As the rapid development of national economy, the compressor that serves as one of current mechanism, the application in industrial domain is wider and wider. Offer compressor of air dynamic air especially, general application is made in machinery, dress of metallurgy of chemical industry and petrifaction, mine, spin, food and pharmacy, traffic is carried wait for an industry.

Labour desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement. Without good equipment moving state serves as assure, the development of the enterprise is an empty talk. Compressor can happen in using a process for a long time materiality and wear away aeriformly, reduce compressor precision, deterioration compressor function, affect product quality, reduce business economic benefits. For this, the compressor that optimizes an enterprise maintains administration, be helpful for improving the equipment quality of the enterprise, assure the product quality of the enterprise, raise business economic benefits.

1, value of scientific analysis compressor, logical choice maintenance and newer

Compressor falls in the action of all sorts of force, make the spare parts produces different rate wear away, be out of shape and damage, the size shape that brings about component and precision produce a change, compressor suffers the effect of od in unused process and perhaps arise like the metal rusty, corrode, balata ageing, these metropolises reduce the performance of compressor, affect product quality thereby. As a result of the progress of science and technology, the compressor with taller efficiency of more perfect, production is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, this kind aeriform wear away the function that causes original compressor devalues.

Aeriform wearing away is not by production the substance in the process is chafed or the action of od is caused, the compressor value that creates as a result of socioeconomy environment change however devalues, it is the result that the technology progresses, for instance screw type compressor replaces piston compressor. Aeriform wear away cent is two kinds of forms.

(1) the first kind aeriform wear away: The technical structure of compressor and performance did not vary, but progress as a result of the technology, compressor workmanship is improved ceaselessly, produce the socially necessary labor that same compressor requires to expend decrease, make compressor market value was reduced thereby, bring about former compressor value to devalue accordingly. For example, before some the manufacturing technology of year of screw compressor matures ceaselessly, bring about year after year of screw machine price to give fall. This kind aeriform wear away cause already the compressor value of work off devalues, but the technical character of its itself and function are insusceptible, the use value of compressor did not change because of this, reason won’t arise to change ahead of schedule the problem of existing compressor.

(2) the 2nd kind aeriform wear away: As a result of the emerge in large numbers of new technology, new technology, new material and application, ceaseless innovation gives a structure more advanced, function more perfect, efficiency the new-style compressor that taller, specific power consumption expects bad news is fewer, although old compressor did not reach its physics life (moving life) , dan Jisheng yield already greatly under the society average level. As a result of the more advanced new compressor on the technology roll out and application can make the use value of original compressor local lose, this arose to whether replace the problem that has dated and backward compressor with new compressor. If continue to use, the cost that produces a product is met greatly prep above society is average cost, cause unit product cost to lift, lack competition ability in the market.

For example, compressor of screw of permanent magnetism frequency conversion, exceed one level can of effect compressor roll out, dash forward show original labour frequency compressor to appear bad news report is serious. For this, when compressor needs to heavy repair, we should undertake be discharginged in the round checking to the technical condition of compressor, do good economy analysis. The materiality that sees compressor wears away and aeriform gall at what state, compressor is long economy, still fall into disuse more economy. The tall specific power consumption that sets to function deterioration, function lags behind or belonging to a country washs out compressor, what did not heavy repair is necessary.

2, begin detect with condition the maintenance means that is a foundation, reduce maintenance cost

As the development of science and technology and social productivity, rate of manufacturing efficiency, automation is higher and higher, compressor is more and more complex at the same time, the associated all the more of departmental cent is close, the little trouble hidden trouble of a certain place may cause chain reaction, bring about whole compressor and even reduce air system or the destruction of product line, will know the moving state of compressor through closing the condition of key place to monitor, if monitor the traversal speed of compressor, oil lukewarm, vibration, can in time discover the unusual situation with local compressor so, reach hour hand to be overhauled to sexual ground, prevent the damage of aggravate compressor, reduce maintenance cost.

