The air that air compressor regards 4 great power as one of sources supplies equipment, make in machinery, medicine of petro-chemical, food, electron is made, the domain such as traffic capital construction is applied extensively, it is one of most important current equipment. However, a lot of compressor users of Chinese are not to take seriously very much to the energy-saving concept of pneumatics machine, think to want equipment performance only stable and reliable can, other is less important, after pressure, capacity amounts to mark, often will buy machine price to be put in the position of first consideration.

Actually actual condition is not such, pneumatics machine serves as the large family that use phone, pneumatics system electric energy is used up occupy industrial the 8 ~ of n 10% the left and right sides. The whole nation is industrial 2020 report five thousand and twenty-nine billion seven hundred million degrees, pneumatics machine power consumption takes the value intermediate to be 452.6 billion degrees about, among them efficiency bad news is occupied only 66% , the others the energy of 34% (about 153.9 billion degrees of report) be wasted for nothing, of pneumatics system energy-saving urgently efficient begin. Additionally statistical data makes clear, in the whole lifecycle in pneumatics machine (machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw is in commonly 8-10 or so years) , equipment purchases cost to be occupied only 5% , safeguard cost to occupy 18% the left and right sides, moving charge of electricity was occupied breathtaking 77% taller even. Accordingly, executive pneumatics machine is energy-saving fall sense of bad news measure is great.

China is aimed at screw pneumatics machine at present can effect standard was on July 1, 2020 the GB19153-2019 that carries out formally ” cubage type air compresses value of functional effect demarcate to reach can effect grade ” , point out smaller than power, can effect level is higher. Of machine of pneumatics of this mark brigadier can effect cent is 1 class, 2 class, 3 class 3 grade. Among them machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw every two can between effect grade can effect differs generally 10% the left and right sides, because differ,an air pressure and rated power have different difference.

Current, raise the mainstream measure that reduces air system to include to undertake appropriate pneumatics machine type selecting, press configure aftertreatment equipment actually with tolerance, compress air pipeline reasonable decorate, intelligence centers management, prevention and cure ” run risk drip. Of course, in the budget sufficient condition falls, use can the pneumatics machine with effect higher order and degree is a most important kind of energy-saving means.

Come more than 10 years, machine of pneumatics of fuel injection double screw because technology of lead plane key is indigenous change accelerate, and the development that gets advance rapidly. The piston pneumatics machine that replaced a tradition basically inside 7.5-355kW power limits and make model of market main trend, chinese market has the sale of 500 thousand fluctuation every year more, and be in with 10% right-and-left speed constant growth. Here setting falls, the real significance with undertake to screw pneumatics machine promotion is had doing functional effect very important.

Screw pneumatics machine is be combined by numerous component and become, but the factor with most main effect of influence whole function is screw lead plane, namely ” nose ” . At present the machine of double screw pneumatics on the market basically is divided the class that it is sheet is compressed and two class compress two kinds. It is the earliest that only course is compressed appear, use a kind of the most extensive also model. And in be being used actually, a few power the pneumatics unit with big, big demand yield gas, often use two class to compress, also be press the another large popular model besides machine besides sky of screw of permanent magnetism frequency conversion in recent years. In last few years, the enterprise inside the industry is fond of declare ” energy-saving technology equipment recommends national industry catalog ” and ” can the star of effect ” , actually, among them machine of selected high-energy effect pneumatics is two class compress type more very.

The working principle that reduces screw pneumatics chance from two class looks, reduce one level namely rotor compresses rotor combination to be inside a housing with 2 class, adopt helical gear straight drive respectively. Natural air enters the first class to compress through the inhaler, in compress antrum mixes with a few lube, reduce gas mixture the pressure between class at the same time. The gas after compressing enters cooling passageway, with a large number of oily mist contacts, drop temperature greatly thereby. The compression after dropping in temperature gas enters rotor of the 2nd class, undertake 2 times compression. Be compressed discharge baric force eventually, discharge clean press through exhaust flange next, finish whole reduce a process.

