Compressor of main be decided by uses lube life environment, the water in air divides He Hanchen is crucial factor, of oily colander filter precision is not less than 15 micron commonly, the dirt that that is to say is less than 15 micron can accompany lube to circulate, when dust chroma is too big under 15 micron must oil change. The moisture in compressing air brings about lube emulsification, lose lubricant effect. The metal that moisture creates is rustily, the rustily content that is less than 15 micron in great quantities also accompanies lube loop. Oil change as nephrosis patient dialytic, it is the important step that maintains compressor life, use change the lubricating oil with short cycle more be helpful for machine life.

The necessity of 1 compressor oil change

Compressor oil is in use process, be heated, oxidation, high speed is cut, the action of dirt pollution and harmful gas. The hydrocarbon in oxygen and lube has reaction, make oil oxidizes slowly, color blackens, viscosity rises, cannot dissolve badly possibly finally to oxide in oil, be in with deposit of brown mucus layer however systematic somewhere, jam extremely easily the control oil duct in component, make core of ball bearing, a powerful person rub caustic aggravate, influence system moves normally. Oxidation returns meeting generation to corrode reach acidification. Combustion process begins undertake slowly, those who accumulate is sedimentary with acid value grow in quantity, viscosity increases, arrive when certain level, should oil change. Otherwise, oxidation proceed, oxidation speed is accelerated gradually, viscosity can rise accordingly, the result brings about working oil temperature rise is fast. The abidance as oxidation aggrandizement, the trend that the viscosity of compressor oil can appear to lift apparently. After turning to line of second Fang Qu from linear when the rate of oxidation, viscosity rises faster, the likelihood is about to appear the result that people is not willing to see.

The temperature with 2 oily compressor

Often press in normal temperature below, the combustion process of lube is very slow, be in so Chu Yunzhong, lube oxidizes not easily degenerative. But when the temperature when lube or aerobic pressure increase, mushroom of lube oxidation speed.

The lube temperature of the circular lube of piston compressor and centrifugal compressor and the temperature concern of gas be compressioned are not big, and compressor of fuel injection screw is different, changing between the temperature after its compress engine oil temperature to cool in the exhaust temperature of compressor and lube. In major while, the temperature of compressor oil is equal to and be close to at temperature of lead plane exhaust. The action that the life with oily compressor of fuel injection screw is heated up oxidation should be gotten strongly much.

The real life with 3 oily compressor

The service life of screw pneumatics engine oil should be the lowermost service life below normal operating mode, accurate determine the use cycle of lube is very difficult, what each manufacturer set is different also, general provision is: Ⅰ kind mineral oil is 2000 hours, Ⅱ kind mineral oil can arrive 4000 (reduce later 2000) hour, Ⅲ kind mineral oil can arrive 6000 (reduce later 4000) hour, PAO can arrive 8000 (also have consider as 6000) hour, multivariate mellow ester can arrive 12000 (also have consider as 8000) hour.

The life of compressor oil is lube manufacturer regulation, with rotate the oxidation invariability that oxygen plays a law to determine is less than 50min, under 50min oxidation speed begins to accelerate (oil change standard is 60min commonly) , think the life of compressor oil is terminative. The difference of compressor oily life of different sort is quite big, its oxidation invariability depends on the property of base oil and recipe.

Good Ⅲ kind oil adds partial PAO, ester kind oily compressor oily life can amount to 5000~6000 hour (pressure of pneumatics machine exhaust is 0.7~0.8 MPa) , its acid value achieves the time ≥ of 2.0mgKOH/g 10000 hours, rotate oxygen plays a value to be able to amount to 1500~2000min. Notice here please ” life can amount to 5000~6000 hour ” and ” ≥ 10000 hours ” two data, inspect it seems that some are contradictory, will discuss further from the back.

3.1 compressor oil are phyletic

The result that reduces engine oil now is more, compress the base oil of engine oil to have only: Ⅲ of compose of different of mineral oil, 2 hydrogenation mineral oil, hydrogenation kind base oil, natural gas synthesizes Ⅲ kind base oil, PAO, get together ether, ester kind oil includes (double ester and multivariate mellow ester) , silicone oil is waited a moment.

The compressor oil that making work has common compressor oily (it is base oil with mineral oil) , synthetic oil and half synthesis oil. Synthesize oil among them relatively confused, synthesizing oil is the base oil that obtains through chemical synthesis method, shell the Ⅲ hydrogenation different compose kind base oil calls: The synthesis of index of XHVI freeboard viscosity is oily, treatment of fine of mineral oil deepness receives this kind of base oil, more wonderful is to use Ⅲ of GTL of natural gas complex kind base oil.