3, use the market to maintain resource, realize professional maintenance

Below market economic system, what benefit becomes an enterprise to live is essential with core. The compressor of main carrier —— that moves as contemporary company reachs his to maintain management to work how to get used to market demand, make its by pure before the important lever that the change of a kind of method that serves for production becomes an enterprise to go after the greatest benefit to be a target, this is about to make full use of market resource, capital of reasonable use maintenance, with finite maintenance capital realizes sexual price to compare best maintenance beneficial result.

If the condition is had, the job such as proposal trouble removal, daily attention, can by after hillock worker undertakes major grooms, operate only undertake; Have the compressor of professional characteristic, or the compressor part that the user has maintaining without ability, breakdown, can make manufacturer contact with production, entrust this to produce manufacturer to undertake heavy repair or with old change new, assure compressor thereby repair quality, improved the equipment quality of the enterprise.

4, optimize compressor overhaul management, reduce maintenance waste

Compressor overhaul is the main component that compressor maintenance manages, compressor is in overhaul process, the element of drag in is more, often cause overhaul compressor easily cannot seasonable consign is used, perhaps heavy repair quality cannot obtain a provision check and accept a standard. Accordingly, repair quality to the influence in process of compressor heavy repair only, repair time, repair the main factor such as cost to undertake controlling, ensure these processes undertake below controlled condition, ability is helpful for seasonable, protect compressor of qualitative foster cordial relations between countries, on time consign is used, reduce waste of overhaul manpower, financial capacity thereby, raise business economic benefits.

(1) making the preparation before repairing is the foundation that makes sure overhaul is carried out

The preparation before repairing includes preparation of the technology before repairing and preparation of the material before repairing, reach a basis from accompanying documents of the v in compressor archives, original record namely; Beforehand check runs to needing to repair compressor problem of circumstance, existence, structure, precision what understand in detail and weave is technical the blueprint of file and scale, prepare to decide the stock before repairing prepares according to the technology next. Accordingly, perfect degree of the job and seasonable sex prepare before repairing, affect compressor directly repair number of day of quality, cease and economic benefits, control segment of the preparation before good compressor is repaired, before repairing handholding compressor beforehand check, file of technology of overhaul of reasonable work out, check of correct scale fittings, work provides blueprint, what prepare qualification adequately is self-restrained spare parts, outside outside buying assist check of fittings, special class is provided, conduce to ground of in an orderly way of compressor overhaul construction undertaking, assure compressor overhaul quality, on schedule or finish overhaul job ahead of schedule.

(2) overhaul construction is the key that assures overhaul quality

Overhaul construction is executive overhaul plan is specific reflect, it is the main link that changes compressor condition, overhaul construction includes to tear open check, maintenance on the operation, assemble, debug wait for many sided content, and control construction tears open check mediumly, assemble reach working procedure to examine the crucial link that link is control construction process. Control tears open check link, can ensure this changed part is able to change, the spare parts of this repairing be able to repair, this place that maintain can have maintained, can expose especially beforehand problem of the undiscovered in check, make can at any time take remedial action gives along with all the others solve. Control overhaul assembles link, want to ensure by the technology blueprint asks to undertake construction, avoid do poorly done work over again, make sure overhaul finishs on time.

(3) major the assurance that personnel quality is overhaul

Major the person carry out that personnel is overhaul job, level of its job ability, technology matters to the success or failure of overhaul task. Because of the characteristic that overhaul works, to majorring the quality of personnel raised taller requirement, major personnel should be familiar with compressor structure, know compressor property, certain compressor maintains academic accomplishment, rich practice operates experience, have discovery the problem, ability that solves a problem, want to have responsibility heart of height, agree to study. Accordingly, want to often develop activity of maintenance quality group, constituent seminar, make maintenance technician raises maintenance level ceaselessly, improve maintenance technician quality.

5, file of summary, data is overhaul needs cannot reductive link

Since of the summary after repairing works to heavying repair this the summary that experience teachs a lesson, also be to be the following overhaul to provide the data that has referenced value. After accordingly overhaul compressor is used, must arrange in time repair a data and file.

Optimize compressor to maintain administration, can eliminate in time to produce the breakdown of compressor, assure to produce on the rails, conduce to the equipment quality that improves a business, reduce the waste of financial capacity of company labor power, avoid compressor to use the contradictory issue of branch and maintenance, raise the economic benefits of the enterprise.

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