Of piston refrigeration compressor in moving daily, as a result of a variety of reasons, if operate undeserved wait to malfunction easily, the breakdown of likelihood happening its sort and reason are very much.

Be opposite below common compressor breakdown does next simple classification:

L, compressor cannot start normally move:

(Voltage of 1) power supply crosses circuitry of low; electric machinery to contact undesirable;

(2) discharges steam valve piece flat. Create force of crankcase internal pressure too tall;

(; of malfunction of 3) energy adjustment

(4) temperature controller maladjusted or malfunction;

(5) pressure relay is out of order.

2, compressor starts, stop occasion is frequent:

(Because 1) discharges steam valve piece leakage steam, make pressure of part of on any account is balanced, create steam inlet pressure exorbitant;

(2) temperature relay poor too small;

(3) is short of water to create pressure as a result of condenser exorbitant, high-pressured relay movement.

3, the oil pressure in there is oil pressure after compressor starts or running does not rise:

(Joint of system of pipeline of 1) oil pump leaks oil or conduit jam;

(Open of control valve of 2) oil pressure passes big or core of a powerful person drops;

(3) crankcase oil is too little;

(There is ammoniac liquid inside 4) crankcase, oil pump does not enter oily;

(5) oil pump is serious rub caustic, clearance crosses big;

(Plain bearing liner of 6) connecting rod and brace are sold, connecting rod is small lining and piston pin rub damage is serious;

(A powerful person of 7) oil pressure gauge was not opened.

4, oil pressure is exorbitant

(Control valve of 1) oil pressure did not leave or open is too small;

(Interior of system of 2) oil path jams;

(Core of a powerful person blocks control valve of 3) oil pressure.

5, oil pump do not go up pressure

(Spare parts of 1) oil pump is serious rub caustic, cause clearance to cross big;

(2) oil pressure gauge forbids, ; of malfunction of pressing with a finger

(Assemble after inspection of sub-assemblies of 3) oil pump undeserved.

6, the lube in crankcase is foamy

(Mix in 1) lube have many ammonia liquid, when pressure is reduced, evaporate as a result of ammoniac fluid cause bubble;

(2) crankcase is cheered overmuch, connecting rod is big are pulled move lube to cause.

7, oil is lukewarm exorbitant

(1) crankcase oily condenser does not have water supply;

(2) axis and tile assemble impropriety, clearance crosses small;

(Impurity is contained in 3) lube, cause plain bearing liner to pull wool;

(4) axis seals attrition annulus installation is tightened too or attrition annulus pulls wool;

(5) is sucked, the temperature that discharge steam is exorbitant.

8, oil pressure is not stable

(Engulf of 1) oil pump has foamy oily;

(2) oil path is not expedite.

9, amount of oil of compressor bad news is too large

(1) oily annulus is serious rub caustic, assemble clearance to cross big;

(Outfit of 2) oily annulus is turned over, the installation locking up a mouth of annulus is on a perpendicular;

(3) piston and cylinder clearance cross big;

(Temperature of 4) platoon steam is exorbitant, make lube is taken away in great quantities by air current;

(5) crankcase is oily exorbitant;

(The automatic return valve of 6) oily segregator is ineffective, oil cannot answer crankcase automatically and be walked along by the platoon.

10, crankcase pressure is elevatory

(1) piston annulus is sealed and lax, caused high pressure to string together gas; to low pressure

(Valve of 2) platoon steam piece close lax;

(3) cylinder bushing and airframe sealing surface are flat;

(The fluid that enter ammonia is entered inside 4) crankcase, pressure is caused to lift after evaporating.

11, energy adjustment is out of order

(1) oil pressure crosses low;

(2) vitta jams;

(3) oily piston is in charge of;

(4) pull rod and rotational annulus installation are incorrect, rotational annulus blocks;

(5) oil allocates a powerful person to assemble undeserved.

12, the temperature that discharge steam is exorbitant

(1) condensing pressure is too high;

(2) returns steam pressure power too low;

(3) answers steam overheat;

(Clearance of the dead center on 4) piston crosses big;

(5) crock builds cooling water to measure inadequacy.

13, the degree of superheat that answer steam is exorbitant

(Fluid of the ammonia in 1) evaporator is too little, the small; that feed flow a powerful person opens

(2) answers heat preservation of steam conduit heat insolation undesirable or; of attaint of heat-insulation layer be affected with damp be affected with damp

(3) attracts steam a powerful person piece flat or burst.

14, the temperature that discharge steam is too low

(; of 1) compressor wet stroke

(In 2) cold implement feed flow is overmuch.

15, compressor sucks steam to press force comparing to evaporate normally pressure is low

(Open of a powerful person of 1) feed flow is too small, feed flow is insufficient, evaporate consequently pressure drops;

(2) sucks the valve in steam pipeline not; of a standard-sized sheet

(The core of a powerful person that 3) sucks the valve in steam pipeline drops;

(The liquefied ammonia in 4) system measures inadequacy, drive a powerful person of large feed flow admittedly, pressure still does not rise;

(5) sucks steam filter to jam;

(6) answers steam pipeline to have ” fluid bursa ” phenomenal;

(7) answers steam the tube is too thin.

16, pressure watch finger is jumpy urgent intense

(Gas; is free inside 1) system

(2) pressure expresses pressing with a finger to shake;

(Open of 3) watch a powerful person is too big.

17, compressor steam exhaust pressure is higher than condensing pressure

(The valve in conduit of 1) platoon steam not; of a standard-sized sheet

(Inside conduit of 2) platoon steam local jam;

(3) discharges steam conduit to devise unjust way.

18, compressor wet stroke

(Open of a powerful person of 1) feed flow crosses big;

(Open of steam shut-off valve is sucked to cross fast; when 2) is started

(Return to normal after box of 3) refrigeratory fuse open of steam shut-off valve is sucked when dropping in temperature too fast.

19, there is knock reputation in cylinder

(Clearance of the dead center on 1) piston crosses small;

(Clearance of 2) piston pin and connecting rod are small aperture crosses big;

(3) is sucked, a powerful person that discharge steam piece fixed snail fasten shakes;

(4) holiday builds bedspring to be out of shape, bounce decrescent;

(5) piston and cylinder clearance cross big;

(6) lube crosses much or sordid;

(Segment of 7) a powerful person cracks the; in falling into cylinder

(8) liquefied ammonia rushs to produce fluid to attack into cylinder.

20, crankcase has knock reputation

(1) connecting rod is big tile and brace sell clearance to cross big;

(2) headstock and main shaft neck ask unoccupied place too big;

(3) split pin ruptures, connecting rod nut becomes loose.

21, cylinder pulls hair

(1) piston and cylinder space size, piston annulus sells buccal measure incorrect;

(2) is sucked foreign matter; is contained in steam

(3) lube viscosity too low or have foreign matter;

(Temperature of 4) platoon steam is exorbitant, the viscosity that causes oil is reduced.

22, the axis seals leakage oil serious

(1) assembles undesirable;

(2) moves annulus and face of fixed annulus attrition to pull wool;

(Ageing of sealing ring of 3) oak school or; of impropriety of degree of tightness

(4) axis seals bedspring force abate;

(The reverse side of 5) fixed annulus and axis seal gland not sealed;

(6) crankcase pressure is exorbitant.