces air production defends moving person its post responsibility is quite main. But actually, the member that the operation of machine of pneumatics of big multitask factory runs a person is not come from entirely pursue this job professional or for a long time at this, often be temporarily perhaps can fly mechanism plane only, to basic compressor knowledge utterly ignorant. One, of compressor

31 10, 2022

of the most complete edition compresses air basic and academic knowledge

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6, compress and compression ratio   1, compressing heat insulation is a kind of compression that aeriform quantity of heat does not arise to be passed into apparently or comes out in reducing a process process. Inside a completely adiabatic air cylinder afore-mentioned processes can become reality. Isotherm is compressed is in reducing a process gas maintains the compression with constant temperature one kind process. 2, compression ratio: (R)   compression ratio is to point to those who take angry absolutely pressure to compressor exhaust is mixed than. Exemple: Into gas when sea level absolutely pressure is 0.1 M

31 10, 2022

| of the most complete edition compresses air basic and academic knowledge (one)

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One, the compression that compresses purpose gas has a primary purpose, namely with prep above the pressure of original pressure sends aspirated form. Original pressure standard is likely on any account differs, from low-down absolutely pressure (thousand kilograms) until thousands of kilograms; Pressure goes to thousands of kilograms from a few grams; And transmission tolerance from a few stere / cent till hundred thousands of stere / cent. [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__folder=


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