Compress engine oil as to half synthesis a little confused, the occurrence that synthesizes oil partly is the operating mode requirement that satisfies compressor hard in the light of pure and mineral oil, through adding a share the synthetic oil of special structure has specific aim ground to raise its the function of certain respect, it is one kind assures function already and the technical solution that reduces cost to increase as far as possible. The function that synthesizes oil partly is not synthetic oil and mineral oily function is simple and average, choose reasonable half synthesis oil to allocate the property that plan can obtain expect is less than sometimes to reflect.

The problem depends on synthesizing oil partly in, how much is the content of mineral oil base oil? How much is synthesizing oily sort and content? As a result of Ⅲ kind base oil belongs to special rule base oil, one part Ⅲ kind configuration of different of hydrogenation of mineral oil classics becomes base oil, one part is to use Ⅲ of GTL of natural gas complex kind base oil. In last few years, people Ⅲ kind synthetic oil distinguishs base oil and mineral oil, other to come, call Ⅲ kind oily, this calls a law to appear appropriate, fair and reasonable, intention is clear.

The real life with 3.2 oily compressor and compressor concern are very big

As a result of the result that lube manufacturer publicizes, the user understands compressor itself not quite oily to compressor especially engine oil of pneumatics of fuel injection screw is true the influence of life, true condition is: Even if same oil uses kind of compressor in different type, different parameter, different on the compressor that compresses medium and different operating mode, real life also widely different. See following analysis:

1) if the exhaust temperature that is like machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw reduces 8~10 ℃ , the life of compressor oil can increase one times the left and right sides;

2) a baric force of compressor of screw of only course fuel injection from 0.3~1.3 MPa, because discharge air temperature and aerobic cent to press,differ, the oxidation speed of pneumatics engine oil is disparate, real life should compare the lube of the low-pressure pneumatics machine that discharges baric force to be 0.3 MPa exhaust pressure increases 3~5 for 1.3MPa pneumatics machine times;

3) real life compares the effect that the lube of nitrogen compressor does not suffer oxygen be the same as type pneumatics machine increase a lot of;

4) the cost of oleic acid of congener screw compressor that reduces CO2 gas exceeds bid easily, real life is brief;

5) two class compress because various oxygen divides depress,often control machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw, exhaust temperature is low not only can effect is tall, and lube is true life is the same as type pneumatics machine to increase than only course 2 times the left and right sides;

6) the compressor of machine of pneumatics of only course screw with high compression ratio is oily life is brief;

7) because machine of pneumatics of screw of frequency conversion fuel injection is in during frequency conversion exhaust temperature is low, compressor is right of lube cut action to move pneumatics plane than common look light, real life grows lube, frequency conversion time and frequency conversion deepness are different, the real life of lube is different;

8) manufacturer of some pneumatics aircraft and user to extract high-energy effect, increased the fan of machine of pneumatics of screw of wind cold fuel injection, dropped the exhaust temperature of screw compressor, reduced power consumption not only so, and the service life that prolonged compressor oil, achieve one stone the effect of two birds;

9) oil and the real life with piston oily compressor compare centrifugal compressor empty press of fuel injection screw grows more.

Standard of 4 oil change

The author is in ” dug of standard of sex of science of compressor oil change ” tell in one article: The exterior regulation that reduces level of engine oil oil change is greasy filth, precipitation more, color is pitch-black, emulsification should consider oil change.

Mensurable description should be:

1) chroma change is more than 3;

2) athletic viscosity (100 ℃ ) metabolic ratio is 20% 3) the acid value rise in value that reduces quota of engine oil oil change in order to be more than 100% in the limit of relatively appropriate;

4) air of type of circumgyrate of fuel injection of small negative charge compresses SH/T 0538 of standard of engine oil oil change about pentane not dissolve content, % be more than 2;

5) air of type of circumgyrate of fuel injection of small negative charge compresses SH/T 0538 of standard of engine oil oil change about oxidation invariability (rotate oxygen is played) , the regulation of Min is worth 60;

6) content of iron of oil change standard / (μ G/g) for 200;

7) content of silicon of oil change standard / (μ G/g) the regulation is 50.

In these index, athletic viscosity should be the first. The viscosity of compressor oil changes, the user can be measured oneself or entrust a test, bigger company may have lube motion viscosity to determine appearance, can oneself check; Average user mights as well appearance extraction oil entrusts place to the technology supervises an inspection bereau or athletic viscosity determines the unit of appearance undertakes detecting.

5 oil are tasted choose reference

Can choose Ⅲ oil usually, of Ⅲ oil with rotating oxygen plays what measure as a result to fight oxidation ability is Ⅱ kind the 6~7 of base oil times. Can be imagined its life is compared general with Ⅱ kind the life of the compressor oil that base oil gives priority to should grow more.

It is a foundation with Ⅲ oil, have PAO and ester kind of oily combination, deserve to have super- agent of strong antioxidant, anti-friction, fight the freeboard function that grinds the additive such as repair agent to compress engine oil to be able to be competent the demand of the machine of high-energy effect pneumatics of 90% above.

