Pneumatics machine is manufacturing industry one of current equipment, make good pneumatics machine the necessary job that energy-saving management is report of implementation company division. What produce cost for the enterprise is managing, the enterprise deploys the empty press extremely urgent of high-energy effect. So how to make pneumatics machine energy-saving?

The high cost that eliminates to already including a country can equipment list and can the pneumatics plane with too small effect, should consider to use can the whole of new-style pneumatics machine with tall effect is newer.

1, administer leak

According to calculating, the alveolus of a 1mm2, below 7bar pressure, leakage rate is 1.5L/S about, check all duct nets to reach the point that use gas, especially the place such as contact, valve, handle leak aspect in time.

2, pressure fall processing

Establish pressure watch to detect through pipeline section pressure, check you in detail each paragraphs are pressed fall, the tubal net that has a problem paragraph seasonable examination is safeguarded. General pneumatics machine exports the dot that use gas, pressure fall cannot exceed 1bar, strict is not to exceed 10% even namely 0.7bar, leng Gan filters paragraph pressure fall general 0.2bar. The factory arranges annulus canal network as far as possible, use baric power at each o’clock evenly.

3, adjust pressure of the equipment that use gas to match

Evaluate the pressure demand of the equipment that use gas, move pressure of exhaust of low altitude press as far as possible below the circumstance that assures production. Every reduce pressure of pneumatics machine exhaust 1bar, energy-saving make an appointment with 7~10% .

4, adjust the unreasonable behavior that use gas

According to authoritative data, the electric energy utilization rate of pneumatics machine is only 10% the left and right sides, 90% control changeover to be dropped for heat energy loss, need to use pneumatic equipment to undertake assessment to the factory, whether convert dynamoelectric means is solved. Also should put an end to stoutly at the same time with compress wind to do convention to sweep the job.

5, use collect to charge pattern

Pneumatics machine amount is little, can use machine of pneumatics of a frequency conversion pressure regulating, if the amount is more, can use concentration linkage control, the pressure of exhaust of type of a flight of stairs that when avoiding parameter of machine of much stage pneumatics to install, creates rises.

6, do fine installation to safeguard, clean

Increase pneumatics machine to come loose hot effect, water-cooling, air is cold the commutative result that waits for heat exchanger, maintain oleaginous cleanness.

7, pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims

Reclaim hot water of preparation of quantity of heat of department of pneumatics engine oil, use at other technology or auxiliary living facilities.

8, dry system is transformed or change

New-style and dry equipment uses pneumatics wind more than heat undertakes dry dehydrate to compressing air, fractional energy savings exceeds 80% .