After quoting to the client, constant regular meeting encounters a such problems, “ your price is too high ” . The “ that puts forward to the client your price is too high such ” problem, strictly speaking still does not talk to go up is one kind refuses. This is a kind of positive signal actually.



Is the price the issue that you consider exclusively?

Word art: You mention “ at the beginning the price, excuse me, is the price the issue that you consider exclusively? Whether does the product suit you, section can, don’t you care? ”


Too expensive, it is pet phrase

Word art: Occasionally, some person ask for a favor say namely too expensive, this word is his pet phrase when purchasing. See this kind of person says too expensive when tell him, you can be compared first will talk again.


Too expensive it is a kind of method that measures a product

Word art: The product value nature with good “ is very tall, you should buy quality good, have a brand, have those who assure, floriferous these money, do not buy a save worry namely? ”


Do not talk about the price first

Word art: “ price is the problem that we pay close attention to very much, we stay at the back to say, we see a product whether suit you first. Discuss the issue of the price again next. ”


Ask case of evaluate of the other side explains

Word art: “ why do you feel too expensive? ” sees the other side first whether can rational has the points out the price is high reason that occupy, next redo explanation.


Shape product value, will promote product value content

Word art: Arrive in Beijing summer vacation time, the summer camp that has countrywide each district comes in great numbers, want the product of common culture unlined upper garment, pen, bookmark only, imprint the sale form that has Beijing University pattern auspicious, when somebody cuts price with these butcher, butcher says only: These “ things are very common, indicate with respect to many Beijing University nevertheless! ”


Nice gift is precious

Word art: “ is better of course more expensive, do you have had heard base is valuable? ”


Large number is afraid of calculate

Word art: “ we this product is the price taller, but we will calculate, our product is protected with 10 years, divide with the price with 10, annual 12 months, divide again with 12, , divide again with 30 days, you look, you use a flower only everyday 2.7 yuan of OK and safe use this product, do you feel it is expensive still? ”


In order to use person much for

Word art: “ yes, our price is very expensive. But all round a few yard are being used, do you want to know why? ”


A minute of price a minute of goods

Word art: Do you have “ not to spend money to had bought a thing? Is compunctious experience used after was being bought because of be economical? Don’t you agree with price one minute one minute together goods? We give you the cheapest price without method, but we can give you the most reasonable trade! ”


Contrast law

Word art: “ gives you a piece of paper, the profit that brings this product to you is written to the left, write badly in right, compare with right what see left finally than undertaking relatively accept or reject. ”

Understanding client is evaluated to the value of commodity

Word art: “ how much do you feel to be worth? ” lets a client tell you he is evaluated to the value of this product, knew the client’s value indicates, natural good answer.


The value is fundamental or the effect is main

Word art: Do you say “ is price mainer or is the effect mainer? When ” client is answering this question, can appear normally two kinds of answers: One effect is main, that problem with respect to be readily solved; 2 likewise important, yes, the price and effect are mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, assure each other, the unreasonable product with low price, dare be you bought?


Whether to care about the discretion of price only

Word art: Do you care about “ only the discretion of price? don’t you care other factor? For instance quality. ”


Comparative object

Word art: The price that you say “ is too high, be with which the product is compared excuse me? ” enterprise asks salespersons of all a gleam of, when if encounter a client,saying the product is too expensive, unite an answer: “ are excuse me you compare with that product? ” at that time if the client says the price of the congener product of such-and-such brand is low when, the salesperson can tell him, the price of that one product is formed, the spare parts reachs its brand. What say naturally is rational has according to, let person be convinced. If at that time the client says not to come out when such-and-such brand price is low, nature is a kind of excuse just.

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