Opportunity of 6 oil change

6.1 fixed time and simple float time

1) the service life that lube supplier can tell an user a kind of compressor is oily, the lube life that the user of one part recommends muddle-headedly according to the supplier, secure oil change time.

Here question is very much: Compressor oily supplier is not affirmatory the use temperature of his compressor oil and corresponding service life; Because different compressor oil uses different base oil and additive, life difference is very big. The author is in this print 2015 the 7th period ” oily current situation of compressor of life of Chinese train in excess specified length and development ” had done in one article elaborate, but the reason as a result of length, to this problem discuss solid be meaning still did not use up.

Include Ⅰ , Ⅱ , Ⅲ , Ⅳ kind the working temperature of compressor oil is when 60 ℃ above, every increase 8~10 ℃ its service life is met halve, the compressor oily life that works in 90 ℃ namely is the 50 % in life of 80 ℃ work.

2) when compressor user is buying compressor oil, should specific place buys the use temperature of compressor oil and corresponding life. Such word, compressor user can work according to compressor oil the relation of temperature and life, the real work temperature that is aimed at compressor masters neatly, use floating to compress engine oil service life — such doing is science, already economy, reliable and practical.

Method of 7 oil change

When be compressor oil change, if dirty oil or lack are oily those who clear is sordid, the compressor oil that adds newly can be polluted, rise to introduce a large number of freedom base, accelerate the effect of oxidation, the life that its are the compressor oil that adds newly as a result can reduce an in part. The dish that this waits for to just had burned one boiler then fills the container that has the ort that send sour in, flavour changed completely, dish metamorphism is faster.

Good to obtain oil change effect, following countermeasure can offer an alternative:

Countermeasure 1: Clean road of oily cent, vitta and oily condenser seriously. When oil change, put clean lack oil first, when oil change enrages segregator component, clean housing of oil gas segregator seriously; Inspect a circumstance to whether need to blow the condenser that wash oil to wait certainly, after cleaning again oil change.

Countermeasure 2: The clear lotion that uses 3~5% is added in the old oil of compressor, after hour of 6~24 of the movement below normal operating mode, will all oil is tasted inside the system discharge clean, change after oily filter and component of segregator of oil gas essence, join new compressor oil switchs on the mobile phone can run normally. Because use mineral oil or character,like the system poorer oil tastes brought greasy filth or carbon deposit was not cleaned for long clean, criterion but proper extension cleans time, general with 2~3 day advisable, do not have an influence to the system; Colander of an a large number of greasy filth, opposite after accumulating carbon or colloid in suspension is cleaned to cause during be like jam, cause a system to jump likely machine, need to change at the appointed time new filter is cleaned.

Countermeasure 3: The lack that gives off compressor is oily, add 5# spindle oil, low-pressure moving 5~10 is given off after minute (put clean) hind, join new compressor oily. Keep the spindle oily appropriate that give off (appropriate uses 5 gallon clean water is plastic the bucket stores, when be being used next time, but eliminate is sedimentary) , fully next time oil change is used. Need not abandon oneself to the flash point of heart spindle oil is low, the spindle oily flow with low viscosity is large, exhaust temperature is low, and rinse speed tall, rinse easily clean;

Countermeasure 4: The lack that gives off compressor is oily, add 5# spindle oil, low-pressure moving 5~10 is given off after minute (put clean) hind, with compress air or bottled nitrogen plays vitta way (include oily condenser) with oil gas segregator, wait for after be being blown clean, join new compressor oily.

Countermeasure 5: Conditional user can contact the professional lube of higher level to serve trader, entrust its clean compressor oil path for you and oil change.

Countermeasure 6: After adding new oil, add new oily weight the SL of 0.5% is fought wear repair lotion, this can prolong the life of bearing not only, and because SL is fought,grind repair agent to contain antioxidant, can make life of pneumatics engine oil increases one times the left and right sides.

8 conclusion

1, the compressor oily odd on the market is very much, the user chooses sexual price very hard to compare expensive product, redeeming method is much learning much understanding, be duped carefully, 3 be tasted without oil and ” black heart is oily ” problem big, hidden trouble is much;

2, the life of compressor oil basically depends on base oil and additive, the difference of compressor oily life of different recipe is very big, manufacturer and compressor user should choose seriously;

3, the real life of compressor oil returns parameter of the type with compressor, configuration, operating mode to concern;

4, the real life of compressor oil and concern of oil change method are very big, step of good oil change method can make real life lengthens one times;

5, master technology of full-scale compressor oil change, the word of attentive operation, the service life that can make compressor oily is lengthened really relatively 5 times the left and right sides;

6, the real life of engine oil of pneumatics of fuel injection screw remains at the design science, reasonable, method of effective imitate bench test, after requiring classics experiment, analysis, essence of life allows to decide.