Compress than only course, machines and tools of pneumatics of two class screw has his distinct advantage.

Above all, classification compress, OK and economic compress result. Machine of pneumatics of two class screw adopts technology of two class series connection, make only before course compresses process cent to compress a process to undertake for two. Such craft setting can reduce every only course to reduce the compression ratio in the process, the resistance that reduces rotor of each class screw effectively to suffer in the clench the teeth, place in reducing a process considerably then. Compress what obstruction does work in the process to reduce, the bear that also means every class bearing decreases, can compress place in order to reduce every level to need drive power.

Ideal gas reduces a process in, only course compresses place to need power and multistage to compress place to need power the sum equal. But in reducing a process actually, the accretion that because shaft coupling delivers a series of elements such as coefficient of friction of power loss, bearing and cooling fluid viscosity,follows place to get active force and increase, arise thereby exceed result of same proportional no use. Reduce the useless meritorious service in the process actually through reducing the method of various compression ratio to be able to decrease so, make thereby multistage compresses place to need power the sum to be less than only course to compress place to need power.

Next, intermediate fuel injection is cooling, dropped the aeriform temperature that enters below one stage. All gas reduce a process is the process that chafe and is reduced of gas and athletic component by its actually. Since be put in attrition, because chafe,gas is met and produce temperature rise, inevitable existence expands trend, this part energy is compressed in air meet inside this fixed cubage the form with force, will get releasing through adding the way of oneself pressure.

Aeriform temperature raised gas to be in the pressure of the oneself in reducing a process, raised compression ratio, because this wants to give additional power necessarily, use drive equipment to compress air to the pressure value of expectation. So, setting of machine of pneumatics of two class screw has unit of cooling fluid jet, pass the refrigerant of shape of air jet mist after to the course one class is compressed, before making compress air to enter the 2nd class to reduce level, was reduced temperature, achieve corresponding cooling result, drop environmental temperature or inlet temperature as be machine of only course pneumatics. Such cooling device not only greatly managing compress place 2 times to require energy, and unit of use refrigerant jet is OK among leave out condenser; While the mist shape refrigerant that eject of institute of refrigerant jet unit gives is dropping aeriform temperature, reduced effectively also whole the temperature that reduces a system, reduced the volatilization of cooling fluid, conduce to oil tasting the performance characteristics that keeps for long admirable, reduce maintenance frequency second with cost.

In recent years, national compressor detects central data shows, the pneumatics machine efficiency that two class reduce is apparent prep above only course, especially 110kW above, the empty press that only before course compresses reachs 1 level almost impossibly can effect grade, very inaccessible even 2 class can effect, and the application that two class compress a technology can allow high-power pneumatics machine relatively easily reach 1 level can effect. Show according to trade data, the two class of different power all compress value of effect of screw pneumatics function as a result of only course can effect is worth 10% above, average tall 15% the left and right sides, some is adjacent even 20% .

Use different compression means, only station equipment can the account with effect so huge promotion, one is above eject of mentioned intermediate cooling fluid makes compress a process to be close to isotherm to compress besides, another main reason is inside leak is fewer, cubage efficiency is taller.

Brief summary

The promotion of pneumatics function effect is project of a system, rely on some impossibly only two are improved can achieve the most high-energy effect. For instance screw lead plane can effect rises besides can use two class to compress a form besides, still can pass optimize rotor molded lines, raise rotor to machine precision, the means such as upright clearance reduces clearance of contractible rotor clench the teeth, exhaust inside leak. Of course, be not all two class to reduce screw pneumatics chance is the most energy-saving, some enterprises rely on only course to compress still obtained very tall can effect utilization rate. Of systematization energy-saving still depend on the enterprise arrives from research and development, test make, assemble, each link and each detail, ceaseless excelsior manner.