As the arrival of summer, air temperature and humidity rise, your pneumatics system will stand on air processing more water bear. Summertime air humidity is bigger, in summertime pneumatics machine highest moving condition (50 ° ) below, the highest temperature that the water in air sees normally than winter (15 ° ) tower above 650 % . Air temperature is elevatory, environment of pneumatics engine work is more austere, handle undeserved meeting to cause high temperature to jump chance is serious even lube knot is anxious. Accordingly, must do nice perfectly sound to prepare antagonism for your empty press all the year round in the grimmest challenge!

Adopt the following and fast, simple measure to be able to ensure actually reduce air system peacefully estivate:

1. Change regularly empty filter

Do the inhaler of defecate clean, can make temperature of pneumatics accident travel inferior, specific power consumption is lower. Dirty, the filter that jam can be brought about pressure fall, bring about compressor to move with higher level thereby in order to get used to demand. The influence that the function of filter also may be divided by extra water, accordingly, be sure to abide by fixed 4000H to safeguard a plan to be added seasonal examination.

2. Check ventilated & oily filter

The summer needs to note inhaler and oily strain doubly, the examination compresses unit room and adjust according to need ventilated and amiable it is very important to flow. This also is the main chance of the pollen that checks spring popularity and other air contaminant, be in in order to ensure the summer maintains ventilated cleanness before burning hot arrival.

Oily filter jams can bring about lube to cannot cool in time the quantity of heat that compresses air place generation, also can bring about rotor to cannot get lubricate in time and cool, cause bigger pecuniary loss. The following about oily filter it is the video that how works:

3. Check drainpipe

The humidity with higher summer can cause more condenser water from the eduction in drainpipe. Ensure discharge a mouth expedite be in regular job status, the condenser water that so that they can be handled,adds. When rotor outlet temperature under 75 ° , bring about body of high temperature high humidity to be in likely condenser water of the separate out in reducing a process, right now, condenser water can mix with lube bring about oily emulsification. Accordingly, before discharging water outfall directly, answer to undertake handling to its first. The filter that examines processing unit and grease depart canister, in order to ensure they still are moving.

4. Clean condenser

Imagine sweater is worn to dress in the weather with torrid summer take—It meets those who affect you perspire means and body adjust the means of temperature. Your empty press also is such. Condenser jams can bring about pneumatics machine to come loose not easily in burning hot summer thermal conductivity sends high temperature, because this must make sure condenser is clean,cleanness is cleaned regularly.

5. Adjust water refrigeration system

The empty press that uses water-cooling additionally can adjust the temperature that enters cooling system water, with compensation environment temperature lift and ensure its fit summertime requirement.