1, store air, the contented equipment that use gas uses the demand that tolerance increases suddenly for an instant;

2, store air, those who eliminate the air current in pipeline is pulsatile;

3, preliminary cooling air, let separate out of water of one part liquid. Reason gas tank wants fixed drain off water;

4, can ensure pneumatics machine to close automatically stop, gas tank leaves in set pressure machine of a dozen pneumatics of full energy of life can stay automatically machine, unapt let pneumatics aircraft moves all the time and waste electric energy.

The action of gas tank is outspread

Theoretic it is good to tell gas tank to be jumped over greatly more, can reduce the number that pneumatics machine starts often. Astral triangle starts the frequency that belong to labour, the instantaneous electric current that electric machinery starts is rated electric current 7 times the left and right sides, of the electric equipment share that starts pair of empty press often damaging is bigger, make the life of electric equipment part is reduced, the impact to electrified wire netting is bigger at the same time, use what affect the other equipment that use phone normally.

Machine of frequency conversion pneumatics is belonged to soft start, the electric current that start is rated electric current 2 times the left and right sides, the influence is not very big.

Q: ? Month of tip of grey  of Yi of  of ⑵ of Mu of enough  of Guan silk clear?

Enthusiastic netizen one: The gas tank that pneumatics machine exports can remove stability to give the effect such as baric force, amortize not only, in the meantime, still have a main effect average user won’t notice, that is, prevent pneumatics machine to stop during machine, because some kind of reason returns a liquid,compress air conduit, flow backward in pneumatics machine, because its damage. If take out this gas tank, it is when conduit design, want to use U curved design to have similar action. Do not know to say whether rightly, give advice or comments please.

Enthusiastic netizen 2: The action of gas tank is to maintain the pressure tubal a network that reduces air system not to appear to fluctuate greatly. Because compress air system endmost to use tolerance,cannot be any moment commonly it is smooth, what should use gas tank to balance systematic pressure so is smooth mix with the frequent to load that reduces pneumatics chance uninstall. Another action is to the compression after classics is dry air undertakes cooling again, reduce the content of portion of the water in air in order to decrease.

To reducing air system individually, the platoon amount that is like pneumatics machine is very large (be like compressor of centrifugal type air) , the volume of systematic canal net is larger also (pipeline diameter is big and long) and compare smooth situation with gas, also need not deploy gas tank. But general compression air system needs to deploy gas tank.

Enthusiastic netizen 3: Pneumatics machine interior compresses airy place without memory, once compress air to arise to must be used, such working way is not good, had gas tank, can it is certain to will compress air to be hit in gas tank to arrive first baric, use atmospheric pressure to fall to certain level next, compressor restart, no matter be,reduce air quality respect from the sources of energy so idealer. Doing not have gas tank so is no good.

Enthusiastic netizen 4: Empty to needing to compress tolerance is small use not frequent device, it is OK that pneumatics machine does not want gas tank. But the stability that considers pneumatics plane performance, reduce airy pressure constant reach mass, had better match gas tank.

1, pneumatics machine start

Because the behavioral extent of pneumatics machine is bigger, because this is in the job,stop the word of pressure vessel, increased valve so wear away, other side also makes oil path enrages a road to be not stabilized, this caused the instability of the machine, but if configured the word of gas tank, this kind of circumstance is met decrease relatively.

2, energy-saving effect

Of pneumatics machine be started often and stop, what accordingly the electric flow of electric machinery can use up is exceedingly big, because this is in,the position that those who use is pneumatics machine can hold for nothing, if this kind of condition stays if growing exceedingly, can waste a lot of discharge. But if provided the word of the air system of gas tank, the stability of so empty press can stop to come down, can make sure the work is exceedingly steady, reduce the waste of needless idling energy.

3, the gas source that provides stability

Why should be pneumatics machine bound decide gas tank? In pneumatics engine system if had gas tank, pneumatics machine outputs air to have an amortize place, gas source can better maintain be worth in a set, the system that use gas can get constant pressure, this to modern plant use very necessary.

4, air quality is good

Pneumatics machine comes out compress air, send gas tank above all, the air inside this can keep proper time, can precipitate the eyewinker such as the portion of foreign matter water in air, compress airy temperature to also get reducing, do not have freeze-dry machine namely, also can send more high grade air.

Actually the action of deposit is a reservoir same, pneumatics machine is source of a gas, and gas tank is a cistern. Gas tank can according to set general atmospheric pressure judge it is surely in some pressure limits, the wave motion of amortize atmospheric pressure, reduce the starting number of pneumatics machine, additionally gas tank still can have the function of the eyewinker such as the portion of foreign matter water in precipitation air.